Adult acne not responding to treatment
I'm 35 and have been suffering from adult acne for about a year. I started out trying OTC skincare but it didn't help so I went to a dermatologist about 8 months ago. She prescribed me a benzoyl peroxide gel and Differin. It worked for a few months but then stopped working. I went back about 6 weeks ago and she changed me to a sodium sulfate/sulfur face wash and a stronger retinol at night; stopped the BP because it was too drying. I've seen no improvement still; in fact it's gotten worse and I'm so frustrated! I also got a facial a few weeks ago and the esthetician said that my skin was actually dehydratedband therefore producing more sebum to compensate, which very well could be contributing to my acne. One thing I did today was change my Clarisonic brush head from normal to delicate; which I mistakenly had chosen about 4 months ago. Maybe the "harsher" brush head contributed so hopefully this helps. I'm debating dropping the dermatologist and go hunting again through OTC products. Any advice, thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!
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Hi!  I had a similar problem a few years ago.  Have you considered the possibility that your problem may be hormonal?  I had very bad cystic acne through my teens and 20s, and I continued to have breakouts through my 30s.  About the time I turned 40, I was so tired of treating it with everything (OTC, prescription topical lotions, etc.) and still having problems that I went to my doctor and asked him to test me for a hormonal imbalance.  That was the only other cause I could think of that would keep my acne from going away.  When the test results were back, he confirmed that I had a slight hormonal imbalance and put me on medication to correct it.  Within a month, my acne was gone, and my skin was starting to act "normal" for the first time.  Ever since then, I have been able to use "normal" skin care products.


I'm not saying this is the issue with your skin, but it was definitely my problem.  Not all acne can be cleared up with topical treatments alone.  It might be worth talking to your doctor about this, though.


I hope you get some relief soon!  Smiley Happy

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