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It's July!!! Time to start a new thread for all the amazing July hauls from you guys! Please post all your hauls, big or small, beauty or non-beauty...can't wait to see them all!!   To start us off - here is a tiny sample haul from Dr. Hauschka
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What makeup is everyone wearing today?   Today I am wearing:   1. Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Champagne 2. Benefit Coralista blush 3. TheBalm Mary-Loumanizer 4. Dior Creme de Rose Lipbalm 5. Dior Addict Lipstick in 454 6. Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in RSVP   and under all this I am wearing Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid Sunblock SPF 50   So c'mon now...confess!
I received the first sneak peek for Ipsy in my inbox this morning and figured I should share and get the July discussion going    Sneak Peek #1 Everyone will be receiving 1 of these 2 items from bareMinerals   Sneak Peek #2 Everyone will be receiving 1 of these 2 items   Sneak Peek #3 Everyone will be receiving 2 of these items    Sneak Peek #4 Everyone will be receiving 1 of these items
What are your favourite lipsticks for professional work events? Generally, all mine are too colourful!
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I was just looking through the "What Are You Wearing" thread and looking through the list of products I suddenly realized I very rarely use concealer under my eyes anymore. It used to be one those "will not leave the without it" items. It got me thinking back to a moment many, many, MANY years ago at a Clinique counter...   I can't remember what I was shopping for (probably super double face powder because that was my HG back then. I think I was around 20 when this story happened - I'm 39 now for reference.) So anyway, the sales lady was trying to upsell me on a bunch more products of course (which, I was 20 and in college - good luck getting blood from that stone, lady) and this is what she said to me word-for-word:   "Honey, you're gorgeous but those dark circles are distracting me from the rest of your face."   Whhaaaaattt??? I honestly can't remember how I reacted or if I bought the product I went in for originally. I know that I did NOT buy any concealer though!    Have a couple more to post but BT is being super iPad unfriendly lately!   I don't want to open up any wounds with this post. Just hopefully dumb stuff SAs have said to you that you can look back on and laugh about now!    
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I am a 20 year old college student and am going on a semester long study abroad trip to Europe this fall, and would like suggestions for a quick, easy, and long-lasting face makeup routine? Also, I have acne prone and dry skin, so I would need products that cover my blemishes, would not worsen acne, and would moisturize my skin. Thank you! 
I keep purchasing new things that catch my attention (or that I've convinced myself I need), but I simply can't get through all of the products I own. I don't have an issue tossing old mascara and liquid liners, but I absolutely hate the thought of tossing any other product before I've used every last bit of it.  I've realized that it's impossible for me to use everything up unless I stop buying make-up altogether.   What unused / unfinished products do you have trouble parting with?  And what do you do about it?  How do you use it up so you can move onto something new and exciting?
The chick week is coming up, I don't have much to buy. SO i decide to buy the beauty blender and another tools? DO you think is it necessary for your makeup tool? Is it worth? IS it hard to use?
i loved the FRESH Mascara, but now it is no longer availble what is an amazing black mascara that volumises, lengthenes & thickens lashes while not flaking, clumping or drying out lashes. Preferably not waterproof & conditioning as well if possible! Thanks,
I bought the Murad spot treatment and let's just say my blemish is now the least of my worries. I'm allergic to something in it and now have a red raised rash that looks like a million tiny little pimples.  Uuuugh  
How long does it take for a breakout to clear up? I am in that stage of a teen and I was wondering if this is normal? Or was the breakout caused by a product such as the benefit porefessional primer? Are breakouts caused by not exfoliating such as not using the Clarisonic? And if so how could I clear up the breakout and what products I should use?
I got the kiss pop I ordered in the mail today... Definitely not what I was expecting.    On first looks, the packaging is super cute and feels very high quality.    I ordered crush, which was described as a tangerine red, and all I'm seeing is tangerine. I'm very pale, and this comes out as a true orange on me in natural light. But mostly, this is far from moisturizing, in my opinion. It nearly crumbled when I applied it, and already my lips feel dry. I'll wear it around the apartment tonight, but I'm not so sure this will be staying.    what are everyone else's thoughts on these?
I just saw this in the new section--Has anyone smelled it yet? What do you think? I love the regular Daisy, and this one comes in a lovely bottle, too!  I can't wait to test it out!
So tomorrow, I was going to buy Lingerie de Peau & try the Meteorite in stores to see if I like them enough to buy them. BUT, I think I took for granted that because this is such a high end product, it did not contain talc. But it does! I am shocked. I'm not paying 60+$ for some pretty pearls made of talc.    Is this just me or what? I never had problem with talk, and I wouldn't mind it too much if it was a 25$ powder, but for the price I'm paying, it better be talc free. Is is just me or if sometimes, luxury brands are a little behind in terms of ingredients and all?   What are your thoughts?
Not sure if this is allowed? But I'm going to give it a shot and hope it doesn't get closed *covers eyes*   What's on everyone's wish list for this sale? The sale started yesterday for card holders and will be available starting July 18!   I'm having a hard time in finding anything I like on the previews I've seen so far!   But I really want this!  
I have very dry skin and every cream or liquid foundation I use seems to settle into my fine lines around my mouth and nose. The most recent foundations I used were Tarte Maracuja Mircale foundation and Nars Radiant Cream foundation. I moisturize in the morning and at night and my foundation will still settling into my fine lines and make me look older. I would love recommendations of foundations for dry skin. Also I need a fuller coverage foundation because I have rosacea that needs coverage. Thanks!
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Well that was the most depressing hour of my life. I decided to google "beauty over 50" and I just feel like shooting myself lol. Apparently I'm supposed to wear tinted moisturizer (no foundation), 1-2 at most neutral eye shadows (no color under any circumstances) and forget about lipstick with color. Yes maam - keep that whole face as boring as neutral as possible.   You guys have no idea how this does NOT jive with my personality. I've worn makeup my entire life and I cannot tell you how often I've had ppl come up to me if I'm at a makeup counter and ask me for advice because they thought I worked there.    I understand at my ripe old age of 50 I shouldn't be glowing in the dark decked out with sparkles and glitter but my God, I just bought the Marc Jacobs Siren palette and I love it!! But apparently I should gather up all my non neutral makeup and bury it in the backyard.   Say it isn't so. 
Hey beauts. So lately I've been feeling the urge to splurge on lipstick. Im terrified to pick something that looks amazing in the tube but awful on myself. I have no issues with colorful shadows but lips....eeeek. The picture have as my profile is my daily go to look. Ice also added it on my profile. Can't figure from my phone how to post it. Lol.  Any suggestion you guys can give me as to what might look good. Based on skin tone and just in general. Thanks lovelys
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I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.
Hi Everyone!  I used to LOVE MAC's SplashProof Lash Mascara and i LOVE IT!  It stays on, and looks amazing but they discontinued it.  I've tried their Waterproof Zoom Lash and the other one they have but both seem dry and just like theres not enough going on and i try to put on quite a few coats, any suggestions on something comparable to SplashProof?
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Or are you a rule breaker? ?
Beauty Confessions
I searched around and saw storage but not many vanities.     I just got my vanity in today, I'm probably going to get a chest to store everything else, because these drawers are small! They also don't open all the way.  This is my set up for now.   Whats your set up like? 
I'd like to color my hair at home to cover up white hairs (never did it, as my hairdresser is great, but I won't be able to see him for a couple of months so I need a solution for the meantime). Any hints or fool-proof products? One of those that are like coloring shampoos, maybe? I have no clue! I have dark brown hair. Thanks a lot
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I posted a previous post about starting a traveling box with samples and deluxe samples and a few ladies were interested in doing one!  This is the 1st traveling box I am apart of and of course the 1st that I am starting.   So, we need to decide if we are going to do a medium or small flat rate box.     RULES  No used items.  No open items  DO NOT take more than you put in.  Let's keep this fun and fair  DO NOT take multiples of the same sample  PLEASE try not to keep the box more than 3 days  Make sure to send your address to the person listed above you  Once you send the box off, post the tracking number in this thread  ALL unused items allowed (well maybe not nail polishes if it will make the shipping costs go up)  Post a pic of what you take out, what you put in and what is left in the box before you send it off     THIS IS A DRAMA FREE BOX! We are going to have fun and try to keep this going as long as we can!   If you are interested in being in the box, I have a few spots left so post a pic of what samples you have in this thread to be added.   To start off, we are only going to have 10 people! 1. hollygohardly 2. MegEm 3.MLLECC 4. tessie84 5. Kittichick 6. NicoleFrat 7. NightKnight 8. Sweetxteeth 9. Nishcakes  10. BuxomBabe80
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I have been getting a lot of great emails.  Hopefully, some of these deals can come in handy for the rest of you.  Have you seen any awesome ones you want to share?  Now, is a great time to haul.      
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I'm 51 years old w/ a fair/light complextion and dry skin. I want a setting powder that does not turn my sheer to med. foundation coverage completely matte but allows some of the 'dewy' moist look to remain. Which of these powders is best for that OR is there another powder you would recommend?
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  My Local Sephora is usually fantastic, never had a complaint about them... until today. I returned 5 products in-store today.. from 4 separate purchases I made during spring fling. 2 unused and unopened... and 3 products I really disliked. So the teller calls over the manager because it is a larger return, which I totally understand.. The manager looks at me and says.. You want to return all of these, you used them all.. and are returning them? Don't you know you can get samples so you don't waste so much product." and gives me an eye roll and a condescending look. So I tell her that 2 are unused and the other 3 products were all skin care and did not work for my skin.. I thought used products that didn't work were able to be returned.. Is this not the case? Or does everyone, get a lecture when they return a product used? Curious if you guys make returns of used products? I personally am really turned off getting samples from jars and such because people are constantly putting their dirty hands in to the product and them I am supposed to put that on my face. Just a gross thought for me. Am I wrong in returning used Skincare?
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I am always watching Wayne Goss on YouTube and love the idea of using a cream foundation. Any recommendations? I have combination - oily skin and am not very sensitive. 
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I love Algenist's Genius cream but sadly it's too expensive. Does anyone know of a comparable cream?
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Hey Beauties ! I was just here thinking and browsing the Sephora site along with my collection and it made me think about some stuff that just wasn't worth all the hype or wasn't all that . Most recently for me it has been the Benefit There Real Push up liner, it just wasn't a good consistency in my opinion and i totally could have done without it but anyway i thought i would start the discussion of what products have you purchased that wasn't worth the hype or you regret getting