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I just received my new Sugarpill palette that I got as an Xmas gift to myself, only to see that one of the shadows was broken. Should I contact Sugarpill about this or should I just suck it up and try to press it back together myself?
I have all the other stuff but i do lack on eye shadow palettes. I am thinking of giving myself a christmas gift and can anyone suggest which one is great for a beginner to try and learn? - Too Faced Chocolate Bar or UD NAKED 2?   My skintone is Medium with yellow undertones (3Y09 in sephora color iq) but I do have darkness on the top part of my eyelids. So I am wondering if i could use some eyeshadow  to cover them when I go out?
Recommendations for a super moisturizing body wash and a after shower body oil (that doesnt leave me feeling greasy)?   Showers zap my skin of moisture. I have tried several drug store brands and havent found the perfect products yet.  I am willing to try some mid-range/non-drugstore brands.  Any suggestions?
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I received a Rouge Infusion Lip Stain as a 100 point perk and am really liking it.  Anyone have swatches to share?  I am thinking about ordering a few full size versions.
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When do you start wrapping Christmas presents? This year, surprisingly, my boyfriend has been super speedy and proactive. I have wrapped nothing and everything is sitting in a pile on my dining room table. I have zero motivation and wonder who's in the same boat?
i'm looking for a more matte foundation with a medium-full coverage as i have a really oily t zone with acne/scars that i would want to cover. i've had my eye on a few, so please tell me if you've tried them and have a similar skin type!   Nars Sheer Matte Foundation Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation    and if you had any other suggestions that would be really great!   (also open to primer suggestions)
Beauty Insider
Is there any way I can get points for it? I still have the receipt number
Hi, I hope it is ok to post this here but I have a question about how to spot if something is fake.  I am asking because I really want a Guerlain Meteorites shade that was from 2 years ago and one eyeshadow palette I wanted sold out before I could get them and I have seen some on ebay and amazon and I was just wondering if I take a chance what should I look for?  (I know buyer beware...but it is for myself and I am wanting the palette and I ran out of my meteorites in the shade I loved for years so if it turns out to be fake then it was my bad luck but I am hoping there are some that are legit....I have googled and looked for any info on signs to look for on the palette but I have not found I see that you can get copies from Alibaba already on the palette and I was floored to see how many fake meteorites there were so I am just wanting to make sure they are legit if I can)   1.  Guerlain it true that they are all smooth on the inside of the top of the container? 2.  Lorac Mega Pro Palette - Signs to look for?  QR codes not working?  Alignment off?  Are there fakes that are really close to original? 
Natural & Organic Skincare
I'm 19 and have dry/occasionally combination skin that can be sensitive. In the past year I have made a conscious shift to products that are naturally based (eg Korres, Ole Henriksen, Josie Maran, Laura Mercier) and free of harsh/damaging chemicals. I really want my makeup to enhance my skin and work as an extension of my skin care, rather than conceal it completely. I am looking for a tinted moisturizer/serum and a liquid or cream blush. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Ask The Experts
  I've heard beige, winter, summer, and autumn. I've heard it all it seems. Please help me! Thank you.
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I use my BI card for every purchase in the stores, (I have about 200) but only points from online purchases show on my online account. Help!
I am looking for a nude lip gloss that is going to go well with my fair-light skin w/ cool undertones. I have White Russian (Buxom) which I love but I am looking for more of a browny nude than a pinky nude, but not too brown. Make sense? Haha. Thanks. 
Hello! My brother wants some shower gel for xmas. I thought I would have lots of options on but it's somewhat limited. Also, I'm not familiar with men's products. Do you guys have a good shower gel to recommend? Or any gift idea for a guy?   Thanks!
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What the heck is this, and how do I get it out??  I assure you, I am not a dust bunny, I have hair on my head, not this stuff!!  So weird, i've never had this happen before?
I would love sephora to bring out a monthly subscription box with all new product samples
Fyi, this might be a little icky, so stop now if you don't want to be grossed out haha.  I'd had this little tiny clogged pore on my chin that had gotten bigger and redder over the past couple weeks.  I went to a dermatologist, and was told all they could do was a chemical peel, which wasn't an option since I don't have $1500 to throw around.  Anyway, around Wednesday/Thursday of this week the red spot turned into this enormous pimple with three whiteheads in it.  I tried to get an emergency derm appointment for Friday since the whitehead was so big and the area was sort of swollen and painful, but they couldn't fit me in.    I've been trying to treat it myself with Benzyol Peroxide and moisturizing the are with spot treatments of Thirsty Mud which has been helping a bit.  I've been being so gentle with my face (I never pick), since I knew that if the whitehead got bumped it could leave a scar.  Well I was babysitting my three year old cousin last night, and he was sitting on my lap watching a movie.  Like a typical child, he all of the sudden got all wriggly and head-butted me in the face, you guessed it, right on the pimple.  It popped and pus and blood came out, and it hurt soooo bad.    I've been putting Neosporin on it as well as continuing with the Benzyol Peroxide, but is there anything else I can do?  Any product recommendations to help it heal and reduce scarring?  It looks awful, and I'm so afraid I'm going to be left with a horrible scar since it got popped before it was ready.
I bought a sealed bottled dreams sample set for a Christmas present.  How long is the voucher valid? It is sealed and can't check it out.
My skin and acne history:  Combination/leaning more towards oily skin. My forehead and nose get oilier than my chin, though. My cheeks are probably oilier than most people with combination skin, however they don't feel half as oily as my T-zone yet still get the most whiteheads! (In both quantity and in size) I already have noticeable icepick scars on both cheeks from when I had horrible acne at age 14-15 and tried drugstore products to Murad to topical creams (clindamycin and retoinoid creams) and finally doxycycline from the dermatologist. After I had to stop taking that, my skin stayed clear save for the ocassional pimple or two. I started taking birth control in May 2013, but stopped this past August. Current **bleep**storm:  Fast forward to my 20th birthday present: random breakout (have not changed a thing about my routine - which I should probably mention I have been and almost always use drugstore products, Clearasil face wash, Neutrogena toner and moisturizer, and was using 100% tea tree oil for spots but that had recently lost it's effectiveness on my skin) Then all of a sudden a random, really bad, angry red breakout that started about 3 weeks ago. Small, but very red pimples on both of my temples/hairline and large, painful pimples mostly on my right cheek. Had an under-the-skin-er on my chin and a lot of small whiteheads on my chin. I started using Michael Todd True Organics Acne/Oily skin regime on the 4th of this month and my skin has just started to clear up, however I have used KS Eradikate twice this week and have been drinking a lot more water. My hypochondriatic questions:   Number 1 suspicion on my breakout: happened right after the end of being 4 months birth control free. Maybe it took that long for my body to complete rid itself the false hormones from the BC and this is how my skin truly is? Number 2 suspicion is I used the charcoal mask (2 times) and kaolin clay mask (3 times) all in one week in a feeble attempt to attack my breakout, which I now know could have been the reason why it didn't make my face any clearer. (Something about how it can pull up all impurities and your face gets worse before it gets better?) then got a new breakout on my cheek a little over a week ago. I haven't used the mask or scrub in 6 days. Number 3 suspicion is I just haven't given the regime enough time to work yet.   I did get fed up after leaving enorgmous white heads alone with just cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizor  for awhile without seeing any improvement and I popped them last week (I know I shouldn't have urgh!) now I've been using Clinique's spot treatment (salicilyic acid) on all pimples and used Eradikate twice. The weird looking pimples on my forehead/hairline area have faded away, but the still red remains (one even is a flat bump) on my cheeks. I'm in fear or gaining fresh acne scars and want to know if I should keep giving this regime a chance to work..angry at myself for believing the hype of MTTO after realizing how much advertisement from youtubers and reviews they sponsor. Sorry for the lengthy post, you have a special place in my heart for actually reading all of it. Will probably post a picture for some advice about what kind of pimples I have (I have been reading the posts here and was happy to find most of you are more knowledgable than dermatologists I've been to!) Thank you!
Ask The Experts
My fresh rosewater mist arrived and doesn't have a cap! I want to carry a facial mist in my purse so it needs a cap! Does anyone have any suggestions?
Hey guys, I'm new to this whole eyeshadow palette thing but I want one thats like really go to, so I'm having a hard time choosing between the  Too faced Chocolate bar or Vice 3? Know they're completely different but I those are my options lol
Ask The Experts
Any suggestions for great brush for applying compact face powder?  I only need light coverage.  (I don't prefer Sephora brushes because that ones I bought shed a lot).  Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.
Ask The Experts
okay so I bought my naked 2 palette about a week ago and i'm kinda new to eyeshadow so please don't judge me if this question is really dumb haha.  but there is something weird about the pigmentation in my palette, because some of the colours aren't as pigmented as I thought they would be. for example, verve hardly shows up even when i swatch it with my finger. however, i went to sephora and swatched their palette really lightly on verve and it was REALLY pigmented.  does it get more pigmented as you use it more because of the layers? or does it have to do with something else (like how many people touched it etc.)? or is mine just defected... this is actually really worrying so please help! 
I just saw the new perfume which I love! How ever I am trying to avoid particular ingredients such as Petroleum. Does anyone know the ingredients? The page does not have it posted which is a bummer.
So I am "one lipstick" away from Rouge, and I need a lipliner anyway, so I headed to Sephora rather than going to MAC.  Then I figured if I was spending $20ish on a liner, I may as well get a lipstick.  I must have swatched every berry lipstick in the store.   And I left...with nothing... The colors were too red, too pink, too bright, too dark.   Could not find my perfect color.  I really don't have THAT much makeup that I can't find anything to buy?  I have a small stash compared to many of you.  But I have everything I need/want.  
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Brush? Finger? Sponge? I have Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer. I want a natural look. I don't want to overdue it. Thanks ladies.  Sorry for the typo *How
Origins used to make and has discontinued a line of lipstick called rain and shine.  It was sheer color and had an spf rating  of 15.  Can anyone suggest a replacement?
Hello everyone   I am really hoping that the BT community will be able to help me find a dupe for NYX Flamingo. I love the shade, but unfortunately it is quite powdery (borderline chalky) which makes it hard to use. I am looking for a dupe, preferably in a form of a single eyeshadow and not a palette. Here are some swatches: I would describe it as a light pinky-mauve with a golden (almost) duochrome. It looks more golden when applied over an eyeshadow base (top picture, right-most swatch), otherwise it's pretty sheer. I've seen people comparing it to MAC Rose pigment, but Flamingo is nowhere near that pink (and I'd rather not bother with pigments tbh). Do you have any other suggestions that I should check out? Drugstore or high end, anything is fair game
Ask The Experts
Hi.   I have been washing my face with a new face wash that has dried out my under eyes a lot. I will stop using it by my eyes... in the mean while, the delicate skin under my eyes has begun flaking. I need to figure out a fix ASAP.    Right now I have the following: Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm C linique A ll A bout E yes Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye ...and while they are all good products for normal hydration needs, they are not doing the job for my current situation.   In the past I have had good luck with Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream but it does contain parabens and I am trying to phase them out. I just returned the Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Eye Cream because it totally irritated my skin (and may have actually been the true culprit for my current problem).    So, what are your paraben-free, extreme hydration eye cream recommendations?   TIA!!