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Bliss Triple Oxygenating Mask as an acne spot treatment??? Any other suggestions???

I asked my local Sephora store for the BEST acne spot treatment product or mask since I need to clear up my face quickly.  I am interviewing for a new job, and want to look my best.  Sephora recommended Bliss Triple Oxygenating Mask and gave me some samples.  This product isn't working for my acne (monthly hormonal breakout).  I would greatly appreciate any other suggestions.

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DDF sulfur mask works well as a mask, while others would say it also works as a good spot treatment. I think it depends on the type of acne you have (e.g. severe/moderate or cystic/whitehead). Currently I am using Origins acne spot remover, and I like that it provides a canvas and barrier against the outside environment that might clog pores. Since the ingredients are natural, I think it won't hurt the skin in the long run, like some acne solutions. If you're desperate and if it's possible to do so, you can pop the pimple, disinfect the pimple, and apply this spot treatment over it. It might sting, but overnight, it looks much better and it'll be flat enough for you to apply makeup the next day. I hope this helps and good luck!

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Boscia's willow bark treatment works pretty well. It wont zap away the pimples the next day but It reduces the size tremendously by the next day. In my opinon it's even better than clinique's spot treatment. Give it try... ask for a sample the next time your in the store Smiley Happy


I use clay/sulfur masks as a spot treatment on hormonal breakouts. These types of masks dry up the oil and reduce the blemish. A few that I like are Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Mask, DDF Sulfur Mask, Mario Badescu's Drying Mask and their Whitening Mask (lightens acne scars).


I've also found that blemish treatments from Mario Badescu have worked on my breakouts, the Drying Cream and Buffering Lotion.


Hope this helpsSmiley Happy

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