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Acne products for men?
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Hi, i have just entered my 30s and am getting acne for the first time. It is very strange and stressful.  I don'nt have health insurance so i can't go to a skin doctor so i was wondering if there are any recommendations for good acne products for men.


Not very smart about cosmetics so maybe it's just the same products women use and there's no difference? 



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I would suggest that you try the Clear Advantage line from Arbonne ( [Item# 418].  These products are all natural, nor harmful chemicals or preservatives.  It will keep your skin at the normal pH (slightly acidic at 5.5) and will prevent your body from going into overdrive trying to produce oil after you bring the pH of your skin up using other products or even water (neutral with pH of 7).  I have been using this for a few months now and my skin has never been this clear of acne before.  Hope that helps!

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