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Best product line for acne?

I need the best product line for cystic acne, i have pretty bad skin and want to clear it up. Is murad, ddf, or perricone good? any other brands? thankks

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I have battled cystic acne my entire life, it is basically the only type of acne that I get. For the last ten years I've been using proactiv, which I have to say combatted it extremely well. However, it was too harsh to use on my skin more than once daily so I only used it in the morning followed by something simple at night. After several different estheticians told me it was causing broken capillaries in my face (the cleanser is quite rough) I decided to change to something a little gentler but still effective. It took me AWHILE to find what worked, and after I had a facial that purged my impurities I broke out in the most awful way, at least six huge cystic acne pimples all around my chin and mouth. I went to Sephora because nothing was working, one of the pros there recommended Perricone MD's Skin Clear supplements because she explained that cystic acne is something usually going on inside your body, and the supplements help with that. I started taking those once daily, along with using Peter Thomas Roth's Max Correction Complexion Pads and his Sulfur Cooling Mask. So far, my acne is almost all gone, not many scars left behind either and it's been just over a month. I've since run out of the supplements but the Complexion Pads work wonders. I only use those in the morning, at night I cleanse with Arcona Raspberry Cleansing Bar (for acne) and follow with PCA Skin Clear moisturizer (which I also use in the morning after the pads). For anyone with sensitive skin, the Complexion Pads have salicylic acid and glycolic acid, you can get the gentle pads if your skin is prone to drying out. But these have also made the wrinkles around my eyes literally disappear. I also use Ren's glycolic peel twice a week to exfoliate, the Sulfur Mask by PTR (Peter Thomas Roth) when I feel any sort of blemish coming-zaps them out like that. Hope this helps!

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