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I have seriously oily, acne prone skin.  I thought I'd be done with the breakouts after puberty (I'm 28!) but I was way wrong.  I'm in need of an effective face wash and acne serum.  I've tried Murad, Organics, Philosophy, DDF, Derma Doctor, and everything that the drug store sells.  Any suggestions on what else I can try?  Thanks!

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You've gotten some terrific suggestions already.  In addition, take a look at what else is ending up on your skin.  You have already tried some great products...but take a look at what type of makeup you're using.  Could it be too emollient?  What are the ingredients?  And where are your breakouts occurring?  Could these breakouts be fueled by what you are using on your hair (i.e. shampoo, conditioner, styling products)?  Another BIG recommendation: I absolutely agree with someone else's suggestion to change your pillow case every night.  AND make sure that you do NOT use liquid fabric softener when putting your pillow cases, sheets or towels in the washing machine...or fabric softener dryer sheets when putting your pillow cases, sheets or towels in the dryer.  This can be a HUGE culprit for breakouts!  If you need to add some type of fabric softener, use plain white vinegar. 

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I've never heard of not using fabric softener on your pillow cases or towels, but that makes a lot of sense!! That's a great tip, I'm going to try that!!!
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