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Clarisonic purge

I usually only get a monthly hormonal break out on my chin. I bought the Mia a month ago and my skin has been purging ever since. I have been breaking out for 4 weeks straight. How long does this purge usually last? Is that what Im experiancing, or do I need to switch to a sensitive brush head, or stop using the Mia all together? I havent changed anything else in my routine, I'm using the same cleanser, the same moisturizer, same serum, same foundation, same everything. Please help.

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Hi Kristamarie- How often are you using it?  2ce a day as recommended?  I found that was too much for my skin.  I switched to the delicate brush and use it only at night, and even then I try not to use it once or twice a week because I don't want to overexfoliate my skin or scrub it raw.  I do experience some redness when I use it too many days in a row.  Try lowering the number of times you use it, and see if that helps. 

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If you are not using the sensitive brush head, I would start using it.  Chances are, the other brush head is too harsh for your skin. 

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