Adult acne not responding to treatment
I'm 35 and have been suffering from adult acne for about a year. I started out trying OTC skincare but it didn't help so I went to a dermatologist about 8 months ago. She prescribed me a benzoyl peroxide gel and Differin. It worked for a few months but then stopped working. I went back about 6 weeks ago and she changed me to a sodium sulfate/sulfur face wash and a stronger retinol at night; stopped the BP because it was too drying. I've seen no improvement still; in fact it's gotten worse and I'm so frustrated! I also got a facial a few weeks ago and the esthetician said that my skin was actually dehydratedband therefore producing more sebum to compensate, which very well could be contributing to my acne. One thing I did today was change my Clarisonic brush head from normal to delicate; which I mistakenly had chosen about 4 months ago. Maybe the "harsher" brush head contributed so hopefully this helps. I'm debating dropping the dermatologist and go hunting again through OTC products. Any advice, thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!
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Hi lo1978 - I know just how you feel, I was known for my perfect, flawless unblemished skin, and then it happened. I started to get severe Cystic Acne, made even worse when your skin is absolutely white, and I'm not kidding about my whiteness. i.e. I was in the hospital once and then again a few years later. When the phlebotomist came to try to get a vein she said she remembered me, because I was the only person she'd ever seen who was whiter than the pillowcases. I was mistaken for a lifesize (5' 2'') China doll, I could go on forever with this, but I think you get my point. I sympathize with you completely. I regular doc's Rx meds and then the Dermatologists meds,nothing really worked. Although the Derm is the one who told me that 2 meds the regular doc had me on commonly cause this, interesting that he didn't know or wouldn't admit that. Anyhow, tried Murad, Proactiv, so many different things. Smiley Sad nothing helped Smiley Sad My inability to find virtually ANY cosmetic cover up products light enough for me, super saddening.


Finally I tried Philosophy and finally.... AAAHHHH- the Angels began to sing. I use Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser (I also use Philosophy Exfoliating Face Wash now, although I wouldn't recommend that this early on and most definitely not with a Clarisonic - I don't even use that combo now) I started with Phil. The Oxygen Peel, this is not like a chemical peel (it ends up looking like the Mrs Doubtfire Meringue Pie Emergency Social Worker Visit Tea Sweetening Face Mask - if you saw the movie you'll know what I mean, if not....well....then you Need to see it- at the very least it will make you laugh and take your mind off of this issue)That has to be removed carefully. That's followed by Hope in a Bottle which is a moisturizer an acne treatment, which I alternated with another Phil. acne product, can find out the name for you, can't think of it now) If you want to try the Oxy Peel you could send me a PM and I'll send you some tips for removing and getting the most out of this product, ffrom my own use and chats with different people @ Philosophy. This was really a Godsend, I didn't set out to use all Philosophy products, it just worked out that way. So feel free to PM me if you want any more info. I honestly feel for you and hope that it may help you the way it helped me. (I still use these products, just not with as much frequency. I always use the cleansers and use the Oxy Peel fairly regularly) Hope this helps, let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Everyone is so different, it can be nearly impossible to deal with and find the right combo that works. Hang in there. Smiley Sad


ps, I'd be very, very wary about Estheticians and other facialists, my mother had a horrible experience as did a friend. With my mother, this woman got on this spot which wasn't anything that could be seen, and for whatever reason she was focused on that spot and did something that really hurt. My mother ended up with a giant welt (for lack of a better description) that was red and bruised and risen so high off of her face. it stayed like that for nearly a year! Not pretty, So please be very careful with that.


pps- You might want to look at philosophy's website and read about their history, it's very interesting and informative. They originally made products for use in dermatologists office. I don't want to say anymore, don't remember all the details and don't want to tell an innocent lie.

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