Best skin care for acne prone skin that is highly sensitive/reactive and prone to rosacea?
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My skin is extremely sensitive - reacting negatively to a lot of things with fragrance, dyes and some but not all oils.  It is generally on the dry side.  I had acne years ago and finally resolved it by taking acutane.  Then, a few years ago I started to develop moderate Rosacea.  Over the past six months, my acne has started to come back.  I usually have anywhere from 1-3 pimples at a time but they are usually deep and qutie large. 


 I'm currently using Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser (once a day - twice is too harsh on my skin), a drugstore astringent - just on the pimples, not all over my face, Murad Sensitive Skin Smoothing Serum, Bliss No Zit Sherlock Correcting Serum (for the scars that the pimples leave) and any number of drugstore topical acne treatments directly on the pimples.  I use Clinique Redness Solutions Cream for a moisturizer and La Vanilla sunblock.   


My acne doesn't seem to be getting any worse but it doesn't seem to be getting better either. 


Any other suggestions? 


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