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Every foundation breaks me out?!? What's a good foundation for really sensitive skin?
Prom/Grad is coming up and I need a good foundation, problem is literally every foundation breaks me out. Tarte amazonian clay and the water foundation, Cover FX powder foundation, Estee Lauder Double Wear, Makeup Forever HD foundation, Too Faced Born This Way, Smash box CC and BB cream. I have oily skin and I'm getting desperate. I find the hourglass immaculate foundation didn't break me out, and neither did the nars all day luminous that I can remember. But both clung to my dry patches. So I need a foundation good for hella sensitive skin that will look good during grad!
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I would suggest trying to fix the dry patches! This totally happened to me before, and NARS all day luminous is my fave foundation ever it's amazing! The dry patches sou... see post
Hi.. I am struggling with my makeup routine! No matter what I try I can't seem to have a flawless finish with my foundation. My skin is combo of dry and oily in t zone mostly. Currently using   esteem lauder double wear. cleaning face with origins checks and balance moisturizing with jack black double duty applying makeup with a densely packed brush with a drop of boscia beauty oil   Once I apply the makeup, I can't add any other products such as concealer, contouring, brightening or illuminating creams it results in shifting my foundation and leaving it looking patchy and colour has shifted   My nose especially, I have a hard time keeping makeup on without it flaking off   Please help! Thank you
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There could be a couple of problems here. The patchy/shifting color could simply be just because of the oil you're adding to the makeup/brush, or possibly the skincare. ... see post
Eczema friendly Make up products ?
Are there any eczema friendly make up products. I get red, dry after a day of wearing make up sometimes. Thanks
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Looking for affordable brush for setting undereye area
I'm not a big powder anything fan, but I've recently started setting my undereye area with the KVD brightening powder.   My main issue is that I don't have a good powder brush, and I can't really afford the pricey ones.   Can someone please recommend good brushes for setting powder, mostly under the eyes, that won't break the bank? I can't fork out $30+ for a single brush
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EcoTool is available in walmart in my area and I am in Canada:) see post
Cleaning Liquid Potted Makeup
How I should clean liquid/cream makeup in an open pot? Makeup like the Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer, Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Cover Concealer, Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealer for example. I apply it with my fingers so germs and bacteria probably build up. Do I spray some rubbing alcohol in it? Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything online on how to clean liquid makeup with this packaging but I really want to make my makeup last! Please help! 
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Laura Mercier Silk Creme Color Help
I bought the oil free one in Bamboo Beige knowing it was too dark. It has very true olive undertones - not yellow or warm. It is very hard for me to find a true light olive color. However, I am acually fair. Right now I am tanned and this color is still 1-2 shades too dark. I thought I'd mix it with lighter foundations I own.    Would Beige Ivory be a better match? In the store it didn't seem much lighter but it did seem less olive, and I need lighter but still olive. The lightest color is only a tad too light, but it's too bright yellow...I need a more earthy green tone.    FYI, I am closest to Mac NC15 in winter and NC20 with a tan. In winter, Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet in 10 Beige is a good match, albeit lacking my distinct olive undertone. YSL in B10 is okay. UD in 2.0 is pretty good. All of these are a tad too yellow (as opposed to olive) and light for summer. I need very GREEN yet fair/light, which almost no one makes until you get to the light/med range.    I dont like the wear of Makeup Forever, and their supposedly light olive 117 and 120 shades look more yellow on me. Similarly, the often recommended Nars colors are too yellow. I am a neutral, slightly warm leaning, earthy yet pale olive.    Any ideas?
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Big pores
I have huge pores everytime I try foundation my face looks cakey because of the textured skin. Foundation embraces my pores and that's why I don't wear makeup because it looks bad. What can I do so my pores won't look huge and textured skin won't look bad my main problem are huge pores. What's the best primer and foundation for this? 
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linking my VIBR card with this account, again
Hello, last time i asked for linking my VIB card with my online account, you guys send me an email and later it combined successfully, but now when i logged in my online account all my points are gone and my status fall back to beauty insider instead of my original VIBR, so does it means my VIB card is disconnected with my account? if so, can anyone help me to re-combine it again?
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Hi hakuro97,   I'll look into this then send you a PM to assist you.   Always, Danee see post
How to get rid of this confusing red spot?!
I have had a large red spot on my cheek for years now. It never changes, it's not acne, a cyst, or anything like that. I think it's just a large red freckle, as weird as that sounds. I use retinol and it does not lessen the spot. Any recommendations? My skin is combination and occasionally sensitive. Pic attached.  
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BEAUTY BOSS lookupandsmile / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
I had a red spot that was similar. Had it for years and it did not change. Would not go away regardless of what I used. Went to the dermatologist and it was a pre-cancer... see post
Help! Cakey Foundation Issues
I've been having issues with foundation sliding off my skin and looking cakey shortly after application. I have tried every mattifying primer (Becca ever-matte, MUFE mattifying, estee edit pore vanishing stick, nars pore & shine control, tarte tinted BB treatment, hourglass veil mineral, smashbox, porefessional, etc.) and nothing works. I always pat the primer in rather than rubbing it in, as well, and this does not help.   My makeup doesn't apply properly to my nose or upper lip area (slides off, looks cakey right away) no matter what I use. I've tried a beauty blender and several different types of foundation brushes.    By midday, any foundation I try pills on my cheeks, and becomes very cakey and gross everywhere on my T-zone - particularly around my nose. Shine is also a major issue.    Currently using Nars Sheer Glow foundation, but this also happens with tinted moisturizers, Lancome Teint Idole, and Smashbox BB Water. I also set with UD De-Slick.    Current skincare: Olehenriksen Oil Control Toner, Good Genes, FAB Mattifying Moisture Gel or Clinique Dramatically Different Gel, and Origins GinZing eye cream.  
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hallh / NEWCOMER / replied
My skin gets super oily a couple hours into the day, but I can definitely see flaky areas that my foundation catches on.   The pictures didn't quite capture the issue,... see post
I use Smashbox 4.05 what would be a color match on Kat Von D%27s Lock it Tatoo foundation%3F
I use Smashbox 4.05 what would be a color match on Kat Von D's Lock it Tattoo foundation?
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Hi @TigresssNicole,    If you are referring to the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation in COLOR 4.05 then your color match in the KVD Lock-It Foundatio... see post
Best compact foundation with NO sunscreen or talc??
Every cream compact foundation I used to use has either been discontinued or reformulated and I am lost, currently using Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup to Go as it's the least annoying of the liquid foundation and cushion compacts I have already tried and tossed but it would be better if it was just a solid cream instead of annoying liquid.   I am seeking a non-drying cream compact foundation with no sunscreen or talc, is this now totally impossible?
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Looking for the best black lipstick
I'm looking for a reliable black lipstick hat won't fade or smudge. so far I see that Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick has the color black and I'm curious if this works for anyone? Or if someone has a better recommendation?
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Hi ShibaShiba,   The KVD Studded Kiss in Slayer is a great choice for black lipstick! Another option that I've had very good results with is the Makeup Forever Artis... see post
Dry and Oil
My face is oily skin type but it becomes dry and rough after washing. What type of skin care I should use?
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Laudrey / NEWCOMER / replied
I'm 16. I am using Neutrogena acne wash and acne medicine. My face is acne and oily. Is it enough?   see post
Full Coverage Foundation you don't feel on skin??
Hi guys, I'm doing my sister's makeup for her graduation. We want her to wear foundation because she has acne-prone skin, yet she hates the feeling of foundation on her skin. As an example, she used to own the Armani Luminous Silk and never uses it. Can anyone recommend a full coverage foundation that is very lightweight?
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YES!  After what feels like forever, Zoeva is coming to Sephora!  I've been dying to try more of their brushes.  The few that I have, I love.  What are you ladies excited for?
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@Insomniacmuffinteehee.   *devilhorns see post
find a summer foundation! HELP am
The foundation i wore in the winter now makes me face super oily in the texas heat. I like a semi dewy, natural, finish but i hate my face looking like an oil slick! Does anyone suggest a good light to medium coverage foundation that keeps my slightly dewy looking, but doesn't make my skin so oily during the heat of the day?
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HALL OF FAMER Insomniacmuffin / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
@caityh I sweat from thinking about hot things.. but what works for me is     Shiseido Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 43   or    Guerl... see post
spring and summer fountain/tinted moisturizer
so i'm sort of new to makeup and I have trouble making my light coverage foundation not look cakey. I set it and it still settles into fine lines so I'm wanting to try a tinted moisturizer or a different light foundation to see if its easier to apply and just to use in summer and spring for something light. If i get it a little bit darker then my skin tone now will it look okay to use it now and in the summer or will it look bad? or is there something else i should do? also is there any recommendations for good products? 
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HALL OF FAMER Insomniacmuffin / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
If the price isn't an issue - get both!   But if you are trying to be economical, get the lighter shade and then just warm it up with a little bronzer :D see post
It doesn't pay to be VIB Rouge! I keep getting the same samples!
HALL OF FAMER Insomniacmuffin / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
you don't j'adore them? :(   I keep getting the same things to.. this is what I do with the ones I don't want.. BARTER! see post
I'm thinking of buying 2-3 foundation that is quite full coverage to cover blemishes, not clogging, natural finish, looks great in real life and photos, doesn't cake up around the nose or dry patches. I know i'm asking for the impossible but I hope there is one close to what I want 😅   I have combination skin, my t-zone area extremely oily but still have dry patches. I also would like to ask for shade recommendation too if possible ( NC 30-35, my foundation match is MUFE Y325)   I'm thinking of buying : -Giorgio Armani (does it cover blemishes and not look too oily by the end of the day?)  I consider buying it with Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Enhancer, but my main concern is do they hold up oils because with my MUFE Ultra Hd I get quite oily by midday. -Estee Lauder Double Wear (do they have flashbacks?) -Urban Decay All Nighter (do they oxidize?) -Too Faced Born This Way (I heard this separates on oily skin) -Hourglass Vanish foundation stick (they're only 0.25oz I think, seems so little product) -Nars All Day and Sheer Glow -Marc Jacobs Remarcable.
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What is your exact skincare?   You mention extreme oily and dry, this is an unbalanced state. I have combo skin but balanced. Something is causing the skin to dry out ... see post
What would my foundation shade in the Estee Lauder double wear stay-in-place makeup be if my color iq is 1Y08?
What would my foundation shade in the Estee Lauder double wear stay-in-place makeup be if my color iq is 1Y08?
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Hi Addy2025,   Based on your Color IQ, it looks like your match would be Ivory Beige 3N1. I hope that helps! see post
Thinking about getting my hair cut. Does anyone know a good place in Birmingham?
Been thinking about getting my hair cut for a while now but don't know any good salons. Any suggestions??? Thinking about getting this hairstyle...!  
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Thanks! see post
Anastasia Modern Renaissance Help
 Hi! So I finally purchased a modern renaissance palette after seeing the 4.8 star reviews and the very pretty swatches!   However..... I can't seem to get a nice look on me without looking like I bruised my eye!  I usually use either the UD naked 3 palette or TooFaced Peach Palette.. I've also tried youtubing for looks but none of them see workable.     If you have any tips on what colors to put wherever on the eye, please let me know! I don't want to have to return the palette! The colors are soooo pretty!  Preferably I'd like less intense looks, more of a subtle look   (I have fair color skin, dark brown eyes, asian so no crease but big eyes, )   Thanks!
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BEAUTY WHIZ yayurbandecay / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
oo! that's actually a very nice look! i'll give it a try. Thanks for the help! see post
Sunscreen samples for men?
I'm looking for a sunscreen sampler for men. I have a guy with sensitive skin who needs to use sunscreen daily and isn't happy with what he's found. The current sampler has sunscreen-as-foundation and rose lip balm, which isn't really his thing. Is there a sampler I'm missing?
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Hi, lostamarble!   There aren't any specific sets geared directly toward men with various sunscreens; however, you may want to check out Sephora's annual Sun Safety Ki... see post
Best face mask for acne prone skin?! Anything out there able to control it?! HELP!
Hi everyone!    I'm looking for a good face mask to use once a week, that will help control my acne and prevent further breakouts. I know there are a ton of good ones out there, just trying to find something that will FINALLY work for me!   Thanks, y'all. I appreciate it  
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Lush has a really great mask called the Mask of Magnanimity. I have oily, acne prone skin and it's great for existing breakouts and preventing further ones. It has peppe... see post
Need hair coloring advice please
I initially requested ombre highlights with a "funky" color.  The salon I went to told me the only way to do this was to bleach the hair first, then to color.  I agreed accept the highlights came out looking more like two giant skunk stripes.  I also had to re-color my hair weekly because the color kept fading from a deep plum to a washed out pink/red.  It drove me nuts so I decided to do something natural and permanent. I went to a different salon and they assured me that my hair would not be further damaged.  I had more highlights put in with bleach to blend out the thick stripes and then color was applied over the lightened hair. That washed out after 2 shampoos and my hair is completely damaged.  I'm so confused because I thought permanent hair color would not wash out, let alone in just 2 washes!  Did I get ripped off?  Also, is there a way to color hair without bleaching first? Thank you!!!
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I'm washing my hair about 1.5x a week and the damage seems to be from the bleach, i've never had this issue until I tried to color it.   The color was a natural lighter... see post
Concealer for Dry Under eyes??
I have pretty dry under eyes! I moisturize a lot so I don't have dry patches after applying concealer..but it looks and feels so dry. I currently use the Nars creamy concealer. Does anyone have a concealer that doesn't dry their under eyes/accentuate the dryness? I want to try the Urban Decay one but I heard its drying. 
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maybe try like an eye cream first, like the pep start from clinique, and then try the concealer. It sounds like your skin is the problem and you should combat that first... see post
Best under-eye concealer for dark circles?
What's the best concealer for dark purple circles under my eyes? I've tried many different ones, some in combo with others, including Bobbi Brown, Nars, Kat Von D, etc....
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I would try and get a sample to see if you like! I find it brightening but some have mixed reviews.  I orders shape tape from the tarte website.  I really wish Ulta didn... see post
Why I Create BI Account failed?
Rashna09 / NEWCOMER / replied
I seem to have the same problem. How did you solve it? see post
Whats the best under eye cream to get rid of hollow under eyes
I have used the smashbox under eye primer and I have just started using the Becca under eye primer. But, my hollowness is still appearing under the corner of my eye closest to my nose. I'm thinking this is more of a night primping solution. Has this happened to anyone else? Open to all options!
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Smashbox does have the Photo Op Brightener; however, they also have their Hydrating Undereye Primer as well! :) see post