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Break out after getting eyebrows done...
I've been getting my eyebrows done since I was 12, but I hadn't had any issues with breaking out because of it until I turned about 18 (Now, I hardly break out at all...until I get my eyebrows done). Now I'm 20 and, two years later, I'm still breaking out EVERY time I get them waxed, threaded, or even tweezed. I have small, red white heads in the area around my eyebrows (mostly above and on either side; not so much underneath them). I've tried cleansing right after and applying spot treatments, asking the person who does them to not apply the oils afterwards, and even switching up my skin care regimen. What is going on? It's so frustrating because by the time I clear up, it's time to get them done again. Any advice?
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Oh my goodness, I had the same problem. I'm 21 right now, and everytime I get my eyebrows done I always get whiteheads! What I've been told is that when a hair is plucked, bacteria can get in and cause your pores to become clogged, therefore causing you to get whiteheads or pimples there. Also, I have sensitive skin so I have redness lingering there too. 


What I do is apply a toner that gets rid of the bacteria, like Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion. It also contains alcohol, which is why I don't use it on my face or for anything else EXCEPT my eyebrow area. After that I put on neosporin and it kills the bacteria and infection, leaving me whitehead-free! So I would definitely give this regimen a try. It's simple and cost effective (:

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Have you tried out Witch Hazel? Its available at all drugstores in the first aid aisle. It's an antiseptic that's commonly found in many toners. It's great for acne! It doesn't sting like alcohol would. Apply it with a cotton ball and dab over the eyebrow area after you wax. I don't wax my eyebrows due to an allergy to wax. I get my eyebrows threaded. I always use this after getting threaded. Depending on where you live, you could seek out a salon that offers threading. Its a great natural way to shape eyebrows. It doesn't hurt as much as waxing. Plus, the person has better control over shaping your eyebrows because they take out the hairs in smaller sections at a time using thread.

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Everyone has very good advice.  I never use to breakout as well as all of you.  I use nto go to Macys to get my brows done at the brow bar.  Suddenly one day i started breakingout, after several years of going there. I asked if the changed the product NOPE that wasnt it. I decided to go somewhere else, same problem.  If i would sweat,wash my face with any soap, or put anything that irritated the area that was waxed. BAM BAM breakout and ithching.  I found out that if he wax was to HOT! it would irritated the area.  when i told the person waxing my brows to let the wax cool as much as possible it worked wonders for me.

Hope this HELPS!!!

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I used to have that happen to me all the time as well!  The advice you already got is very good.  I would add to it that I found taking a dose of an over-the-counter ibuprofin helped a lot. (Advil, etc.)  Taking it about an hour before the appontment helped reduce the swelling and inflamation a lot.  I don't know why it prevented breakouts, but maybe it was just because the skin in that area didn't get irritated?


I was also once told to use a very gentle scrub on the area the morning after waking. Literally a scoop of oatmeal mixed with water to make a paste.  It helps sluff off any skin cells that are harboring bacteria and clogging pores.  Baking soda and water would also work, but around your eyes that can be VERY irritating.  (I found baking soda worked well on lip wax issues, but if it got into your eyes it would burn like heck!)


Also, check and see if the place you go to has changed things or has different products than you used before the breakouts.  Note if they have changed their technique at all.  If the wax is getting heated more than it used to, that could cause the problem right there. 


I had a salon and esthetician I trusted completely... they changed from a very simple wax to a green one with an herbal base and I broke out like crazy.  When my esthetician took time off for maternity leave, her replacement had a philosophy of "Let's get as much as we can at once" instead of the "A bit at a time" that I was used to... I was in agony the whole appointment, broke out like mad, and just let my brows go until my gal came back to work!

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