Breakouts! Help please
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So my skin has been pretty much perfect this year.

Recently though, I started breaking out on my hairline which has moved down to the rest of my forehead.

What's worse is that my skin is really dry so it reacts to most spot treatments and becomes flaky and sensitive Smiley Sad

Why am I breaking out all of a sudden??? And can anyone recommend products for dry yet acne prone skin?


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Have you recently switched shampoos/conditioners or hair styling products? Or even started using any new skin care products?

It could also be the change in cold weather could be affecting your skin.


Try using a more gentle wash on your skin like Ole Heriksen's Aloe Vera Cleanser or Korres' Milk Protein Cleanser.

Ole's contain's comfrey extract which aids in soothing irritation and inflammation in the skin, so it'll calm redness, the aloe and chamomile is also great for sensitivies while the vitamin E will help condition and nourish the skin.


Korres' has milk proteins (also referred to as lactic acid) which will help gently and chemically slough off dead skin that can clog pores and lead to break outs. So it's a great way to promote healthy skin regeneration without using a harsh, physical scrub on skin. Willowbark helps to soothe, while milk itself calms redness and irritation.


Then try looking into more natural, plant based acne treatments like Boscia, which is a preservative free line (free of all preservatives, not just parabens).


They have a Willow Bark Treatment that is gentle and effective.


If relies on a natural form of salicylic acid with the willowherb, but also helps calm skin with marshmallow extract, lavender , jojoba, and rosemary.


They also have an assortment of day and night lotions that are light weight, but you may check into CeraVe (sold at drugstores) for cheaper altneratives that are rich in humectants (binds healthy moisture to the skin) like ceramides and hyaluronic acid to prevent dryness.




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