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Need help linking my account
Hi, i would like to know how can i link my Beauty Insider card with my online account? Can i get some help please.
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Best cleanser to remove makeup?
I wear a ton of makeup! For those like me, what is your favorite cleanser that's not an oil that removes most if not all your makeup? Im looking to try something new. Thanks ladies!! xoxo
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I like Philosophy's Purity and Ole Henriksen Grease Relief cloths. see post
Q. Tips for skincare trials?
I've recently gotten interested in skincare and way too obsessed with trying to find the best of each type of product.  How do you ladies trial your skincare products? And how long do you give a product before you decide it isn't working?    I've been using Sunday Riley Start Over on one eye and Bliss Energizing Eye Gel on the other for the past two weeks and I don't think I've seen a difference yet. The SR eye might be slightly better, or that's just what I want to see...I can't tell.  Is two weeks long enough? 
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Baby Face
I'm 22, almost 23, but constantly get told I look anywhere from 15-18. Nobody believes I've graduated high school, let alone undergrad and am now in a graduate program. If I don't wear makeup, the age range drops down to about 13. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me "you'll appreciate it when you're older" I'd have A LOT of dollar, but ultimately I'm just sick of not being taken seriously at school/in the workplace/by people who are distinctly younger than me.   Are there any tips for utilising makeup to make myself look more my age without also looking like a teenager who raided her mom's makeup bag? I'm extremely pale, with normal to dry skin, and a lot of redness. 
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I'm going on 27 and just this afternoon someone assumed I wasn't old enough to vote. It happens and will continue to happen. Everyone who has commented has given you som... see post
I'm 53, much sundamage, deep chin wrinkles
I'm 53, much sundamage, deep chin wrinkles and around my mouth and 11 lines, after my makeup is on for about an hour, I have a line of caked up makeup in my deep wrinkles that looks terrible, I have used Primers and they just get right in there with the makeup and make it worse.  I use Clinique Superpowder and obviously need to switch.  Is there a makeup that will work for me?  I don't need advice on what to do for the wrinkles, I am on a skin care routine, I just want a makeup to cover and hide without the settling.  Thanks in advance!
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DorothyIngrid / NEWCOMER / replied
I've heard wonderful things about the Givenchy loose powder from older friends and I love it too, although it is pretty expensive! Setting concealer and foundation with ... see post
I have extremely oily skin, HELP
Is there any foundation that i can buy that wont start coming off and making my face look extremely oily. My bronzer always ends up looking extremely muddy at the middle of the day as well   I go to school 7am-5pm so I know its a long time   Any advice?    
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Bite Best Rewind: Packaging Issues?
Opened up my new Bite holiday set, and found two Coulis and no Aubergine. Has anyone else had a similar issue?    It's a bummer because getting to the store is highly inconvenient with a toddler and spouse (who is less than enthusiastic about cosmetics) at home.   
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You can order another set online now and return this set when it's convenient. see post
Urban decay
Can someone recommend a matching lipstick and lipgloss for urban decay  24/7 lip liner in the color rush which is pink? Thank you
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what is the best face primer to use??
It depends on your skin and what foundation you use, but I'll say my personal favorite is Hourglass Mineral Veil.  It's lightweight, long-lasting, and feels silky smooth... see post
Sephora store opening: The Grove
Did anyone get a chance to go? I saw their snapchat, completely forgot about it. Anyone get any goodies?
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What a cute bag! see post
Highlighting w Concealer
If you highlight with concealer, is there any point of actually using concealer ,if you're going to cover it up with a lighter concealer? Or, would you opt for a powder highlighter and not use it under the eyes? Thanks
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You'd best be running, GC! ;) see post
I feel I am more neutral-warm.... I tan easily, have green eyes, but kinda ashy natural hair.....  I have medium skin tone, but my skin is more yellow looking. How would I pick a  foundation? I think my veins are blue-ish though.... any advice? 
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Rule of Thumb?
Hi,    Is there a simple rule of thumb when it comes to highlighting/contouring/bronzing? Like what products you shouldn't combine? Example: Can you use bronzer/highlighter the same time, bronzer and contour the same time, etc? Or any other make up 'commandments' thanks! 
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Hi! I just can't get my make-up to cover up & stay on!
Hi lisa071097,    There are many different ways to prolong the wear time of your makeup.  The first thing you can try is a primer under your foundation, this will he... see post
How do I do makeup for pale skin?
Hello! So, I have very pale skin with blue undertones, blue eyes (well, green and blue... central heterochromia, but not super noticeable), and really dark hair. I have trouble with my makeup due to this, since a lot of foundation is too dark for me. I'd also like to enhance both the blue and green in my eyes. Besides that, I look like a vampire no matter what I try! Even lighter lipstick, then it usually doesn't even last long (sorry, half asleep while typing... just went shopping). Foundation is probably the biggest issue for me though, besides choosing a blush. I get sweaty super easily and no matter what I try, the foundation comes off during the day and my acne scars and such show through. Any recommendations for products/help?   PS; sorry this is so long!
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Thank you so much for all of the advice! I've been needing a lot of help lately with figuring out what to do with my makeup. My cousin's wedding is coming up in about a ... see post
jems makeup?
I just want to know did the JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS makeup come in yet if not do you know when this month will they come in I just want to ok bye ?
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IT GIRL Ana102285 / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
I don't think anyone knows for sure when it releases exactly, the movie comes out the 23rd of this month and many have guessed it'll be out then. My guess is it'll proba... see post
BB cream recommendation please!
I'm looking to try a BB cream for daily wear. I currently don't use anything on my skin make-up wise except a touch of concealer if needed plus Benetint (used to use Bareminerals powder foundation but found it blocked my pores). I have normal to oily skin, relatively clear with occasional breakouts. My requirements are light coverage, oil-controlling, SPF, non-comedogenic and has to be good for my skin. Does such a BB exist!? Thanks!
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Tarte BB primer. Despite its name, its a regular BB. It's lightweight and lighter coverage. I'm oily combo, acne prone, no issues. Does have spf, but you really shouldn'... see post
Over 50 hair loss
I'm 52, with blonde highlights.  Over the past year, I've been noticing my hair is starting to thin in places.  I'm really careful when I comb my hair after I shampoo, but it still comes out.  I've tried "thickening", "color corrective" and "natural" no-chemicals added type shampoos but haven't seen any changes.  Has anyone in my "age" category experienced anything like this, and if so - any good suggestions for hair care treatments?
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I didn't get a link to the article... see post
Q. Sunday Riley Oil to Complete my Skin Care Routine?
Hey!   I am looking for a moisturizer to complete my skin care routine.. Preferably one to be used at night (so I can bathe in it). I am partial to oils, but creams are fine.   I am using a combo. of Josie Maran Cleansing Oil, for post makeup good cleaning, sometimes incorporating the JM Exfoliating Powder Cleanser... Ceramic slip and Good Genes (slip for morning, good genes every other night)   Dr Dennis Gross' Alpha Beta chemical peels maybe 3-4 times a week, in the morning   Boscia No Pores No Shine pre-makeup   Does that sound like overkill? I dont have sensitive skin.. and my skin has been looking great with this system.. however I know I have to be smart and use a nourishing moisturizer that will really complement these cleansers and peels I'm applying.   So! I have been using the Tarte Maracuja Oil.. No problems.. I bought it because it is supposed to help with elasticity; I had anti-ageing in mind when I bought it.   However now I just feel weird using a cosmetic brand for skin care...I thought about switching to the Josie Maran Oils (I do have a sample) because it checks off every box I have for "concerns and skin tye"   Any other product suggestions? Im considering things in the Sunday Riley Line Like Juno, Artemis and Flora.. but Im not sure which one is write for me..   My Skin: Combination (T zone oily, cheeks are a bit dry) Pores: enlarged!!, sebaceous filaments on my nose are my nemesis, clogged pores around my jaw (which will get the attention of a Derm. no products can treat these deep face demons) Not sensitive Could use some evening of skin color   ***? Does anyone have experience using one or more of the sunday riley oils? Any product recommendations considering all brands?  
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A. Hi saela,   Based on what you said about your skin, I would recommend the Artemis oil from Sunday Riley. This one is suitable for combination skin and will help puri... see post
How to start?
This isn't necessarily about any product, but I'm an aspiring makeup artist. My school has an art club and they said I can have a stand on the side and put makeup on people. The thing is, I have to buy all the brushes and makeup supplies. I want the biggest bang for my buck when it comes to a makeup value set or a brush set. My budget is about $250-350. What products would you recommend if I'm going to put a full face on someone but still within budget?
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BEAUTY PRO bloom9159 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Alright, this is probably going to be a mouthful.    Always have moisturizer on hand. Always use it to prep the skin, even if you're going to use a primer on top. What... see post
parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette ?
  Okay so, this may be the most commonly known thing in the world, but I'd never know it. What is the difference amongst the different kinds of perfume? (i.e. parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, etc)
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littleome / NEWCOMER / replied
That actually makes a lot of sense now that I know that. :) Thanks so much for your informative answer! see post
Mascara for new lashes
What mascara would your recommend for new lashes post-chemotherapy? My lashes used to be full and longer but now are short and seem to have a hard time holding mascara.   Thanks!
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HALL OF FAMER e4stofthesun / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Hi, congratulations on being finished with chemotherapy and having your lashes grow back in! I would suggest a mascara made by an indie company, so it's not sold at Sep... see post
Z Palette: Show & Tell
I've tried ignoring it. I've buried my head under the Vanity and told myself it's not happening...but it happened. I've run out of room on top of Vanity. Of course that means I'm looking at depotting a large amount of my collection into Z Palettes. I currently only have two: 1 large which holds my Urban Decay eyeshadow singles and 1 small which hold the single Mac blush I own. So now I'm trying to figure out how many and what sizes I need to depot my Tarte Blushes and maybe a few eyeshadow palettes (like my Naked palettes). So lets have a Z Palette Show & Tell. Show your palettes and what you fit into them. Here's my paltry contribution to this        
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  My first z palette! I usually buy pre made palettes. The shadows inside are makeup geek shadows. I love how it just sticks in the palette because of the metal pan... see post
Any advice for blackheads??
Hey guys. So within the past month I've noticed some blackheads on my nose- and they could've been there for months and I just noticed them- but then again I'm not sure.. I've never had trouble with acne in my entire life.  But thankfully I have a deluxe samples size of the Boscia Detoxifying Black cleanser, and I also exfoliate every other morning. That seems to be helping but my questions are, what causes blackheads? I've heard its a pretty common issue, so I'm not that worried about it, but I still want to get rid of them. And I also wanted to ask if you can thoroughly get rid of blackheads? (meaning they wont come back?) And this might sound like a dumb question- but can be any chance exercising and sweating cause blackheads? I recently started exercising and soon after started noticing the them. Thanks so much for anyone who can answer!
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Eyelash Extensions!
Hi all! I've noticed recently that eyelash extensions are becoming more and more common. And I've been doing a lot of research on them! I really want to try this out, but there are SO many mixed views on it both good and bad. I really want to try them out because I do love the look of them! Searching it on here, I found a lot of old information, and I was curious if it had changed since then!   I just wanted to ask some opinions everyone had on them! Are they really worth it? Have you had any issues with them?   Me specifically, I have sensitive eyes and I was wondering if this would be an issue to getting them done? Is the “adhesive” that they use safe? Or does that depend on the location that you go to?   I appreciate any responses or opinions !! xox
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Where is the too faced holiday set
BEAUTY MASTER Kclr16 / BEAUTY MASTER BEAUTY MASTER / replied   This one? see post
Best "sticky" primer?
What is the best sticky primer? I am looking for a primer that has a sticky feel once applied to the face, as I find it stops my concealer from creasing under my eyes when I use a sticky primer/moisturiser. It must be because it makes my makeup stick to my face and stops it from sliding around.
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I can confirm this is a sticky primer. see post
frizzy hair
I have frizzy hair.  Very   frizzy hair, And I want to find a way to control it without  excessive time or breaking the budget. basically I want better hair without spending hours and 50+ dollars on it. Advice?
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Hair gets frizzy cause the hair shafts are opening up to let in more moistures, most of the time frizz means dry hair.   You need to start using a leave-in conditioner... see post