Boscia BB or Dr. Jart Black Label?

I really want to use a BB cream and I've narrowed it down to these two! I have pimples, not acne, meaning I have zits on mostly my cheeks and chin area when I break out, but mostly clear skin. I am nervous to try these because it's very difficult to keep my face pimple free and I don't want to spend a whole month fixing my face from wearing something that might break it out! I have been using mineral make up because it does not clog my pores, but I'd really like to use one of these BB creams to lighten scars while also giving better coverage than my current powdery mix up. Which of these is your favorite?!

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I use dr. Jart black labe and I love it! Boscia products don't work good with my skin....but if you think you would like the dr. Jars black label, definitely consider the smashbox camera ready bb, too.  Dr. Jarts bb only got one shade and smashbox bb can be matched up on your skin tone.  the other thing to consider is, dr Jart black label, in my opinion, got the best coverage but isnt matt. The smashbox is very matt, got pretty good coverage, and giving you the look that you have no makeup on your skin.

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