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Eye shadow palette and other make up recommendations for beginner?
Hi I'm a Korean American with black hair, brown eyes and a light yellow skin tone. I just became interested in learning about make up and wanted to know what are some great eyes shadow palettes to start out with. However, I will purchase the naked basics palette but don't know which full size 12 shade of the naked palettes to get. I want neutral colors. What else do I need to start my very own make up kit? How can I make my face make up last long from having my skin very oily all day? I love having my eos lip balm because it keeps my lips moist but I  wanted to know if I should get a hydrating lip gloss or lip stick? The shade I prefer is a rosy pink. Also, what's the best eye liner ? I do not want to wear false eye lashes ?
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As far as Naked palettes I would go for the original Naked 1. It has a wide range of neutrals that are perfect for starting out! If you have oily skin you will probably... see post
Help! Recommendations for uneven texture. Beauty on a Budget.
I wanted to see if anyone could make a recommendation for me! My skin is finally clearing up from battling with acne, but I still have a pretty uneven texture. It's like there are tiny undeveloped bumps underneath my skin near my cheeks especially. Can someone give me a suggestion for any skincare products that might be able to smooth out my skin! I'm also on a budget. Thanks!
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You should make a habit of exfoliating it will help with those little bumps by clearing out your pores. I use a hand held manual face brush with my face wash daily. I al... see post
Recent VIB Rouge emails
Hi,  I worked really hard with Sephora customer service to get VIB Rouge emails to come through to me.  It occurs to me that I haven't received a rouge email in a long time. Can someone let me know when their last email was?  I hope my problem with emails hasn't resurfaced. 
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No problem! I hope you get your emails working again soon. I'd be pretty upset being Rouge and not getting information about events/promos/etc. see post
Hey Fellow Makeup Lovers,  I am a teen and I am looking for a medium coverage foundation. I need something that will stay all day, cover some light discoloration, and any acne breakouts if I need it to.  I have been looking at the Tarte 12 hour full coverage foundation, but i think that might be to heavy and thick for me. The other foundation i have been looking at is the Urban Decay Naked Skin, but I don't know how well that will cover my lighter discoloration.  Thanks so much for any replies!  xoxo micayla
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I personally really like Makeup Forever's HD Invisible Cover Foundation. It's medium to full coverage and it's buildable so you can decide for yourself how much coverage... see post
Any advice on how to get clearer skin and get rid of blackheads. I was thinking proactive but i,m not sure. Please help!
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I am 25 and have sensitive fair skin, combination where it cant make up its mind and switches from oily to dry depending on how angry it wants to make me! I also have a ... see post
Making your look last through labor and delivery
Any advice on makeup that won't leave me looking like a hot mess after labor? I looked like death after having my son and I hate my pics😞 any tips or favorite products that I'll help my makeup/look stay put?
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Lol , I can relate. 1st time I tied my hair in my usual high tail so by the end of a very difficult delivery they were a mess, so for my 2nd and 3rd one I tied my hair i... see post
My order was cancelled and I was told I violated policy!!!!
I made an order from At some point, my order has cancelled. Sephora sent an  email to spend more money to keep my status. So I did!! I found a very popular lipstick which I used to pay very high price on eBay because it is always out of stock. So I bought many , I think that's why the order has cancelled. So I talked to CS and one guy told me I am fine to make order from online. However my order has cancelled again. And the other agent said I can't make order through online anymore because I violated their policy but she doesn't know which policy I violated. Don't tell me "call Sephora CS". They are very unhelpful and didn't want to help me. She seems very annoyed about my issue and it was very unpleasent experience. I am asian, and may not good at English, but I live in USA and I am a good buyer. I don't have time to go to shop. Please tell me how to fix this issue. And don't tell me call Sephora. The agent told me I will have the same answer anyway. Is it true?
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That's very obnoxious and I'm sorry you went through that. I completely understand the desire to buy multiples of certain products -- especially ones that keep selling o... see post
Which one should I buy?
I have been thinking about buying the hourglass ambient lighting palette for overall glow to my face. I am also hearing great things about Guerlain Meteorites compact and now am confused. I need help from you ladies which is a better option? Thanks!
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Nakedskin ultra definition loose finishing powder.
I can't seem to find UD loose finishing powder on Sephora's website. Aren't you carrying it any more or it will be available anytime soon?
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Thanks for all this useful info :) I'll look into these options. see post
Replacement for Guerlain product?
I would appreciate a recommendation for a replacement product for a discontinued one:  Guerlain's Terracotta Blush & Sun Sheer Bronzing Blush in "Sunlight 01."     I live  50 miles from the nearest Sephora, so don't have ability to make color comparisons in person.
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BB cream for dry fair skinBB cream for fair dry skin!
i don't wear makeup often, but have recently discovered BB creams. I was matched at Sephora and the woman gave me Clinique BB cream in shade 01.    The color is perfect for me, except it clings to dry patches and feels a bit heavy.   Are there any BB creams that would match my fair skin (I think I have pink undertones) that wont stick to dry spots!!??    
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HALL OF FAMER waterbaby1981 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
My favorite BB or CC Cream for dry fair skin is Dr. Jart+ Waterfuse BB Cream.  Not heavy at all and feels wonderful on. I have very fair skin and cool undertones (pink),... see post
MAC Dupe?
So I like Studio Fix. Alot. BUT i don't like the chick at works the ONLY MAC counter where i live. Is there anything else that ya'll know of that may be comparable?
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Oh that's good to know. I don't usually order from them because my city has a million counters and we even have a Pro store so it's super accessible for me to just go to... see post
Skin care for normal/ combo skin
I am looking for any type of skin care advice and products for my normal/combo skin. It's more on normal side since I only have a slight shine on T-zone, no dryness on cheeks.    I heard Neutrogena one is good but don't know which one to choose cause I want to go for either daily moisturizer or for sensitive skin (with spf of course)   Any advice on toners, cleansers, moisturizers for my skin would be highly appreciated!   I am 19 y.o. so don't want anything harmful for my skin.
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Hi. I have been on a search for cleansers for awhile for my combination skin. I have really been liking Boscia's cleanser. You can visit any local Sephora and get sample... see post
What shade should I go for Nars Sheer glow foundation and Nars Radiant Creamy concealer?
 I'm mac nc 20 for reference. I have normal/ combo skin but more on normal side, just a bit of shine in T-zone, we don't have sephora store in my country so I am getting it online. Hope it will match my shade and go well with my skin type.   Also for NARS creamy radiant concealer, should I go for Vanilla or Custard?   And last question, what primer should I use for my normal/combo skin under this foundation?   Thanks in advance!
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Help! No eyebrows at all.
I'm so tired of looking odd. I used to have very prominent eyebrows but over the past 3 years I've been ill and have lost them completely. Please recommend something easy to use and natural looking. I've tried so many pencils that always rub off and look odd due to color and application. I have light brunette hair but my eyebrows always were darker. I'm embarrassed to go in public and it's hard on my self esteem. Please help. I also have no idea how to apply to look natural.
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Best of luck! Just so you know, I've had a few women close to me lose all of their hair due to illness and I always thought they were beautiful anyway.  We are our own w... see post
Dupe for ProActiv Advanced Daily Oil Control?
It's a very niche question (Oily/combo people, who've tried proactiv, who also received that same sample, liked it, managed to escape ProActiv, missed the oil control thing, and managed to find a dupe probably isn't very many people), but maybe someone will have something, or at least an idea to try?   I tried the Murad Oil control, but it only does about 1/4 of the oil control the proactiv one does. I could probably just get it on eBay, but if I can avoid it I'd prefer to. I don't like the idea of, in some roundabout way, supporting a company that literally forces you to continue paying for their products. (I took them off of my paypal list, since the first person I talked to refused to cancel my account, so they sent the next box with a bill. Either I had to pay for the products or pay for return shipping.)
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Nude ProGenius Omega Treatment Milk instead of moisturizer...
I've been having so much trouble finding a moisturizer to wear during the day underneath my makeup.  It seems that everything I try either dries out my skin, or is too thick and doesn't mix well with/allow my makeup to go on smoothly (the moisturizer balls up and flakes off my skin?)   I've been very interested in trying Nude's ProGenius Milk, but would like to use it as a substitute for moisturizer underneath my primer and makeup.  I'm wondering if this product is moisturizing enough to stand alone, or if it would require using a moisturizer on top of it as well?   If it helps, for reference, I use: Smashbox Photofinish Primer Light Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Liquid Makeup Estee Lauder Double Wear Perfecting Loose Powder   Thanks in advance for your help!
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Hi!  One of the girls at Sephora told me she uses it as a moisturizer, so I tried it and I like the milk as a standalone moisturizer.  I do like to use a hydrating toner... see post
Bobbi Brown BB Cream Shade Help
Hi y'all, happy Friday! I got a sample of the Bobbi Brown BB cream in Light, and really like the formula, but I'm not sure if its a tad too dark for me and I should go for the Extra Light instead. Here is a photo of me in natural light wearing the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in shade 3. Should I go buy the BB cream in Light, or Extra Light? TIA & have a great weekend!!
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BEAUTY BOSS starryeyes331 / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
Thanks Zanna!   I tried the Extra Light on in store, and it didn't quite cover some of the blemishes I have as well as the Light shade did. And I realize that BB cream... see post
skincare help! smooth skin and glow
I am currently trying to figure out how i get that smooth hydrated skin ive been wanting forever!  I cant seem to figure out exactly what products to use or what issues my skin is having..... I seem to have combination skin but more on the dry side (for example i have been wearing makeup all day and only a little oil shows on an oil blotting sheet).... my dry areas consist of around my nose,chin, and cheeks- my skin is not smooth to the touch, yet it is not breakouts that are making it bumpy- when i apply makeup it looks dry, cakey, and not glowing..... and i can see tons of little white dots or plugs in my skin   my routine consists of.... clarisonic with cashmere brush head- maybe every other day peter thomas roth gentle complexion correction pads- 1 a week dr jart water sure gel moisturizer dr jart water fuse sleeping mask- 2 a week ole henriksen- walnut scrub- maybe 2 a week cleanser- currently a sample of ren cleansing balm but not sure if its right?? also have fresh soy cleanser..... topical retinoid cream from dermatologist- every other day at night '   any suggestions???
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You may want to give LUSH's Dark Angels scrub a try to help smooth and hydrate your skin. I love the stuff I use it at least once a week (sometimes more if my skin is be... see post
Differin gel
Are you supposed to use differin gel on your whole face even if you don't usually get pimples in some areas?
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I have never used this particular product but I have used other (very expensive :S) acne creams from the Dr. and it is a general rule to apply only to the area affected.... see post
Soap and Glory
I've never used anything from them before but then I saw they were having that huge sale so I snagged some items up. Anyone know why their whole line is on sale? Are they rebranding? I'm afraid I'll really like the products haha. 
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They are great! I have stocked up while they have been on sale, just in case the switch over takes a while lol I use the righteous butter ALL THE TIME! see post
Ulta 21 days- regrets
I absolutely love the 21 days sale Ulta has twice a year.  However, I find myself regretting NOT buying certain items as the become on sale that day due to trying to have some restraint.  They make it very difficult for Platinun members with free shipping with no minimum, and lots of deals/stackable beauty breaks/coupons, etc...   In particuliar, I regret not buying more Butter London polishes, and I shouldve bought a Stila lip gloss yesterday.  I also highly regret not buying some Stila liners.  I am also glad I traded for a Clarisonic brush head since there isnt one on sale this time...   Anything you regret NOT buying or anything you wish you hadn't bought?  Share ladies!
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I also regret the stila glosses & it cosmetics eyebrow pencil.  see post
just 1000 points = $50 gift card?
So I just had an instore purchase and the girl ringing up my purchase saw my points and asked if I had heard about this reward. It was a free makeup application, bag of delux samples. and $50 gift card for 1000 points. Now of course this excited me so i went home and looked at the rewards boutique. I couldn't find it. Is this a real thing? did I miss it? or was the girl just playing with me?
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She literally said "a bag of delume face samples, which im sure you don't need becuase i bet you have full sizes already. This bag was displayed in the store. Don't you ... see post
Boscia Cleanser questions
I turn 26 next month and I have extremely sensitive skin (I was diagnosed in 2013 with a form of dermatitis). Basically if I put something on my skin or eat something wrong my body lets me know with-in 24 hours with hives and blisters. I have been using Origins face wash/Skin Care line, for several years now and am noticing that my skin is beginning to look rough and uneven. It feels really uneven too (feels like acne under my skin), my skin is also looking dull. I have had great luck with the Boscia line of products, I use the moisturizer under my make up and the make up break-up, cooling oil. Both work great, does Boscia have something I can use for on the days I have no make up on and just need a really good cleanser, especially one I can throw in my bag and wash my face with after I work out in between my classes?
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collegekid23 / NEWCOMER / replied
Hi thanks! I was looking at this one right now since I have the day off. Thanks for the reply I will definitely order it and give it a shot!    Thanks again!  see post
white heads.?
does anyone know how I can get rid of white heads on my eyelids or near my eye? I really need help I think its from not taking my makeup off. white clogged bumps anyone have any suggestions?
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If it is millia I have a few around my eyes that have been there forever and they are far to close to my actual eyeball for me to do anything about them but I have had o... see post
Q. dry skin problems ....Help please
i have a dry skin with oily t zone and have huge pores too.....i need a good cleanser, foundation, primer and night cream. i need a good mask to get rid of my pores as please!!!
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A. Hi jazzypurple,   For a cleanser, I would recommend Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser. This is a milky cleanser that will remove makeup and whatever dirt has accumulated thr... see post
Skin Too Dry for Makeup
Every time I put on BB cream it immediately makes my skin incredibly flaky. I've even tried putting on moisturizer first or mixing the BB with some of my moisturizer and ten minutes after applying I'm a flaky mess. My moisturizer works fine and I'm not dry after applying it, it's any kind of coverage that's drying me up.   Im using the Smashbox BB currently and have no idea what to do! The attached photos is after applying.
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HALL OF FAMER waterbaby1981 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
From what I understand, Smashbox's BB tends to be on the drier side and therefore doesn't work too well with dry skin.  If you like BBs, maybe try Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse B... see post
Hello -   I am looking for a mascara that does not smudge or flake. I just returned Too Faced Lash Injection and Urban Decay Perversion. I exchanged it for Buxom lash mascara which I have on now and it smudged as well. I have Too Faced Better Than Sex and that smudge and flakes (although I love that mascara). Please help! Thank you    
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Toya9404 / NEWCOMER / replied
Thanks Tracib1981! So, Diorshow will not smudge? see post
Armani Luminous Silk foundation help!
  Hi everyone:   For the last few days I have been trialing Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk and I'm really loving the finish. I usually wear MUFE Face & Body but I find that the Armani is less oily as the day goes by.   The issue I'm having is with the shade... I feel like even with the current shade I'm wearing (#6), it makes me look orange.   Some background: I got a sample of this in 5.5 and wore it for a day but it made my face look really orange compared to my neck. I went into Sephora to get an associate's opinion and she agreed, and told me it was because I'm yellow toned and the 5.5 is too neutral for me, hence making me look orange/pink. She swatched the 6 beside the 5.5 on her hand, and she was right, even though the 2 shades appear to be the same darkness, the 5.5 was much too pink. So I took home a sample of the 6 and couldn't wait to try it. Swatched on the back of my hand and on the inside of my arm, the 6 blends in better than the 5.5 but seems just a touch too yellow/brown, but nothing that is noticeable.   Well, I put it on this morning and at first I thought that the 6 looked a hair too yellow for me. But the tone still seemed right. I was thinking of testing 5.75 because on the Color IQ (which I know isn't very accurate) it is less yellow, but looking at swatches online it looks darker and maybe a bit too pink (just a bit more yellow than 5.5).   But then...after finishing the rest of my make up and looking in the mirror again, my face still looks orange. Under certain lighting, I think my face looks fine. I've asked two people (hubby and a coworker) and they both don't think my face looks orange, but I sit beside a window at work and the natural light really shows how orange my face looks compared to my neck. I think it is an improvement from the 5.5, but it's still not my perfect color. Maybe I'm just TOO yellow?   This is very confusing as according to the color IQ the associate gave me yesterday (again, I know it's not accurate) I am 5y07 (SO YELLOW!) but I like to wear MUFE F&B in 20, or a 50/50 mixture of 20+34 and it seems to blend really well although those shades are 1y07 and 1r09, respectively. Maybe it's because they're so sheer so the undertone isn't as important?   I've included some photos... what are your thoughts? Minor difference that I shouldn't expect to match perfectly with my neck? What shade do you think I could try in LS next, or could it just be that this foundation just oxidizes too much for my skin?   I am wearing moisturizer (with sunscreen), Hourglass veil mineral primer, Armani LS and finished off with Marc Jacobs finishing powder.   Both photos are taken in office/fluorescent lighting, but facing a window with natural lighting (cloudy).     Thanks!!
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Thanks!    And yes, I thought 5.5 would be a match for sure but who knew it was so pink on me??   I think that is why I love the MUFE F&B, the shades are SO forgivin... see post