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I am looking for the best treatment for acne scars. I used to break out really bad as a teenager and of course picked at it, because what 16 year old doesn't. Anyone have any luck with their regiment to treat acne scars. I have looked into going to get this professionally done, but if I can do it at home where its more convenient, I would much rather do that. I personally, have combination skin, fairly light, so the scars show up pretty easily. Any advice is welcomed Thank you! 
Does anyone know of any no-shine / matte hairspray that you'd recommend for men? Drugstore or high-end, don't care, just hate the shine! Thank you! x
I frequently order from To be honest, the shipping times are usually not great. The whole Flash 2-day Shipping thing is kind of a joke. It usually takes at least 4-5 business days for my order to arrive.   But anyway, that is not my problem right now.   I placed my last order a week ago, and it still has not even shipped! I was planning on wearing some of the products that I ordered on my first day at my new job on Tuesday, but now that definitely isn't going to happen. I called Sephora on Friday to see what in the world was going on, and I was told that the Sephora was expanding some of its warehouses, which was why there was a 2-4 business day delay in order processing. OK, well it has been 5 business days since I placed my order and there has been no movement. When am I going to get my order?? When will things be back to normal??
I am a teenager just starting out in makeup and almost every foundation makes my skin look orange because of how pale I am and I found one foundation that didn't make my face look as orange but the coverage was awful so if you know of any good foundations and maybe concealer and bronzer help a girl out and let me know thanks in advance
is the h2o hydrating boost from tarte good for oily skin as well?
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Im just getting my skills going when it comes to eyeshadow. One thing I'm missing is a brush that feels right applying shadow to my lower lash line.    Any suggestions? Thanks! 
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What is the best moisturizer/skin care routine for sensitive, combination skin?  My face randomly breaks out in hives and gets red, dry patches and previous products I have used have made this worse.  Other parts of my face like my nose get extremely oily though so I'm not sure what products to use.  Please help!!
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what skincare line is safe or even products during pregnancy%3F i need a cleanser and moisterizer and a exfoliater. I have the fresh umbrain clay moisterizer and also have kate somerville face wash. please let me know if these products are safe and other suggestion????? thanks guys
First I would like to say thank you @fatimamummy  for letting me use a part of her skincare thread title for this thread! Thank you so much!   In a similar fashion to the skincare thread this will be a place to discuss anything makeup related. Questions, recommendations, inspirations, tips, tricks, stories, whatever. All welcomed!   Need makeup swatches? You can go to the swatch request thread:   Need skincare advice? Skincare 101 is the place to be!:     Need advice on hair, nails and body care. There's a thread for that too:     ~ Updated May 28th 2017 ~
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At this time of my life, when my friends text to say they need an opinion, I'm expecting questions on love/money/STDs.    I LMFAOed when my friend asked me which brushes to get. And honestly, she's my gem of a friend that I text when I need to know which d*** lip colour suits me.    Have you got girl/guy friends that will drop all to answer your beauty puzzles?    
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I'm looking for a highlighter that is NOT sparkly or shimmery but rather glossy, wet looking.. suggestions? thanks.
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I'm looking for a highlighter that is NOT sparkly or shimmery but rather glossy and wet looking on the face (glowy).. any suggestions? thanks
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So right now the summer sale is going on and a lipstick i have been wanting is now on sale. So will this deal be also in stores too or online only??
What would be a good foundation that has no oils, but is not drying? I have acne prone skin, and it is also very dry. 
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What happened to it?  Just watched a Sephora pro video using it but product can't be found
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are Buxom lip glosses,be legendary lip gloss, BITE lipsticks,Too Faced liquefied Melted Long Wearing Lipsticks, Sephora lip stains, Audacious Lipstick, Smashbox lipsticks, NARS Matte lipsticks gluten free? I've just been put on a gluten free diet from my doctor and all of my lipsticks are from SEPHORA. Thank you!!!!!
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Oh my goodness, you guys!   We were able to snag these palettes to play with so I absolutely had to share some swatches with you! The Huda 3D Highlighter Palette comes in two shades: Golden Sands and Pink Sands. As you can see, there are a variety of shades and the brand provides specific instructions for applying to get a 3D, lit highlight look.  Both palettes are beautiful, buttery and ultra pigmented. I will also note that this palette can be played down but will make you shine like the sun if you follow the instructions on the packaging. I would recommend Pink Sands (top 4) for lighter skintones and Golden Sands (bottom 4) for medium to deeper skintones. Each palette has a creamy base color (Capri in Pink Sands, Fiji in Golden Sands) that is made with shea butter. The base shades are gorgeous, creamy and give a glow that could be worn alone (see below). If you want to amp it up, you apply the highlight shade (Santorini or Seychelles) to bring light to your cheekbones, cupid's bow, etc. Next you add dimension with the deeper shade under your cheekbone highlight. Finally, you finish with the pinky shade (Ibiza or Zanibar) between the two for a blended, 3D look. In my opinion, this is a highlighter version of contour blush and highlight and I love that!   I didn't go a great job at capturing the dimension but I was BEAMING   What new launches are you looking forward to? Let us know!
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Hi, I am actually using Make-up Forever Ultra HD stick foundation in color 120 (my foundation for winter). For summer, I was wondering which foundation should I be buying, one or two shades darker? 123, 125? I have a golden/yellow complexion. Thanks!
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Hi, I'm interested in purchasing the new tarte clay stick foundation but I'm not sure which shade to buy? I have light skin with yellow undertones... any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 💕
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I am 21 years old and I have been plagued with puffy under eye bags for years! How do I get rid of my under eye puffiness? Serums? Creams? Rollers? Facial massagers? What is the best routine for me? (:
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This thread is now closed. It will open on Wednesday, June 7th from 12-1pm PDT. Erika Shumate and Christine Luby, co-creators of PINROSE, are making their BeautyTalk debut on Wednesday, June 7, to answer your fragrance questions. Visit this thread between 12pm and 1pm PDT to ask them anything—from how to discover your subconscious scent style to tips on how to make your perfume last all day. Be sure click "Follow this thread" on the right side of this post to be notified via email when one of your questions is answered.
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Hey, so i was sooooo excited that the milk tattoo stamp finally arrived an hour ago. I stamped two black cute little stars on my wrists.  It claims to be waterproof.  I washed my hands with water only while some water splashed onto the tattoo..  It started smearing and became purple. Also, I just tried to use makeup remover (that gets out even my most waterproof mascara, but there are still reminants of purple ink (like I got a bruise).   Does yours do that?  Did I get a defective product?
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Before I put on any makeup of any kind I have to exfoliate or the foundation seeps into the "crevasse" of my skin.  Even when I do exfoliate I still can't wear any makeup sometimes.  Please help me!
Shampoo & Conditioner
Hi!  As a triathlon coach and athlete I expose my hair and skin daily to sweat, sun and chlorine. I use Bumble and Bumble primer oil daily which helps with hydration. I’m looking for advice on what shampoo would work well without being too drying. I do not color my hair or use heat. 
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I just found out that the "Espresso Your Love" has been discontinued.  I am not interested in the "Caffeine Buzz" shade which is a red brown.  What is a good dupe for the Espresso Your Love?  I'm looking for something that wears all day on my upper lid, and is a dark brown.  
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I still shop on my laptop. Unable to look at reviews that disappear seconds after the page loads. Reviews are crucial. Please fix this issue, so that I, and other shoppers, will be more confident in my purchases and less likely to run to a store to return something we can avoid with helpful reviews.    Best, TMMS