Acne cleanser for adult hormonal acne
So whatever skincare regimen I was using seems to have stopped being effective. I was using Cerave foaming cleanser, Kate Somerville toner, Juice Beauty blemish serum and Estee Lauder daywear oil-free cream. Had been using for 3 months and within past 2 weeks acne started getting worse. I'm wondering if I should be using a cleanser specific for adult acne, and/or if I should change the toner and treatment serum. I was thinking of PTR glycolic cleanser and toner, but I'm really not sure. Also, I have tried a dermatologist but after 16 months I still hadn't seen consistent improvement so I went at it on my own and was pretty successful until recently. I appreciate all the advice I can get. Thanks!
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Adult hormonal acne is a pain, and the only kind I ever get anymore. One thing that has helped me is treatment products with sulfur in them, like PTR's Sulfur Treatment Mask. You might also try more of the Kate Somerville line. Juice Beauty's products though all natural, seem to be more suited to mild to moderate breakouts. Hope this helpsSmiley Happy

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