Breaking out like crazy, I need HELP!
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Wednesday I woke up with one red dot at the top of my forehead, right next to my hair line. Thursday there was a pimple and a scab. Friday it my entire forehead is breaking out, plus a few lower on my forehead, still near my hair line. I did not change any makeup, skin care or hair products. I went to sephora on Thursday, but only tried on a lip stick. I also went to lush and got a refill of the cleanser I use. Nothing new or different.

I have very dry sensitive skin. I'm religious about cleansing and moisturizing. I have a very solid skin regime I occasionally will get a pimple. But one, maybe two at the same time is the most. Nothing like this! I can't understand it. I can't get in to see my dermatologist until the end of the month. I need help! What can I do!?


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Have you eaten any particularlly oilly foods recently? It could also be that your hormones are just acting up. Take care of your skin and make sure to be gentle to those. They're not bad anyway. c: Hope that helps.

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