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Ask The Experts
I'm looking for something that will help with chapped and sore lips.  Don't want anything that is too greasy. But want it to work. Can anyone help?
Ask The Experts
Any recommendations for nice looking foot? My foot aren't bad.  Little bit dry and around my one big toe from squatting at work (chap).
Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been using calamine lotion on my face after I cleanse and tone nightly for about 4 months now. My skin's redness has greatly decreased and it acts like a spot treatment as well. My face is softer, smaller pores, smoother. I got the idea because I had tried Kate Somerville's Eradikate and thought it was too pricey and calamine lotion looks the same lol.   Check it out It's about $9 for a bottle that will last you months. I bought mine in December and still have it. I use about a tsp daily so it will last forever.
How do you curly haired girlies maintain your curls the next day?   I wash and condition my hair and if I leave it down naturally, I get really nice loose crimpy waves. If I leave it down like that without any product then the next day my hair is pretty straight/wavy. Not sure what to use.   I like to use minimum products though and breakout easily
How many of you contour and highlight? Seems like that's all anyone talks about these days. I just recently tried it and didn't really see much of a difference plus I felt gross wearing that much makeup. I prefer just a bb cream and powder once in a while.  
So I have been using aloe vera gel on my face as moisturizer and putting my Maybeline BB cream on top, and then a translucent powder by Marcelle. My makeup stays on all day and it's the right skin tone for me which is SO hard to find being an indian girl. My only problem is my face looks kind of sweaty an hour later despite putting the powder on. I look like I'm wearing ALOT of makeup but I'm not. Any ideas on how to fix this?  
So I have this liquid eyeliner pen by L'oreal which I like because it gives me a wet jet black look and it goes on smoothly. However it always gets in my crease even though I use a paint pot ( primer) beforehand. Any ideas on how to fix that?   Also any recommendations on how to fix your eyeliner when you already have put on your primer and shadow? I have a habit of making one eye too thick and end up having to make them both thick then
So I wear aloe vera gel on my face after I cleanse and tone.The last two times I applied my bb cream on top of it, it started to flake. There were grey eraser shaving like flakes on my face. I wasn't sure if it was because my bb cream was quite old, so I tried a new one, but same thing.   It's weird because it goes on smooth and then as I rub it in my face and blend it ends up flaking grey.   Does that mean the face moisturizer isn't good or should I exfoliate more?
Ask The Experts
I have bad acne on my forehead. but only there i have tried almost every skin care product an none really work. HELP?!
I am making a short trip to Tokyo this summer. While a lot of it will be sight seeing, I most definitely will curve out time for shopping. So I just want to hear everyone's suggestions on things worth picking up!   I am am not looking for foundations, concealors or powder (unless it's absolutely amazing, contemplating on Cle de peau concealor which is cheaper there). No eyeshadows either, maybe a few mascaras, liquid eyeliners, lip products and as many blushes/cheek products as I see fit and most certainly brushes. (I want to get some hakuhodo or chikuhodo, but any other suggestions are totally welcome) I would prefer something that's more accessible.   I recall reading about some products that aren't sold outside of Japan (makeup), and I remember making a note to myself that I should get them when I go but I can't seem to remember. Anyone?   So far (just so we don't duplicate) I have my eyes on -Kate mascara base -Kate cream blush (that comes in a jar) -Jill Stuart blush (just because it's so pretty)  -Majorica majorca mascar   Lastly any tips on good stores, getting around, places to see? Any suggestions are highly appreciated!    Last lastly, any other non-makeup related must buys?    Thanks tons!   
For reference, I'm the shade 117 in MUFE HD, Warm Ivory in Bobbi Brown Skin foundation, and Gobi in Nars Sheer Glow. I want a tad bit lighter conealer so that I can highlight the face when I'm highlighting and contouring. 
My sister swears by glycolic acid aka AHA (from my understanding they are the same). She recommends that ingredient based on the fact it is anti-aging but most importantly that it chemically exfoliates. She is against gritty exfoliants. BUT I live in FLORIDA and am an outdoors kind of girl. I feel I cannot use glycolic acid because even with sunblock I still get burn and get red! I've had to return products for this reason.  What ingredient(s) should I look to as alternatives?
Requirements: -Over 300 hearts and active currently on Beauty Talk -On the positive trades list or positive TSB experience list -Have a bunch of goodies to add to make this a great box! Allowed: ☆ High-End products and items you got from subscription boxes are okay. ☆ All opened items must be labeled ("swatched", "opened", …) ☆ Fragrance if it's in a spray bottle & must be wrapped ☆ Nail polish must be tightly closed & bubble wrapped or in a box ☆ Mascara if it's sealed/ brand new never used ☆ Tools/Brushes/Cases/Bags/Empty Jars as long as they are clean ☆ Anything that is sealed ☆ Skin care items in tubes & bottles Jars only allowed if it's sealed or unopened ☆ Items will be organized in bags by type. Make sure products are wrapped well so they won't leak or break & ruin everything else ☆ Keep non beauty related items to a minimum (please do not overload the box with makeup bags, cases, etc). ☆ every item needs to be inside a plastic bag/ziplock Not Allowed: ☹ Pre-made samples ☹ Taking more than you put in. Keep the Value of items equal ☹ Used items ☹ Swatching items in the box ☹ Keeping the box for more than 3 days. (USPS does home pickup, so no EXCUSES! ) If you are traveling or something comes up, please let us know ASAP so we can move you on the list. Rules (ALSO YOU MUST INCLUDE A TRACKING NUMBER it makes it more fun anticipating your turn) KEEPING THE BOX IS STEALING-Sorry that this has to be said -don't put in anything unsanitary -send your address to the person above you when the list comes out and pm them again shortly before you get the box -replace what you took with something as nice or nicer -NO DRUGSTORE ITEMS- unless you have someone after you that wants them -don't take all of one kind of item, for example, if there are 3 of one perfume, take only 1 so that others will have a chance to try them -post in a picture and/or text what you took and left (picture AND written description preferred) -package things carefully and put things in ziplock bags -have fun, try some things you haven't tried before NO LIPSTICKS! It's summer and they can melt in the heat while being mailed! Lip glosses and Lip stains are OK! ☆ NO RESERVE ☆ ☆ No Swatching items from the box ☆ UNLESS sealed NOTHING THAT CAN'T BE CLEANED or SANITIZED Do NOT ship the box until we have seen what you put in and took out.  Must post a photo of both things put in and our of the box. If you take out a palette, must put palette in. everyone loves palettes! Please message the person before you on list with your name and address if you are apart of the box! Please PM me if you meet these requirements and want to be in my TSB!   1 2 3 4 5 Vanillammm 6 7 8  Hackneyfl 9 10 11 12 13 14 15   here are a few items going in the box:  
Here is my current hair     sorry its flipped !   I kinda wanna dye it to this color     I also want to grow out my bangs which makes me liek this photo even more. I also have naturally brownish hair so itll be easier upkeep than the red.   OR I was thinking of going even LIGHTER! to this old color I used to have (Please ignore my tiny eyebrows haha! glad they grew back. Also ignore my irish 'tan' haha! it was the summer.)     Help?!
Can someone tell her that these tips are probably not safe for the skin? I mean who puts Preparation H around their eyes?! That's something that I've never heard of. 
Hi everyone I'm looking for a medium coverage foundation with a dewy finish that's long lasting, I've tried NARS Sheer Glow, and Giorgio armani luminous silk, and nars didn't last, and Armani isn't that dewy. I have combo skin so I need it to hold up in oily t zone. Thanks for any advice!!
I got this dress as my Easter dress, what kind of hair do and makeup would look best? 
KGD samples.jpg
I have heard many great things about the KGD foundations.  The only drawback is that none of the Sephora locations near me (Canada) carry this brand.  I didn't want to purchase without testing for compatibility, shade, etc.  So I wrote to KGD and they were nice enough to mail some samples of their Moisture Foundation, Aqua Foundation, (in 5 shades) and some skin care samples to address my dry, acne prone skin.  They delivered beyond my expectations.  I was only looking to find my foundation shade.  But ended up receiving a bunch of samples to help with my skin issues as well.  I'm truly happy with all the skin care samples I get to try out tonight.   I may have to break my no-buy commitment          
I feel like every styling product recommends applying to wet/towel-dried hair. Occasionally some say "or dry" as well, but for the most part, it seems like most products are recommended for wet hair.   Has anybody used any styling products that they have had good experiences with when applying to dry hair?   (Obviously not including hair sprays or dry shampoos.)
Beauty Confessions
Ahhhhhh!  I have just been going nuts with the makeup purchases since January! I have literally been buying up stuff as I see and want it!  I read a suggest that to cut back a bit I should go through a No-buy period unless it's a necessity.  How long should a no-buy be? I was thinking a month but am scared a palette will come out I really want, lol. I'm a bit weak. i think I need a little support with this one!  This isn't going to include the palettes I have coming in the mail. I just am not allowed to make anymore purchases starting today for ??????.  
This mascara seems to get overlooked, so I wanted to give it a shout out. I am not a fan of curling my lashes at all. and this mascara does it for me. A cast mate told me she used it, and it curled her lashes. And of course I was skeptical. I tried it, and it yes it does! I don't use an eyelash curler anymore. And my lashes look thick and long. Now I've been a Benefit's Yes They're Real girl for a while, but this beats it.    
so after swatting urban decay's newest pen liner i was super excited!!  The felt tip is perfect and the liner is SUPER black.  after having it for about  days & using it maybe 3 times......THE LINER DRIED OUT!   I could not believe this!! It was perfect while it lasted =/ better than my HG Stila pen liner.  Im so upset by it.  i did take it back.  It gave the perfect wing liner too =(
Ask The Experts
I am 65, use very little mineral makeup. I have very fair skin. What blush/bronzer do you recommend so I don't look chalky.
My face is really prone to breaking out in whiteheads and nothing will clear them up. I need some suggestions on new face wash and spot treatments. I am currently using Simple face wash and lotion. My skin is oily and sensitive. 
Ask The Experts
I was recently allergy tested at my allergy dr.  They did the patch test (true test) where they put the patches on your back.  I tested positive for parabens, fragrances & balsam of peru.  Those things are in practically everything!!  Luckily I'm not terribly symptomatic.  I was mainly wanting to find out what face skincare/cosmetics ingredients I may be allergic to, since I've been keeping a log of potential problem ingredients.  My skin is acne prone and sensitive.  It has a tendency to get red and irritated looking (which I thought was just due to acne, but now know that allergies may be playing a role too).    I don't really use skin lotions (aside from sunscreen), body butters, etc.  I'll wear fragrances/perfumes every so often, and haven't noticed any reactions.  I use hand cream somewhat frequently and every so often I'll get a rash, but it isn't too often.    My question is, how closely should I adhere to not using products with parabens, fragrances, & balsam of peru??  I'm thinking I should just avoid certain products if I notice a reaction on my body.  But for my face, maybe I should completely avoid those ingredients?    What about shampoos & hair products?  My scalp doesn't really get itchy, but I do tend to notice my hair falls out pretty easily.  Could that be due to an allergic reaction?  Isn't fragrance in almost all high-quality shampoos??   Any help is appreciated!  Thank you!
i am having a bad hair losss. how can i stop it?
Last night I went and got highlights because I'm beginning my transition back to blonde from red. Well, some of the highlights were overprocessed. I have a lot of hair and was getting a full head of foils so she used a lower volume developer on the bottom and a higher volume on the top. Well, it looks like the higher volume developed faster than we thought it would and overprocessed my hair. Some of the hair that was highlighted was falling out or breaking off. I'm trying not to freak out since my hair isn't falling out at the roots and it's not ALL the highlights. Thank god I have a crap ton of hair and it isn't noticable.   However, I now need a REALLY good moisturizing shampoo/conditioner. I normally use Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree line but I want to get something that is extremely moisturizing because of the damage. Can anyone recommend something? I don't mind having to buy high end products like Pureology, Redkin, etc.   Also, if you know of any good leave-in conditioners/treatments for damaged hair I'll take those too. Thanks!!
  I feel like I should add that BuzzFeed aims to entertain. This video is for pure laughter.