I am eleven years old and my skin is very red on my cheeks and a little bit on my forehead.I have always had a little zit but you could not see it well. But now I have a big cluster of zitz on the side of my face. I NEED A GENTLE PRODUCT TO CLEAR UP MY FACE BEFORE IT GETS WORST 

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Since you are so young, you'll  definitely need to have something in your skincare routine that involves fighting acne, but isn't too harsh. The order I think you could do it in is cleanse, treat, and then moisturize.

  From personal experience, I found that face washes with any of the two dry's out and irritates the skin too much without much effect. The cleanser only stays on the skin for a couple of seconds, which is not enough time for it to work. With your age, you've entered the "acne-prone" stage in your life. So wash your face with a mild cleanser, make sure its very basic, and doesn't claim to treat acne on the skin- just clean it. Just make sure your cleanser/ moisturizer/sunscreen doesn't have any oils or pore-clogging ingredients which can cause acne. Look for names like non-acnegenic ( won't cause acne), non-comedogenic( won't clog pores, but may have oils in it), and the most important is oil-free; since your red cheeks may because of sensitive skin hypo-allergenic may be something you want too. 

  There are two types of treatments that are used most commonly in the treatment of acne(choose one). One is salicylic acid which goes into oil filled pores and exfoliates the dead skin cells inside, it reduces inflammation , and helps break down whiteheads and blackheads. The second is Benzoyl Peroxide which introduces oxygen into the pores and kills the bacteria that causes acne. It also exfoliates dead skin cells, keeping the pores clean, therefore preventing acne from even happening! If you are buying one, look for concentrations of 2.5% ... These are strong enough and avoid unnecessary irritation and redness. You should be treating your entire face, not just the places you have acne at the moment, to make sure you can PREVENT future acne and adding a little extra to spots where you have breakouts at the moment. Be careful not to apply these near the eyes or mouth, they can burn. To avoid burning your face and causing redness, apply a small amount to the face when you begin, and slowly increase your amount 

  There are two routes that you can take with moisturizer. You can have a regular one that you apply after you treat the face or you can buy one that already has the treatment in it. I recommend you start off with the treatment and moisturizer first until your skin gets clear, and then go to a moisturizer that has treatment in it to just make sure it stays clear( these treatments are less harsh). Sunscreen is also important, so you may want one in your moisturizer or a separate sunscreen( but its more work).


GOOD LUCK!! and this is only a suggestion! : )

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