Best Cleanser for Congested Skin?
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I have congested skin around my mouth and nose. I am using an RX cream for acne and wash with a gentle face cleanser in the am and pm. I also exfoliate 3x per week. I was wondering if there is a cleanser that I can use that will help with occasional flare-ups. Any suggestions?

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my skin is pretty bad too...I personally use several different things on mine.  You should try also using a clay mask and soap.  just using two products even if prescribed never really seemed to work for me.  I still have acne but it got much better when I started  using a clay mask.  And I don't know if they sell it at Sephora, but try Dermalogica products.  I love them!

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@Avabear, Murad's Clarifying Cleanser has worked wonders for my breakout-prone skin. Smiley Tongue

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