Acne-prone skin that is both oily AND dry?
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Growing up, I never had terrible skin. I had the occasional blemish, but I never considered my skin to be "acne-prone". However, as I turned 19, my skin obviously started changing (probably due to hormones and the works), so I now have the following skin type: acne-prone, and it is both oily in the T-zone area and dry on my cheeks. To make matters worse, I also have body acne on my arms. Smiley Sad


That being said, what sort of cleansers/moisturizers should I be looking for to help both my face and my body clear up from pesky pimples? Should I invest in a Clarisonic to help my skin clear up? So many questions, so little time.

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The "acne" on your arms is probably actually a skin condition called KP (Keratosis Pilaris). I have it on my arms and legs. Basically keratin gets trapped in the hair follicles, causing red or white bumps. If the bumps on your arms are itchy sometimes, or if you've tried to pop them but it doesn't work and it's painful, then it's most likely KP. If so, gently exfoliating a couple times a week is helpful and it's crucial to moisturize the area every single day, especially at night. Dermadoctor makes some products that are meant to treat KP but I don't personally use them. 

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