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Clarisonic purge

I usually only get a monthly hormonal break out on my chin. I bought the Mia a month ago and my skin has been purging ever since. I have been breaking out for 4 weeks straight. How long does this purge usually last? Is that what Im experiancing, or do I need to switch to a sensitive brush head, or stop using the Mia all together? I havent changed anything else in my routine, I'm using the same cleanser, the same moisturizer, same serum, same foundation, same everything. Please help.

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Hi Kristamarie- How often are you using it?  2ce a day as recommended?  I found that was too much for my skin.  I switched to the delicate brush and use it only at night, and even then I try not to use it once or twice a week because I don't want to overexfoliate my skin or scrub it raw.  I do experience some redness when I use it too many days in a row.  Try lowering the number of times you use it, and see if that helps. 

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Hi, kristamarielund!  I was lucky and didn't go through the period of breaking out that the Clarisonic causes for some people and I attribute that to the fact that I have always used facial cleansing cloths to remove the bulk of my makeup before washing with the Clarisonic.  I think that removing most of your makeup or just most of the surface dirt and oil from your face before washing with the Clarisonic helps the Clarisonic do its job better and helps it to keep makeup, bacteria, etc., from getting pushed into your pores.  I use Biore Facial Cleansing Cloths that can be purchased at Target, WalMart, etc., and they do a great job for me.

I hope this helps! :smileyhappy:


Be sure to clean the brush head after each use, I run it in really hot water to kill off any bacteria, because bacteria grows in brush heads easily. What kind of cleanser are you using? You may want to use a mild acne fighting cleanser to combat the ones you are receiving.


I think this "purge" is nonsense..I broke out like crazy, stopped using it and my skin looks amazing. I think that it's just too rough on some skin types. Mine included.


Hi Kristamarielund,


I had this happen too when I started to use the Clarisonic. I have very dry skin, so I only use it about 2x a week. If you skin is feeling dry, I would cut down the amount that you use it. I also suggest using an anti-bacterial cleanser about 1x a week to clean the brush head. I like to clean mine with the cleanser that I use, the Murad Clarifying Cleanser and rinse the brush with warm water. I hope that these tips are helpful!



Clarifying Cleanser

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If you are not using the sensitive brush head, I would start using it.  Chances are, the other brush head is too harsh for your skin. 

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Hi I use the clarisonic as well, I recommend that maybe use it every other day or once a week? Purging is different for everyone, for me it was a week while my friend was longer. Also maybe try the sensitive brush head if you're still using the normal one that was included and remember to wash your clarisonic (as in removing the head and rinsing the whole system) with warm water and soap to keep bacteria away. If reducing the usage and washing doesn't help after a few weeks (give it 2 and see if any new acne appears or if your current situation seems to simmer down) go without the clarisonic for a while and see how your skin reacts to that. Hope that helps!

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I am breaking out within only 3 uses of the Clarisonic especially around the nose area. Is it okay to return this?

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I broke out all over for about 3 weeks (and I am 42).  I was getting antsy and almost stopped using it, but I read a couple of other reviews that said they had the same problem and it cleared up.  Now I only break out once in a while.  I LOVE my Clarisonic. I do use the sensitive brush head (it actually came with it) and I change the head every three months.  I love my Clarisonic so much I am thinking of getting another for my weekend house.

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i'm having some breakouts with my mia, as well. i just purchased it at the end of december and tried using it for about 3 weeks once per day in the evening. it seemed that my breakouts didn't start until the end of the second week, but then it was almost..i don't know. every day, new breakouts. i switched to the delicate brush head and slowed my usage to only every 3 days....but i'm still breaking out on the third day when i use it. they're not deep pimples, just surface ones. i'm beginning to think i'm too sensitive or dry to use it. it's a shame, i LOVED those first two weeks..

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