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Hi everyone, I was looking for good eyeliner and I came across the Marc Jacob mini eyeliner set etite-highliner-collection-P388946?skuId=1630433   I was wondering if it is any good? would you guys recommend it and if not which one will you recommend? I am looking for eyeliners that come in ever shade and color,   Thank you   Rajdeep
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What is the return policy of items no longer being sold in-store? 
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Okay, so I've always had some trouble finding foundation to match my skin. I have red hair but my skin is neutral-cool but borders more on neutral. Previously, I've worn NARS mont blanc but I want something with heavier coverage because I switched birth controls and my face has absolutely erupted with acne. I was thinking maybe light 44 would do the trick but I'm not so sure. I'm not the palest of the pale. Im on the spectrum of "light" going towards "fair" so i don't know
I'm a 5Y05 and im searching for a concealer that has full coverage and is easy to use. I tried Clinque , Kat Von D and MAC, but I need more coverage than that. I still have alot of acne scars and most of these concealers dont hide that red spots.
Thoughts please? I never use powders because I have dry skin. I use Laura M tinted foundation and no blush.   But I have read great things about the Hourglass powders. Do these dry the skin? I am looking to get something "luminizing or brightening" with the VIB discount.   thanks! Mandy
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I need a new foundation that has some really good coverage. I'm 16, so my hormones are making my acne go crazy! I have dry to oily combination skin, so if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! 
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Hi beauties! I am wondering to buy a set of skin care products for my mother who is 52 yrs, dry skin type Asian. She has deep lines problem, especially on her eye areas... I used to buy estee  lauder for her, but she thinks there hasn't showed any difference for 3 years... Any suggestion for my mom? Thanks  
Antiaging Skincare
looking for a night face cream that is right for me.  I am over 50 and have oily skin so I don't want my face to feel greasy.  I want to minimize fine crow lines around my eyes and bags under my eyes and not look dull. I want my skin to feel hydrated, smooth and soft but not oily or greasy.   What would you recommend?
Love the Givenchy La Rouge lipstick. I am a copper/redhead with fair skin (Foundation Medium Beige bare minerals), Blue eyes. What color La Rouge would you recommend?  
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Hello Beauty insiders,   I was hoping someone could help me with finding a shade in the D&G Luminous Foundation. I might not  be able to get to a sephora store before the sale, and need to set an order. I am a terre nueve shade in the NARS Tinted moisturizer and Linen shade in clinique even better makeup. I have never used anything else, and I feel the best shade for me would be in between these two.    When I put these options into the Skin IQ, it didn't list this foundation as one of the best matches. Can someone recommend a shade if they had experience with the D&G option  or a foundation that is similar and can give you even glowy finish, but not heavy coverage? Someone recommended Chanel Aqua or Dior Glowing makeup. Recommendations and shade help is appreciated. Thank You!
I see that there are fragrance samplers available in the US with vouchers for a full-size fragrance. Why is the SAME sampler set available in Canada with no voucher??
I am having continuous trouble with my under eye area, Foundation and concealer set in my fine lines under eyes and make them very prominent.Can you all tell me:   1: You use foundation primer or eye shadow primer under your eyes. 2: what product/powder you use to set your concealer    
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Hi, I bought an Urban Decay eyeliner which glides on really beautifully at first. But throughout the course of the day, it tends to smudge and get really ugly. I love eyeliner but I had to stop wearing it because of this. I feel like even waterproof eyeliners smudge. Can anyone recommend a really good eyeliner that will  last all day and look beautiful without smudging? Thanks <3  
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I have green hazel eyes, i'm a brunette and besides and i have a tanned skin, which colors can I use to bring out the green of my eyes? Also my eyes are really big and when I use black eye liner it makes it go small, what is a perfect way to outline them black but make them look big?
With all the sales going on and holiday sets and limited edition products, and new items, I've been doing alot of purchases lately. Think I've gone a little overboard. Hey you gotta get them when they are in stock otherwise they go out of stock... for ever!   Any how I find myself hidding my purchases and receipts. Not because I don't have enough money for my purchases, I budget well, but because I have too much already.    Tell me do you do the same?  Where do you hide your newly bought treasures?
Hello my makeup friends,   Long time no talk:/ I am looking at booking a private party at Drybar in Chicago for next summer with about 7 girlfriends for a long weekend away. Has anyone been to a private party that could share their thoughts? Good or bad is welcome!   Thanks Ladies, XOXO Britt
Beauties, I want to take the advantage of upcoming sale to slurge on the Clarisonic Opal. I wonder have any of you lovelies have this and what your thought?
If anyone know, please help me I really appreciate. Anyone also know any good CC cream that would wear alone and can put onto  bare and naked skin?  I am really interested in the YSL Ink Fusion , Bobbi Brown Weightless Powder Foundation  Chanel  Les Beiges All in One Healthy Glow. Have  anyone tried them? I also intend to get the code for YSL,  however, the deluxe sample in my appropriate color is gone fast dation-P388664?skuId=1646215   Also, does anyone know how to distinguish  skin is yellow tone or pink undertone? And How is it associated with foundation has Warm and Cool color?  I am Asian. I think my skin is yellow tone or undertone. SHould I use a Warm color in foundation?     However, I always have problem with the color match. I even went to store to check out my shade. I used to purchase Makeup Forever Liquid Foundation in 120. Look good in store and bought it . when I travel to Viet Nam which has humid weather. The color seems to not right too yellow and cakey.  I put it aside and then give away to my sis. To play safe, I am only wearing SHiseido tinted moisturizer in shade 1 ( not a perfect shade, but acceptable somehow). it is super light, and shade 2 turns out really dark on my skin. I first purchase shade 2 without realizing too dark until my brother told me : hey, sis, your face looks so dirty.     Thanks in advance,     Yen
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What are some good makeup to have for beginners for work; I am in the professional phase of college and it is a business dress code. We can dress down from business but it is not enough to be called business casual. I bought a liquid foundation which I rarely use and I also have a bare minerals powder which I use more often. I have one blush from tarte called captivating, stila eyeliner and a smashbox full exposure palette. I am looking for a few makeup must haves for fall/winter or just in general to upgrade my make up a bit.
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Hi, my mom is 52 years old, and she is an Asian, dry skin type, her skin is still firm, but with winkles. She has been used Estee Lauder for several years, but she wants to change another one. I am thinking  Algenist, but should I buy her firming & lifting, anti-aging, or reconstructing? Which collection is for women who over 50, and has lines and wrinkle problem?   thanks ! !!
I was going to buy the sephora collection eyeliner in flirting game but it irritated my eyes, and I had fallout on my face. i know UD mushroom is similar. Any other suggestions in this color?
Has anyone bought this? I'm thinking of grabbing it.
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Hello there, if my iQ color for Lancôme TEINT MIRACLE is 4W.  What would my color be for Yves Saint Laurent LE TEINT TOUCHE ÉCLAT Illuminating Foundation SPF 19? Thanks
if a person has naked 3 and lorac pro 1, would naked 1 or 2 be redundant?
What can I do to make my lips not look dried after a few hours? I am currently using "Sephora Collection: Rouge Cream"    It ends up looking worn off and my lips give off a dried stain look.    I need all the tips I can get!
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I currently wear MUFE HD foundation in 123 and Benefit Big Easy BB in Beige. I'm looking for a color match in the YSL Fusion Ink. I have yellow undertone and the color match in the store said there was no match for me in this foundation. Can you recommend the best color in the foundation for me please?