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Hi I've had body acne doe years - back the most, chest area, shoulders and arms. It's been horrible and I can never wear tank topes, short sleeves and bathings suits. I've even gone to a dermatologist and am on a prescription med, but I have horrible and embarrassing scars left behind. What can I do to get rid of them? I tried mural spray and body wash and didn't like it or notice much difference. Please help!
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I have serious chest and shoulder acne as well as regular facial acne. I've been perfecting my at home affordable, green regiment and at least 2x a week I make a coffee scrub which is-- coffee grounds, sugar and a little bit of soy milk (just use coffee grounds from your morning cup!) I use it all over affected areas, its messy but so effective! Then rinse it off with as hot of water as you can stand to open up the pores, then as a final step I rub ice into it to close up my pores. Also, do NOT under any circumstances dry skin that has acne, its just as bad as having excess oil. Use a light scentless moistuirizer I use Cetaphil, its hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.


Another awesome thing for acne prone skin is jojoba oil, you can find it for cheap in bulk at puritan dotcom I got the aroma therapy one and just add a few drops into my moisturizer. NOTE: jojoba is known for "purging" the skin it takes up to 3 weeks of using it to purge your skin of all the impurities but STICK WITH IT. It's so worth it, it got really discouraging for awhile but just think of how much gunk you're getting out of your skin.


A great spot treatment is 100% all natural tea tree oil from either New Zealand or Australia, it can get pretty expensive if you buy just a few onces at Bo or other shops, once again, WAAY cheaper in bulk at previously mentioned website. Its also good to add to your shampoo- rather than paying extra for salon brands infused with it or even a cup of tea for cleansing your digestive tract.



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