Acne Scars/Texture
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Can anyone help me find a product that will actually help fade and even out my acne SCARS? (not just red marks, they are actual textured scars left behind from repeated acne)

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Hi there!

Okay so for the actual textured scars I do recommend using two products which I have tried myself and love:


1) porefessional.jpg

Benefit's Porefessional is basically a primer you use either alone or with foundation. You simply dab it locally where you have the scars and the enlarged pores. This really sinks into those deep scars, blurs them out and is also lightly tinted which gives a nice finish.


2) dr brandt pore no more.jpg

This one's also similar to the porefessional except you can use it all over your skin. It's also lightly tinted, evens out skin tone, buffs away pores and flaws.


I love both products and they help alot with acne scarring and enlarged pores.


Hope this helps Smiley Happy


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