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Best product line for acne?

I need the best product line for cystic acne, i have pretty bad skin and want to clear it up. Is murad, ddf, or perricone good? any other brands? thankks

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After working in a dermotologist's office for 8 months and seeing it all..I would definitely go the more natural route to treat your acne. In my experiences, not just with my patients but with my sister & I, all the harsh chemicals in topical acne products just irritate your skin more. I've had great experience with Boscia's Clear Complexion line. I like the wash, toner, and oil free daily lotion. The willow bark treatment also really tones down the redness of pimples and isn't as drying as other topicals, so I can wear it under makeup no problem. I also really like the Fresh Umbrian Clay treatment. I used it on my face for around 10 minutes a night to soak up oil/pimples and tighten my pores. I really believe natural products are the way to go! Good luck, I know how frustrating it is to struggle with acne!

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I feel your pain! I have had problem skin since I was 14 and am now 27. Wasn't it supposed to stop by now!?!? I suppose that myth can go right alongside those of Santa Claus and the Toothfairy in the storage box of lies we believed as children. I have tried just about every product on the market; both chemical and natural, from cheap drug store brands to the most expensive lines out there.


The line I am currently using, seems to be showing significant promise. I have been using DermaDoctor's Ain't Misbehaving line for about 2 months now and am starting to see a real improvement in my skin. I start with the Ain't Misbehaving cleanser, followed by Clinique's clarifying toner, then follow with the blackhead treatment. I let that absorb for a few minutes and then apply the acne control serum. I discovered it is important to use the products in that order - if you apply the serum first, the products all clump up and peel off the skin. I also apply Clinique's repairwear laser focus on the fine lines under my eyes, and have really seen a reduction in only a few weeks. I do this routine every evening and then in the morning I use the DermaDoctor cleanser and follow it with only Shisedo's White Lucent brightening moisturizing emulsion. I find that only using the acne products in the evening keeps my skin from drying out too much.


Good luck and remember to NEVER go to bed without at least cleansing your face!


I have fairly bad skin, and did not want to go the prescription route. My derm had given me retin-a which worked great, but I didn't want to take the anti-biotics all the time. I have tried most of the Sephora acne stuff out there, as well as much of the drugstore type stuff. I really like the Dr. Dennis Gross stuff. It seemed to work well. I have tried Murad, Juice Beauty, Korres and a bunch of others. Aside from Dr. Gross the others seem to work for a while, and then my skin just goes back to its old self. I also think "yes to carrots" does well, although it isn't available at Sephora.


I love REN products. they definitely cleared up my skin.


For cystic acne I would recommend you see a dermatologist. I was suffering from cystic acne, I would break out like once or twice a month, but it would leave marks that wouldnt budge at all, let alone lighten.  I went to my derm and he prescribed me Tazorac at night in combination with acanya (benzoyl peroxide and clyndamycin) in the afternoon. It has worked wonders on me, I dont break out anymore and the blemishes have vanished as well. It did take about 2-3 months daily use, but the time was worth it. So i would reccommend seeing your derm, if you still wanna use a line from Sephora, I would go with DDF. Their sulfur mask is one of the best. Good luck.


I have tried everything out there for cystic acne but the best thing I have found so far is Clinique's acne line.  I used to sell Clinique in a department store years ago and honestly I wasn't sold on any of their skincare at the time- until now.  I start with their blue gel wash away cleanser.  Then I use the foaming acne wash followed by the oil free acne moisturizer.  Not only do they have this skincare, but they have foundation especially for acne, which is amazing.  I use it along with the stay true powder to minimize pores and I finally like my skin!  It may take a few weeks for your skin to look the way you want it to, but give this time.  Trust me, you will love it!

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Retin-A all the way! Go to the dermatologist's office and get a script for Retin-A micro.  Not only does it help acne, it prevents fine lines and wrinkles and helps reverse sun damage and prevent skin cancer!

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I really like the Murad line for acne. I also like the Clear Advantage line by a company called Arbonne. They are vegan, all natural skin care with no fillers or any harsh ingredients. BooBooZap by benefit is my favorite spot treatment- funny name, but is excellent at killing pimples that pop up suddenly.

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I have battled cystic acne my entire life, it is basically the only type of acne that I get. For the last ten years I've been using proactiv, which I have to say combatted it extremely well. However, it was too harsh to use on my skin more than once daily so I only used it in the morning followed by something simple at night. After several different estheticians told me it was causing broken capillaries in my face (the cleanser is quite rough) I decided to change to something a little gentler but still effective. It took me AWHILE to find what worked, and after I had a facial that purged my impurities I broke out in the most awful way, at least six huge cystic acne pimples all around my chin and mouth. I went to Sephora because nothing was working, one of the pros there recommended Perricone MD's Skin Clear supplements because she explained that cystic acne is something usually going on inside your body, and the supplements help with that. I started taking those once daily, along with using Peter Thomas Roth's Max Correction Complexion Pads and his Sulfur Cooling Mask. So far, my acne is almost all gone, not many scars left behind either and it's been just over a month. I've since run out of the supplements but the Complexion Pads work wonders. I only use those in the morning, at night I cleanse with Arcona Raspberry Cleansing Bar (for acne) and follow with PCA Skin Clear moisturizer (which I also use in the morning after the pads). For anyone with sensitive skin, the Complexion Pads have salicylic acid and glycolic acid, you can get the gentle pads if your skin is prone to drying out. But these have also made the wrinkles around my eyes literally disappear. I also use Ren's glycolic peel twice a week to exfoliate, the Sulfur Mask by PTR (Peter Thomas Roth) when I feel any sort of blemish coming-zaps them out like that. Hope this helps!

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i had very bad cystic acne and i used everything from proactive to a lot of products from sephora and nothing really did the job until i tried tea tree oil, i bought it on and what u do is mix 1 part tea tree oil with 2 parts water and use it as an astringent, literally cleared my skin completely within a week, 2 weeks tops, it smells pretty strong but its totally worth it. Just make sure u moisturize! god luck

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 Do You have oily skin?? Well Patrica Wexler products work for all skin types . and it works like magic. Anyways if you want to know how to get rid of zits quick? over the counter eyedrops. We saw it on the Doctors's and thought it was pretty crazy but then we tried it and it really worked. in a matter of seconds.Abracadabra.xoxo

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Murad, the only over the counter products that actually work on my cystic acne.  Love it, they have this acne spot treatment with suflur works like a dream.  If you are like me and you get that weird itch on your face that means you are getting a huge cystic pimple you can wipe this stuff over the area and get a little zit or no zit at all.  Seriously, I think I may actually buy stock in the company.  Yes it works that well.

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If you have insurance I would see a Derm. They can prescribe you topical or oral medication. Sometimes no matter what you buy OTC, you will still need something prescription strength. If you can't see a Derm, your family practice Dr. can also help. There are quite a few medicines to help. I personally after much trial and error, use prescription Differin Gel @ night and Duac in the morn. For my  OTC regimine I use Bosica cleansing gel in am, FAB creamy cleanser @ night W/ clarisonic.  For moisturizer I use Bare Escentuals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer. I am a product junkie so I like to try new stuff...even when what I am using works just fine!  Of course I wait till I am almost out of my current product. Anywho, I am about to try skyn iceland pure cloud cream and fresh soy cleanser and then continue with bosica cleanser.  I did try the Juice Beauty line....didn't care for it. Had a lot of irritants for sensitive skin.   I use this to check out some of those confusing ingredients.  Back to you....DDF is good. Most people can either use benzoyl peroxide or salylic acid.  I do better with b.p.  You need to find first which one works best with your skin then taylor your skin care regimine around that. Try not to try to many products at once....introduce them in one at a time so if something doesn't work you will know which one. Good luck and I do encourage you to see a Dr.

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