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Hi I've had body acne doe years - back the most, chest area, shoulders and arms. It's been horrible and I can never wear tank topes, short sleeves and bathings suits. I've even gone to a dermatologist and am on a prescription med, but I have horrible and embarrassing scars left behind. What can I do to get rid of them? I tried mural spray and body wash and didn't like it or notice much difference. Please help!
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I have some suggestions for you to try or if you are on a budget.   Mario Badescu makes a wash for the body that is for body acne.  Also, with the weather being hot and humid, wear clothing made of cotton since cotton is breathable.  Try to stay away from using  any fabric softeners when you wash your clothing and any  perfumed laundry detergents.  Look for the dye-free and frangrance free ones like ALL.  Change your bedding one to two times a week since bacteria and sweat accumulate on them.   Please do not over wash your just makes it worse.  Try a loofah sponge to clean your body.  When you wash your hair make sure you do not leave any shampoo on your body..this is a trigger for breakouts especially on the upper back and shoulder area. When you finish washing your hair, either wrap it up in a towel or use a shower cap.


As for the scars, they are a result of the trauma your skin went through and can take months to heal and fade. Recommending a cream for this could irritate your skin more.   You might want to try the Clarisonic  if your finances  permit it.  I hope this helps.......... 

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