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Break out after getting eyebrows done...
I've been getting my eyebrows done since I was 12, but I hadn't had any issues with breaking out because of it until I turned about 18 (Now, I hardly break out at all...until I get my eyebrows done). Now I'm 20 and, two years later, I'm still breaking out EVERY time I get them waxed, threaded, or even tweezed. I have small, red white heads in the area around my eyebrows (mostly above and on either side; not so much underneath them). I've tried cleansing right after and applying spot treatments, asking the person who does them to not apply the oils afterwards, and even switching up my skin care regimen. What is going on? It's so frustrating because by the time I clear up, it's time to get them done again. Any advice?
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Everyone has very good advice.  I never use to breakout as well as all of you.  I use nto go to Macys to get my brows done at the brow bar.  Suddenly one day i started breakingout, after several years of going there. I asked if the changed the product NOPE that wasnt it. I decided to go somewhere else, same problem.  If i would sweat,wash my face with any soap, or put anything that irritated the area that was waxed. BAM BAM breakout and ithching.  I found out that if he wax was to HOT! it would irritated the area.  when i told the person waxing my brows to let the wax cool as much as possible it worked wonders for me.

Hope this HELPS!!!

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