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Red Lipstick Help
I am looking for formula and color dups for the Marc Jacobs Le Marc lipstick in So Rouge.  I love the color and formula, but since it is no longer avalible I need a replacement.   Note: A lot of reds turn pink on me after awhile, but So Rouge stays red on my lips.   I have compared Beseme's Beseme Red and Red Velvet.  Red Velvet is close, but a little browner.  Clinique's Color Pop in Passion isnt deep enough. 
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trying to choose between two make up sets for our 13 year old daughter wanting to learn
I've narrowed it down to  SEPHORA COLLECTION Geometricolor Palette Blockbuster ITEM 1802198   which i like because it looks like so much and has some guidance, i think.   or    SMASHBOX Master Class Palette: Lighting Theory ITEM 1833425 which still has a good variety ( i think) and potentially nicer quality?  or ?  anyone have any thoughts on comparison?   xoxo y thank you in advance - !! coco
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best bronzer for medium skin tones?
wondering whats the best bronzer for medium toned skin?
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Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Shade Recommendation
If I'm Sand 1W2 in Estee Lauder Double Wear, what shade would most closely match that in the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation?
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I want to get my friend an eye shadow palette for Christmas that is high end but not to expensive, what should I get her?
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Buxom Full-On Lip Polishes...
Hi guys! I'm planning on purchasing one of the Buxom lip polishes, but there are so many shades (some of which I'm sure are very similar to each other because the formula is on the sheerer side) that I'm not sure which one to choose.   I definitely want some kind of nude, and I've been leaning towards Angela because the description (frostbitten rose) sounds really pretty lol.   Would anyone happen to have some of these glosses in nude shades to swatch for me (if one of you could swatch Angela that would be awesome too)? Some Sephoras I go to have that huge carousel with all of the shades in it, but I can't get to one right now.   Thanks so much!
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Makeup Forever Shade Matching
The Makeup Forever Duo Mat Powder Foundation Light Beige is sold out, what color would match this in the Pro Finish Multi-use Powder? Or what color would match the Light Beige in another good foundation powder brand? Thanks! 
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Glitter Eyeliner
Hi Everyone,    I'm looking for a glitter eyeliner. One in gold and one in silver. I've narrowed it down to these three. Anastasia Metallic Luster Liner, Tarte Tarteist Pro Eye Jewels Glitter Liner, or Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner. Which one do you guys recommend? Also should I apply a primer like Too Faced Glitter Glue before the eyeliner? Thanks! 
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I got the wrong coupon code
Hi   I got the wrong coupon code emailed as I am rogue status yet I was given the regular VIB code. I know I qualified by the 14th of nov as rogue. But either way I cant even use the VIB code cause it won't work on checkout anyways.    I need a new code that works for a rogue account. 
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ABH brow pomade shade
I use the anastasia brow wiz in dark brown but it finished quite fast so I want to switch to the pomade. Im unsure if I should get the same shade or a different one? I've also used It cosmetics in taupe before. Any suggestions?
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In need of serious facial brightening
I am a 48 year old woman and am in need of some advice. My face is very dull looking and I have lines on my forehead and from my nose to the corners of my mouth. Not sure what products to use to help with this. Please help!!
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hi! I am trying to buy a touché eclait by YSL but I am not sure abut wich color to choose!
Hi I am not sure if color 3 (peach) or 2.5 (luminous vainilla) might work for my skin tone. My color IQ is 2Y09, and I want the product basically for subtle highlighting (eye awakening or such ) and to cover dark undereye circles. Can you help me here? Thanks a lot!
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Items purchased
I purchased two items at Sephora about a week ago but only one of the two items have shown up in my recently purchased items. Is there a way to add the other?
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I need advice on foundation and skin routine from someone who has dry/oily skin at the same time lol
Hi! I am 25 years old and recently I started to notice that under my eyes I have wrinkles.. as well as around my mouth (laugh line area). I am currently using KAT VON D lock it foundation. Within an hour my nose literally MELTS off. I use PUPA primer as well which is mattefying. It doesn't help. Why is my nose MELTING? Its so weird my forehead will be so dry you can literally see the foundation on top of dry skin, and then within an hour its like my face is melting off and becomes oily.. it is also red all over my nose so its like I'm Rudolph with an oily face?? ZERO SENSE. I need a good skin routine and a proper foundation that has worked for you. THANKS! I have been struggling with these issues since I was a teen I am DREAMING of finally getting the right products
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Benefit foundation slightly yellow
Hello there! I'm currently using Benefit's hello flawless liquid foundation in the shade i'm pure 4 sure, ivory. I love the formula, however it is a tiny bit too yellow for me. Can I use the cover fx drops to help fix the color? Can you please recommend a shade in the cover fx drops please? Thank you in advance
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Foundation always makes the blackheads on my nose pop out
I have an EXTREMELY BUMPY NOSE!! It is SUPER BUMPY!! It is filled with blackheads and whiteheads and whenever i put my makeup forever ultra hd foundation the liquid one it makes all of my blackheads pop out. I have normal to combo skin and it is sensitive. I use the benefit POREfessional primer. My foundation never looks smooth on my entire nose and mustache area. It cracks in the mustache area and makes my blackheads pop out on my nose. Whatever i do nothing smooths out my nose. I don't know whats a good primer and foundation for me. Thank you!!
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Drunk Elephant Framboos serum with Sunday Riley Luna Oil??? can be use together??
hi...can the drunk elephant framboos serum use together with the sunday riley Luna Oil? thanks for the help 
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Moisturizer for anti-aging/wrinkle prevention without causing excess oil
I am 27 years old, going on 28 in 2 months. I want to continue with anti-aging and wrinkle-prevention skincare. However, I have oily skin and still get blemishes on my cheekbones and have an oily forehead. Is there a moisturizer that can have the anti-aging and wrinkle-prevention effects without causing excess oil on my skin? Thank you!
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Skin Regime Upgrade!
Looking to add to my skincare regime, any suggestions welcome! About my skin- Combination skin that leans on the dryer side in winter, somewhat sensitive, larger pores, some redness and uneven tone/texture, and somewhat acne prone (not huge blemishes by any means, mostly around that time of month and nothing too serious)    I have been able to get my skin in a better place than before recently, and i am pretty happy with how it looks but always looking to add more beneficial ingredients and products!   Wash: Fresh soy cleanser, as well as an oil cleanser first for double cleanse (currently almost out of algenist genius)   Moisturize- Clinique moisture surge gel- Fresh rose hydration cream at night or an overnight mask   Tone- Clinique step 2   Treat- Adapalene gel from dermatologist, Skin inc Vit B nicinamide serum (half way with this- not sure my opinion)   Exfoliate- PTR FirmX    Mask- Depeneding on what i feel i need, maybe 2X a week- Fresh rose face mask, Caudalie Detox, Fresh Sugar Polish with Black Tea instant Perfecting, Clinique moisture surge mask, Glam Glow hydrating 
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Becca backlight primer vs. Sephora collection amplifying luminizing primer?
I recently received a sample of the Becca Backlight priming filter, and i really like it. It works wonders with my Teint infusion foundation. However, I am not liking the price. My question is how does this compare to the Sephora Collection Beauty Amplifier afterglow primer & luminizer? Are they comparable, Sephora's if half the price. Thanks!
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laura mercier
I use to wear the old foundation powder in #7 whats the equivalent with the new powder? or the makeup forever pro finish? dont live by a sephora so trying to buy the best match!
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Nordstrom beauty counter work advice :)
Hi Ladies, I wonder if any of you work /have worked at Nordstrom beauty department? I was scheduled a phone interview and would appreciate any insight and advice. Anyone I can talk to ?   Thanks  
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What are best brushes to use for eyeshadow application and for blending.
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Hi @lolasue,   We have a lot of brushes that are great for all of your makeup needs!    If you're looking for a brush for highlighter, I would recommend a fan br... see post
Looking for new skincare regime
Im 42 yo mom, with dark circles, lines appearing round eyes, and 11's in middle of my forehead.  Is there anything that can reverse this, or minimize ?  if so what would you recommend for a complete treatment from cleanser through to moisturizer?  thanks
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