My 13 year-old daughter has terrible acne, on her forehead, and blackheads on her nose. She's tried ProActiv, store-brand acne treatments and a prescription, and all only worked for a while. What is the best product(s) for treatment? We're both at our wits end trying to find something that works. Thanks, Allyson
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Dear Allyson,


  There is a routine that I follow and swear it works. It makes sense, and is simple and effective, I'm of similar age and find it works even with stress, constant sports( sweating) and hormones. I just wash my face with a simple cleanser( oil-free and hypoallergenic)  that doesn't have a acne fighting ingredients( I find it only irritates the skin and doesn't really help with treatment) with my Clarisonic ( which works wonders; it cleans DEEP down into the pores). Then if I feel the need I will do extractions of blackheads, which I find are more effective since using the Clarisonic. Then treat the entire skin by using 2.5%  Benzyol Peroxide on the entire face( to treat and prevent), and then use a simple moisturizer. When my skin finally became clear, I like to mix the Benzyol Peroxide and moisturizer together to dilute the concentration and just keep my skin in check and  prevent breakouts and I spot treat any small blemishes I have. After using the clarisonic, products absorb better and so the Benzyol Peroxide is more effective.  I have a more in-depth explanation on the question here Sorry that you have to scroll to find it)


Good luck!,


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