Adult acne not responding to treatment
I'm 35 and have been suffering from adult acne for about a year. I started out trying OTC skincare but it didn't help so I went to a dermatologist about 8 months ago. She prescribed me a benzoyl peroxide gel and Differin. It worked for a few months but then stopped working. I went back about 6 weeks ago and she changed me to a sodium sulfate/sulfur face wash and a stronger retinol at night; stopped the BP because it was too drying. I've seen no improvement still; in fact it's gotten worse and I'm so frustrated! I also got a facial a few weeks ago and the esthetician said that my skin was actually dehydratedband therefore producing more sebum to compensate, which very well could be contributing to my acne. One thing I did today was change my Clarisonic brush head from normal to delicate; which I mistakenly had chosen about 4 months ago. Maybe the "harsher" brush head contributed so hopefully this helps. I'm debating dropping the dermatologist and go hunting again through OTC products. Any advice, thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!
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Hi I'm 29 and have/had been dealing w adult acne for approx 3 years as well. I also tried BP and Diffren as well as Retinol from a dermatologist. Nothing worked and in fact, I felt it got worse. Then I purchased product from an esthetician. Surprisingly, some of the creams they sell have a much higher concentration of retinol then ones prescribed. I would recommend meeting w an esthetician for a consultation and possibly a microdermabrasion/chemical peel combo and then purchasing some night retinol serum/cream. Alternate that with a moisturizing cream every other night and then incorporate a vitamin C moisturizing cream in the morning. Vitamin C will help lighten any scars you may have and brighten your skin. Also, dont forget to change your clarisonic brush head at least every 3 months & keep in a clean, dry place. Good luck!
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