Acne Scarring
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Ayeeee! and YAY!! I have finally cleared up my skin but still do get some breakouts but not much but what is left over are acne scars. I have tried home remedies which don't work and Bio-Oil which is fading them away but slowly. I would really like a gentle yet effective acne scarring serum or medication or what ever. 


Please help! Thanks!

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Take a look at the below threads where I broke down products to use for brightening/fading dark spots/discoloration:


The above thread has a user asking about dark spots where I recommended the Enlighten Me kit from Ole Heriksen.


This thread shows a break down of different exfoliators (chemical and physical) that help with evening skin tone (including products to look for in each category):


And this thread breaks down the active ingredients used to lighten/fade discoloration:



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