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Acne products for men?
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Hi, i have just entered my 30s and am getting acne for the first time. It is very strange and stressful.  I don'nt have health insurance so i can't go to a skin doctor so i was wondering if there are any recommendations for good acne products for men.


Not very smart about cosmetics so maybe it's just the same products women use and there's no difference? 



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In terms of skin care, there's not much in terms of what a guy and girl can use.


Some personal products I would recommend for you is using a gentle glycolic acid face wash. Glycolic acids are fruit sugars and enzymes, so they help to break down dead skin on the surface of your face that can clog pores and cling on to oil and bacteria. Glycolic acid also helps to promote new and healthy skin cells so while it's working on ridding the dead surface layers of skin, new, healthy layers can get boosted to the surface.


Anthony Logistics' Glycolic Face Wash is great because the gel/cream formula breaks down oil, but keeps still properly hydrated and it has conditioning ingredients like vitamins and aloe without sulfates (harsh detergents/soap), parabens (preservatives), and synthetic colors or fragrances (some can irritate skin). It also helps keep facial hair areas smooth prior to shaving so ingrowns happen less.


In terms of treatment for you blemishes, take a look at this break down of the most commonly used acne fighting ingredients:


If your blemishes tend to be red, swollen, and sensitive to the touch, I would recommend a low dosage, benzoyl peroxide treatment like Neutrogena's On the Spot Treatment that has 2.5% BP. BP introduces oxygen into the pore to clear trapped oil and bacteria, be sure not to over use or overdose on a higher percentage like 5% or even 10% as too much can lead to overdrying of the skin.


If your blemishes are hard, pustular whiteheads that you want to be rid of quickly, try a treatment with sulphur like Murads spot treatment. The sulphur dries out the whitehead so that portion is diminished and the problem area is minimized. You can apply sulphur treatments up to 3x a day, but start slow, again, too much can over dry skin.


For your general round up of blemishes, salicylic acid is the way to go as not only does it rid skin of bacteria, but it also helps to shed dead skin cells and layers that can build up and emphasize the look of break outs. Murad's acne line is enriched with SA, and Boscia's Willow Bark Treatment uses willowherb and jojoba as a more natural form of SA to treat breakouts.


Follow your spot treatment with a lotion that is oil free and has SPF. Jack Black's day lotion has SPF 20 and is a very light weight formula so your skin won't feel heavy or greasy.


For night, try a repairative lotion like Murad's Pore and Line Minimizing Hydrator in their Acne line.


It combats the signs of aging while also help keeping skin in check from break outs.


I recommend sticking with treatment products geared toward your issues first rather than investing in an entire acne regimen depending on the severity of your blemishes. About how many blemishes do you get in a week or in a month? What type are they? Do they take long to go away or do they last for quite a while?


Treatment products will give you the most bang for your buck, so washes and moisturizers are going to help with maintaining and preserving the results you get from them.

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