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I dont know what should be a beginner product for someone who has never contoured before, 
so, I've recently notice a lot of white bumps and some blackheads on my chin. which product would get rid of that and will work on my sensitive, but OILY skin? I'm desperate to get my smooth skin back, please help me.
What is the best makeup for hot humid climate.  I live in Hawaii
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Does anyone know if the Sephora Collection lipstick line "Lip Attitude" color no. S23 is still available? I think I got this lipstick last summer but haven't been able to find a replacement on Sephora's website. Thanks!
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I am 26, and am usually pretty awful about taking care of my skin. I never really had an acne issues as a teenager but recently have had really troubled skin. I get oily in my t-zones and am dry elsewhere. I suffer from milia, not around my eyes but most often on my cheeks. Also heavy black heads on my nose and chin, with some in my cheek area. I do own a clarisonic pro which I use when I remember. I live in Florida so I get decent sun exposure. My skin isn't overly sensitive but can be with really abrasive products. Hoping for some good suggestions for a full skin care regimen... i.e. cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, weekly mask, etc. Anything to help and start preventative work as I get older!
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I was recently introduced to the Dior Hydra Life BB Cream and Nars tinted moisturizer and was wondering how the two would compare specs-wise (if their prices were put to the side). I have dry skin and am looking for something with light (but long-lasting) coverage. My shade is available in both products.   Thanks!
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I want to try the new Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick and am unsure about what shade I'd be. My color IQ is 1R06 for reference, and I wear the color shell in the Immaculate Foundation. Thanks!  
Is there a similar fragrance to Indigo by Nest that is cheaper? Thanks! 
i m wearing foundation in light delicate beige sephora. i have auburn hair color aind hazel eye color. wich nude lipstik would be perfect on me?
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Did anyone else take a survey about possible changes/features to the rewards program? I got the option to take it in my email along with 100 bonus points for taking it What did everyone think of it? I thought some of the options were very appealing! In particular the options for in-house beauty event, points for advice/sharing pics and info with other members(which we all already do ), and top secret products available to only you lol I thought the last one would be interesting in practice haha
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My friends always recommend it to me but I don't know if to buy it, is it worth it? Is it good for combination skin? Does it last longer? Thanks, Alésia.
I would like to use clip in extensions for my wedding but do not know what to get.  Is there a good brand?  I have never used extensions before so I do not know anything about them!  I would like my hair to be slightly longer and look fuller
Do the Invisibobble hair ties leave dents in anyone else's hair?  I bought them to try them but they seem to leave dents in my hair!  I don't know if it's just the way my hair is or if I'm not using them right, but they leave dents in my hair.
Mine is the marc jacobs undercover coconut primer, bare minerals mineral foundation and tinted moisturizer, tata harper cream blush, becca champagne pop, benefit hoola bronzer, abh dipbrow and clear brow gel, shiseido eyelash curler, covergirl supersizer and full lash bloom waterproof mascaras, bite beauty lipsticks
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  Hey BeautyTalkers!   We know you've got serious skills when it comes to makeup application. We also have a feeling you've got some glitter, liner and lashes floating around so we're hoping you'll put them to good use by participation in this challenge*   It's easy to participate, here's how:  1. Create a look that aligns with the weekly challenge schedule (see below) 2. Snap a picture of your masterpiece and upload to the rebel eye thread here: 3. Let us know how you achieved the look by naming the products used and any technique you'd like to share 4. Post your look and check out other BTers looks   I cannot wait to see everyone's creativity and skill mesh into rebellious masterpieces! Below is a description of the looks but feel free to add your own personal touch.     Week 1: Smudging deep shadows and dark, blendable liners to create a new kind of smoldering look   Week 2: Layering false lashes and using simple mascara techniques to create Intense Lashes   Week 3: Popping on glitter for an unexpected, shimmering effect   Week 4: Playing with metallic eyeshadows for a multi-dimensional finish     Your friendly Associate Community Manager,  Katie     Schedule:   Spoiler (Highlight to read) Week 1: 7/21 - 7/27 Week 2: 7/28 - 8/3 Week 3: 7/4 - 8/10 Week 4: 8/11 - 8/17 Week 1: 7/21 - 7/27Week 2: 7/28 - 8/3Week 3: 7/4 - 8/10Week 4: 8/11 - 8/17   *To participate in this challenge please post your look to the Rebel Eye thread here: If you post it here we won't see it!  
I want to buy laura mercier smooth finish,but I just don't know which should I choose.I am a chinese;maybe a liitle whiter than just yellow,just a naturall one.and I don't want a light cover
Hi, i use make up forever matte #35 and i am looking a loose powder with color to match?