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Anyone have experience/advice with vegan acne?
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I've been cutting out meat for a while, and recently went full vegan and now my skin is freaking out. I've never really had that much acne to begin with, just usually around my period. But now my face is covered. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm trying to figure out if this something I need to ride out or change my whole skincare regimen...


any advice is greatly appreciated!

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@phantompenguinx - Everything @ChicDabbler said.  When I went vegan (about 19 years ago), the biggest problems I ran into were not getting enough of some of the B vitamins and not enough protein.  I now take a complete B vitamin supplement (Solaray) and I add nutritional yeast to one of my meals most days.  Nutritional yeast if you're not familiar has 15 g of protein per serving.  It tastes kinda like cheddar cheese or Vegemite, and it comes in flakes.  It should be available in your local health food store.


I also take vitamins C, D, & E, magnesium, and zinc.  I prefer to pick and choose which supps I take vs. taking a multi.

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Thanks for the vitamin tips and i will def try out the nutritional yeast. i'm still figuring out the balance with nutrition, there's just so much info out there and i get a bit overwhelmed.

and regarding difficulties with vitamin B levels in vegan diets, i've heard kombucha might be a good way to keep those levels up?
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