Different breakout locations on face

Can anyone explain the connection between the location of a breakout on the face, to the cause of the breakout. For example, I have heard that hormonal breakouts are usually on the chin. Is that correct? I want to know chin, cheeks, forehead. Thank you.

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My friend who studied to become an aesthetician was told break outs along the lower portion of the face and chin can be tied to hormonal triggers, those in the center of  the face or cheeks is linked with diet, and those along the forehead are tied to stress and mental health factors.


Of course, other things obviously tie into it in terms of oil and sebum production, cleaniless (not just washing of ones face, but of cell phones, pillowcases, etc), environmental conditions, and individual skin sensitivies.

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That was really helpful. Thank you!
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I think the whole forehead being linked to stress is interesting because I rarely get acne on my forehead, and if I do, it goes away really quickly, but I usually get acne on cheeks and chin areas.
I agree with lylysa, I ALWAYS get two pimples on my chin 3 days before my period. In addition to cleanliness, keeping your hands clean helps, as we touch our faces without thinking and any oil and dirt gets transferred. Another thing I would add is if you get pimple around your hairline, you may be allergic to your hair products. In high school I discovered I was allergic to sodium lareth sulfate, changing shampoos pretty much eliminated my acne in that area.

Another link to forehead acne is hairspray and sweat. The combination of the two are especially bad in the heat or alot of rubbing or itching along your hairline or forehead will cause breakouts also.

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I've been breaking out really bad a couple weeks every month (obviously hormonal) and it's always my jaw-line and chin especially. Some validity to that I think!
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