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Custom Makeover
Despite being a guy, I've always been in love wiht makeup, but haven't really gone too deep due to the social stigma behind it. Now that I'm older, I'm feeling braver and wanted to start investing in makeup, while also getting my first makeover. However, due to embarrassment, I was wondering if the makeover could be done in private, or at least in a covered area of the store. 
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urban decay foundation
I am a shade 3.0 in the urban decay naked liquid foundation. What shade would I be in the urban decay powder foundation? Also can I use the powder foundation as a finishing powder for the liquid foundation ? Would it look good?
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concealer shade in mac pro longwear?
i would go to a counter but i just really hate going to the mac macy's store for this kind of thing. i can go in for lipstick and lipliner and anything else but i can never go in and get shade matched. they either recommend a different concealer i do not want or they match me way too dark and orangy   im custard in nars creamy concealer and im fiji in nars sheer glow. please and thank you i do say im cool toned but than again im not that sure im pale and turn red easily so i assume im cool toned
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I'm a custard as well for NARS concealer though I haven't used sheer glow in a few years so I can't remember my shade there but for MAC's pro long wear I was an NC30 ove... see post
foundation color nars and tarte
i'm using nars sheer glow foundation color deauville and i wanted to try new foundation which is "tarteAmazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation" but i have trouble picking the right color, i like neutral tone
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Don't see points from in-store purchase done today
How long does it take to post points to Beauty Insider rewards card from in store purchase? I bought something today and it is not posted but my online purchase was instant.
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It takes up to 48 hours.  So don't panic.  Also if the points don't show up after that amount of time you can call customer service or message a moderator on here and th... see post
Ole Henriksen Truth Is In The Eyes - Eye Peel Concentrate
Hi    I have been using ole henriksen's eye peel for 2 weeks now religiously. I bought it to treat my dark circles. I suddenly have started noticing Fine lines/wrinkles developing under my eyes. i have never had them before, hardly 1 or 2 fine lines before. Now they seem more prominent and more fine lines developing all of a sudden.??  Has anyone experienced this?? Please help!
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So I am just now developing a love for mAkeup and I will be 33 this month yikes! I can not for the life of me put lip liner on and make it look good. Anyone have any tips, or are my lips just weird?
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This is definitely the next lip liner I'm getting once I'm done with my stub.   see post
The Giddy Post - Did you order something today?? (;
Are you riding a high from an order you placed today?? Do tell. 
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IT GIRL kellyymcd / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
Hit up the TooFaced up to 74% off sale...   Bonjour Soleil Bronzer Collection A La Mode Eyes Summer Eye Shadow Palette and a melted lip stick in Melted Fig   I hav... see post
Best face makeup remover ?
I currently use philosophy purity to remove all of my face makeup. I like it because if I use makeup remover wipes it will irritate my face. I normally get oily on my t-zone and I'm acne prone. So does anyone have any recommendations on face makeup removers? I just want to try something different.  I also have acne scars, does anyone have any recommendations on any products that will help with that? Any skin care products from cleansers (currently use nude), moisturizers (currently using Clinique), toners, exfoliator, masks. Anything will help thanks 😊
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I second cliniques take the day off. It's been my holy grail since I can remember. I love that stuff!  see post
Q. Paul and Joe Quality?
I was wondering if I could get feedback on the quality of Paul and Joe? The packaging is so adorable that I am tempted to order lipsticks and eyeshadows with multiple cases. However, are their products good quality or lean more toward cute novelty items? Thanks so much for any feedback :-)
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A. I recently made my first Paul and Joe purchase.  I ordered a lipstick, an eye shadow and an eye and face color - I don't recall the color names, offhand.   The lipstic... see post
Very specific color question
ok i used to have /use the pixi brand corrector concentrate in brightening peach. I want to get the bobbi brown corrector in a similar color because that color in the pixi worked really good. So i am asking which color would be the closest to it. If anyone had both products. Or had any suggestions on a corrector or concealer that is closest to the shade. 
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Estee Lauder Deep Blue Foundation
I have never envisioned a "deep blue" double wear foundation by Estee Lauder. "Rich Chestnut 5C1 - deep blue shade" Pretty gnar. 
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Hi jessieviscious, Thanks for pointing out that error!  I have reported it to the appropriate contact, so it should be fixed soon! :) -Laura   see post
Wondering: Returning to Store after a Bad Experience
So I'm wondering if anyone's ever done this: 1) Went to Store A and had a bad experience. 2) Went to Store B and bought stuff. 3) Went back to Store A carrying the purchased products from Store B. 4) Spoke to anyone at Store A and said that they just lost out on this sale and more, then showed them your bag of products.    
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LOL  Isn't it, though?   Oh, where's that thread about saying, "No offense . . ."? see post
Prices more expensive in store?!
I just purchased an Anastasia brow pencil from Sephora in stores for $30 this morning. And than i checked online this afternoon, and noticed that it's priced at $27. Is it always more expensive to buy in store compared to online? Never noticed this since I always buy online...(also the smashbox contour kit was same price online and in store)   I just think it's kind of unfair since I could have got more samples and used a code online, guess I will be returning the pencil tomorrow and repurchasing online even though it's $3, just does not sit right with me. 
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It's toll free for US and Canada :) see post
Having to return to the store TWICE for powder?!?!
I went into my local sephora this weekend to get some new powder.  I gravitated to the UD because that is my FAVORITE line right now, but i never tried the powder. i have generally worn MAC for as long as i can remember. I tend to stick with sephora for everything else and opted to just take all my business there because the chick at the MAC counter was rude the last time i went in there. Anyways. The SA at sephora put me in a light medium in Naked Skin. I am an NW20, and that was WAY too dark. Which i didn't realize until i got out of the store. I went back and and was told to go home and wash my makeup off and start over, and i should look great. I did that. Still bright orange. I went back the next day and went with Becca in Buttercup, which is STILL too dark. Is there any way that I can be matched correctly so i don't have to keep driving 40 miles one way to my local store?
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Hi Tracib1981! By chance have you taken a peek into your thread regarding this below: see post
Acne Troubles
I have not had acne my entire life until I turned 20, now it is driving me crazy. It is not severe but I would like to get it under control. After going the dermatologist and not being able to afford $900 in prescription creams. I am looking for something to eliminate scaring and redness. I have been looking at the Dr. Dennis Gross One Step Acne Eliminating Pads and wonder if that is a good fit for me? If not what would be best?  And or what is a good face wash for me to be using?   Also in part of this problem, I have been wearing more coverup which is probably not helping the problem. I use to use Maybelline Mineral Powder cover up which I loved but it was discontinued , ever since then I have not found a cover up that works well with my face, either too heavy or not enough coverage. I am wondering which cover up would be good to cover some of these acne marks along with not being too heavy. I am leaning towards Bare Minerals, but am sure what I need or if it is good for me?    Thanks in advance!   
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GoodRX website, can help find lower rx costs, if you're paying cash. A lot of rx's also have financial programs to help pay for it - need to find the direct rx website f... see post
Estee Lauder to Kat Von D
I currently wear Estee Lauder's Double Wear Stay-in-Place foundation in Sand 1W2. I am wanting to try Kat Von D's Lock-It Tattoo Foundation, but am not sure what color to use.  I was leaning towards Light 45, but is that too light? 
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Hi lovelyliz, I think that the Light 45 might be the right match for you! :) -Laura see post
Georgio Armani Maestro Foundation... ok for dry skin?
I have been using the Luminous silk foundation for a while now and I love it so much. I have really dry and sensitive skin and I have found it works well for me. I was looking at the maestro though and am wondering some opinions on it... is it ok for dryer skin types? I like the idea that it is a dropper/serum/lightweight formulas but I don't want to purchase if it isn't good for me. I also don't live near a sephora that carries Georgio Armani in store.    Thanks!
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Damanged, Dry and Thick Hair from Bleaching. What to use?
Hi! I have very damaged dry thick hair from bleaching it to try to get it back to my natural hair color. What is the best product to use that will get it back to its softness, less frizz, and mangeability?
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Joico Moisture Recovery... this stuff is INTENSE. It really helps fried hair. I haven't tried the rest of the products from this collection.. maybe try them all? I recom... see post
Shiseido Ibuki Line?
What do you feel about this new line?? I both the trouble-free skin kit because I really just wanted the Shiseido Buki Refining Mosturizer that won the Allure award for best moisturizer for oily skin tone.  But Paula's Choice reviews are horrible.  And every product I look up on that website has poor reviews for everything!! What do you think??
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Hi Aleshy10! I can share my experience with this line with you! I decided to try the cleanser, the softener, and the refining moisturizer and I loved all three of them. ... see post
What Giorgio Armani foundation is closest colour match?
Hello. I would like to try the Giorgio Armani foundations. My local sephora doesn't have the line in stock to test so I"m going to order on line. Can you help me choose the best shade?   I currently am using a blend of : YSL Top Secrets All In One BB Cream in "Clear" (which is a perfect colour match for my skin and disappears right in, just gorgeous) mixed with Dr. Jart + Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm (to give a bit more coverage as needed). This homemade blend gives a nice natural yet radiant finish. My skin is very fair (think stereotypical English Rose complexion) I am considering the GA Luminous Silk foundation, and the GA Luminescence CC. Not sure which formulation or colour to try.   Thank you for your assistance!
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THank you for that excellent link. I got "Y101" see post
Q. Need an eye cream recommendation please?
I'm 41 and looking for an eye cream to help with my sagging lids, crows feet, and fine lines. I have very sensitive skin, so I don't want to use anything with retinol in it. I have already tried the Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist cream (it was so heavy and greasy it made me break out in white bumps all around my eyes). I also tried the Algenist Firming and Lifting gel and I had an allergic reaction to it (it made my eyes puff up pretty badly all around and caused a lot of discomfort). I could really use some help. I love my Sephora store, but, everyone who works there is in their 20s and none of them know what to recommend for me. Can anyone please help? I'm desperate! Thanks!
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A. Hi. I"m older than you, also have sensitive skin, and I second ZannaBt's recommendation to you: The Peter Thomas Roth line is good for our age and so gentle. I've become... see post
i can't believe it's already march ! i love discussing monthly favorites because the positivity and enthusiasm just cheers me up.   for me, hmmm:   SKINCARE NUDE omega jelly cleanser. i declared it HG status back in late 2014, but feburary i rekindled and reaffirmed my love for it (check the skincare HG thread if you're interested in why ) TATA HARPER replenishing nutrient complex. a facial oil, i got this mid-january, but did not use it much until feb. i love it. it makes my skin happy. it absorbs well and smells divine. skin feels fed (particularly when used in conjunction with the nude cleanser) NUDE miracle mask. i got this as a gift for xmas (yay !) but was hardly able to use it until february as well. i am really enjoying it. it reminds me of the amazing REN glycol lactic mask, even though the nude one does not contain lactic acid (ah, if only it did...) in terms of consistency. it's very gentle and effective so i'd be very confident in recommending this to people wanting to try out AHA masks..... MAKEUP LAURA MERCIER caviar eye sticks.....and cream shadows in general. i've had these since december but only realllly fell in love with them the second half of feb. i love cream shadows because they're easy, they set (when well formulated, and, i've found, not layered on  too  thick) and while you can layer them for a multi tonal effect, i don't find it necessary. single shades are multi-dimensional enough to really create a beautiful effect while blended out....and i actually prefer 1-2 colors only on my lids, so these are perfect . i can't wait to explore the world of cream shadows even more NARS semi-matte lipstick in catfight. picked this up and it was instant love. their semi-matte lipsticks are just a wonderful formulation and i'd recommend them to anyone looking for a matte lipstick that is non drying (yet non-slippery). GUERLAIN maxi lash mascara. maxi lashes, no clumping, new favorite. smells faintly of roses. ...and finally NARS all day luminous weightless foundation. this has been a very interesting journey. when i trialed it with a sample, i decided to skip it. upon my last day of use i tried a different application method, and i decided i didn't want to go without it. siberia is a perfect match for my skin, and as long as my skin is well prepped, it doesn't look like i have on makeup. layers well for more coverage too (though i'd advise letting a thin layer "set" before applying another layer...and it doesn't take long as this foundation sets  fast) HAIR my  new SEDU revolution flat iron. i haven't had to purchase a flat iron in nearly a decade. i mourned the death of my chi because that thing has been through e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  with me, traveled the world with me, and patiently waited for me as my head was shaved. but, alas, it's time came and i lovvvvve this new straightener. and, for whatever it's worth, looks super chic with it's black ceramic plates too ! i didn't know my hair could look this shiny.   how about you ? any new or rekindled beauty love affairs ?
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Thanks for reminding me about the Laura Mercier caviar sticks.. I bought a set of 6 in december and they are still untouched. I'm going to put them to use. see post
Full coverage foundation for dry skin
I've always tended toward lighter coverage foundations, but lately I've been making my way through my sample stash and I realize I also really like the more flawless look that full coverage gives.  But the ones I've tried so far are incredibly matte and seem to dry my already dry and sensitive skin out further, even when I use a hydrating primer and more hydrating products on top.   Are there any fuller coverage concealers that have more of a dewy look and that don't feel as drying?
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Hi kelloua,   I'd take a look at NARS Sheer Glow or Hourglass's Illusion® Hyaluronic Skin Tint - both are excellent for dry skin types. Sheer Glow has a radiant, sat... see post
I would like to purchase a shampoo and conditioner to protect and brighten blonde highlights.
I'm going away for a while so I can't see my hair dresser for a partial so I asked her how I can keep my hair blonde as possible!  She recommended The Bioloage Keratindo... see post
PTR Pumpkin Enzyme Mask...
My latest skincare obsession..I absolutely love this stuff! The pumpkin mask came as part of a set of 3 masks that included a cell-renewing rose mask and a cucumber mask. Honestly the others aren't nearly as effective and if I'd known the pumpkin mask was so good I would've just purchased it alone. Nevertheless at the time the bundle was on sale for like $35 which was a great value because each mask was 1.7oz. Anyway, no store-bought item has ever felt this way on my face! I use the pumpkin mask once a week after cleaning my face and I get this amazing tingle similar to when I have a clinical peel done on my face. Not to mention the exfoliating properties are amazing considering there's no need for you to do this aggressive scrubbing to your face. I smooth it on, leave it for about 5 minutes and wash it off. My face instantly feels smoother, cleaner and looks clearer. I follow up immediately with moisturizer or I'll use the cucumber mask afterwards if my face feels a little tender. I was thinking maybe it might not be so great for someone with sensitive skin but overall I think it's amazing for someone like me who wears makeup everyday, has oily skin and enlarged & clogged pores. I hope this product never gets discontinued...did I mention it really smells like pumpkin!!   
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LOL I love that..."couldn't contain my love any longer!"    The next one I want to try is the PTR 24K Gold sounds soo luxurious! see post
What cleanser to use?
I am a 33 year old female who had plenty of acne in my adolescence and 20s and used proactiv and like products to manage it.  At this point, I only get acne on my chin during that time of the month but I still use the three step systems with benzoyl peroxide.  This has resulted in dry/combination and dull skin with some redness but I haven't had any breakouts.  I use cetaphil at night and cetaphil moisturizer with SPF 15 in the morning after my 3 step system.  I did a bunch of research but different sites recommend different cleansers so I'm even more confused.  What cleanser should I be using that also helps with anti-aging?!?!?! and is a cleanser and moisturizer sufficient to keep the breakouts away?
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I agree with trysbeautyitems- dairy causes me terrible breakouts on my chin and jawline. I have switched to coconut milk and cut back on other dairy products and it has ... see post
Foundation/primer and concealer suggestions?
I seem to have some oily skin in the typical oily "T-Zone" area. By the end of the day it seems to have completely worn off. I have started using a little bit less of concealer for under my eyes along with powder and it deffinitley makes a difference with not looking cakey. I do make sure to smooth out any little lines if I see any during the day but it's been a lot better. I really like for my skin to look flawless so I love medium to full coverage. Any suggestion ladies? I'm seriosuly a foundation and concealer junkie . . . I'm looking to have a bit of a foundation collection before I move onto building up eyeshadows and all that fun stuff.
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Thanks!! I will totally look into that foundation/concealer!!! . . . I'm really hooked on getting really good foundations at the moment. I think it's best to have a supe... see post
Kat von D Lock-It tattoo foundation shade
Hi!   I'm a NC13 in MAC.. Would this be light 42 for the KvD?   Thanks!
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Hi LindaBS, I recommend the color Light 45 - light complexion with yellow undertone in the Kat Von D Foundation! :) -Laura   see post
Giorgio Armani Maestro?
Hi all! I have been using the Perricone No Foundation Foundation Serum for quite some time and am coming to the end of the bottle and have thought about trying something new. The NFFS worked well for my oily skin, but it's a pain to constantly have to mix it with bronzer for the correct color, and I never get it the same way twice. Plus, I have had dry patches start appearing on my face in the past few months, which is incredibly unusual for me. I have long heard good things about the GA Maestro - any thoughts as to if this would be a good fit for me? I ususally have rather oily skin, although this winter, I have been cursed with some pretty severe dry patches (especially under my eyes, where it is dry and flaky constantly - so wierd!). I hate the feel/look of heavy makeup, but want something that lasts throughout the day. I just want my skin to look like, well, skin! Not makeup! In the winter months, I usually wear Mac NC 30, although I tan very easily (olive toned skin with yellowish undertones). Thanks!
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Your skin shows signs of being dehydrated. I used the Meastro one, and found it to be too drying. After a few hours, it clings onto every dey patches of my face and some... see post