Breaking out like crazy, I need HELP!
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Wednesday I woke up with one red dot at the top of my forehead, right next to my hair line. Thursday there was a pimple and a scab. Friday it my entire forehead is breaking out, plus a few lower on my forehead, still near my hair line. I did not change any makeup, skin care or hair products. I went to sephora on Thursday, but only tried on a lip stick. I also went to lush and got a refill of the cleanser I use. Nothing new or different.

I have very dry sensitive skin. I'm religious about cleansing and moisturizing. I have a very solid skin regime I occasionally will get a pimple. But one, maybe two at the same time is the most. Nothing like this! I can't understand it. I can't get in to see my dermatologist until the end of the month. I need help! What can I do!?


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Hmm that's really strange. It really looks a lot more like it's a reaction to something changing around your hair line and it might be something really basic, like a hat you've been wearing more often recently or something like that. Does that ring a bell?

I only had a really terrible allergic reaction that manifested itself as a breakout on my neck when I bought a new scarf that was 100% acrylic.

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