Acne-prone skin that is both oily AND dry?
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Growing up, I never had terrible skin. I had the occasional blemish, but I never considered my skin to be "acne-prone". However, as I turned 19, my skin obviously started changing (probably due to hormones and the works), so I now have the following skin type: acne-prone, and it is both oily in the T-zone area and dry on my cheeks. To make matters worse, I also have body acne on my arms. Smiley Sad


That being said, what sort of cleansers/moisturizers should I be looking for to help both my face and my body clear up from pesky pimples? Should I invest in a Clarisonic to help my skin clear up? So many questions, so little time.

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Hello there (: I have suffered from acne all my life. I have the oilest skin and I still get acne, note I'm 22 years old.

What I have found to truly work is to have a skin regime. Do you have use a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen? Ever since I started doing this, my skin looks better and healthier. I love Shiesedo's Purness Line, Clarin's Green Linem or Mario Badescu acne line for acne prone skin.


As for the clarisonic, I have it, and it's good to cleanse with it a couple times a week, note it does dry out the skin.


As for a spot treatment, try Mario Badescu's Spot Treatment which is similiar to Kate Somerville's.

And use a mask for acne too a couple times a week (:


Also try changing your diet. Eat more veggies and fruits, you will notice the difference in your skin.

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I agree with you. You have to have a skin care regime that includes cleansing, toning and most importantly moisturizing. I also have to agree with you 100% that eating more veggies and fruit (and plenty of water) will help your skin also. Veggies with plenty of vitamin E is what you need for your skin.
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