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Foundation for SUPER dry skin
My skin is extremely dry and flaky. I live in Arizona so it doesn't seem to matter how much water I drink or how much moisturizer I use--it never gets better. I use Elizabeth Arden's 8-hour cream as an overnight mask and that does my face the most good, but it's still extremely dry. I also use coconut oil, evening primrose oil, and castor oil as moisturizers, which are somewhat helpful. My problem is in finding a foundation that won't dry me out further. I have rosacea and very pale skin so I need medium/full coverage, and I'm almost always the lightest shade that almost any brand offers for their foundations. I've tried liquid and powder foundations and while mineral powder generally works better, either option still leaves me with patchy foundation by the end of the day. My skin looks like the desert floor. Does anyone know of a foundation that would work with my skin issues?   And, even though this isn't in the right category, extra points if someone can recommend a good, heavy-duty moisturizer (or several). Thanks!!
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BEAUTY BUFF lapetitesauvage / BEAUTY BUFF BEAUTY BUFF / replied
Ps: These are the 2 heaviest moisturizers I have found effective for my severely dry skin :   #1: Paula's Choice Clinical Ultra Rich Moisturizer (my Holy Grail!)    ... see post
I recently heard from a friend that Girlacktic was (or has, she didnt specify time and she told me a while ago) coming to Canada and would be sold at sephora, has anyone heard this? Does anyone know if its true or know when and if it is coming to sephoras in Canada?  Holding its true and not hear say but ya never know ay?
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Best Skincare Products for getting Rid of Acne?
I used to have really good skin. I would only get like two pimples. Then my girlfriend broke up with me, and everything started falling apart. I've been extremely stressed. I got over ten pimples in one day. I've never felt so bad about my appearance. Foundation recommendations would be nice as well. I recently bought a really great foundation, but it is sheer and that was what I needed before but now I need something that will cover up all my pimples. Nothing too expensive. My health has been keeping me from working regularly so now I have to be much more careful with spending my money. Thanks in advance,
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HALL OF FAMER kssweetheart / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I'm so sorry that you're having such hard times. :(The break up is bad enough, but battling an illness on top of that......that's rough. My heart goes out to you.   I ... see post
TOO FACED Peanut Butter and Jelly
Hello!   When is Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly coming to Sephora Canada?   Thank you!
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Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly
Hello Sephora,    I am from Calgary, AB, Canada, and I just want to ask on when is Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly coming to Sephora Canada?   Please advise.    Thank you,
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How can I add points from my in store purchase to my beauty insider?
I forgot to give my beauty insider card when I made purchases in store..
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Kir Royale Bite Lipstick
I was looking to buy the Kir Royale in the liquid lip creme but I can't find it online. I saw that its still in the Creme Lipstick but not the liquid. Was it a limited edition and gone forever?!
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Airbrush question
Hi there! I just had my trial with my MUA for my wedding. He used airbrushed my foundation and I'm not in love with the coverage. I think I'm used to a thicker texture for full coverage. Can I have him use a thin layer of my normal long-wearing foundation (pür liquid) underneath a layer of the airbrush? Will this give me a more full coverage look with an airbrush finish?
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Airbrush question!
Hi there! I just had my trial with my MUA for my wedding. He used airbrushed my foundation and I'm not in love with the coverage. I think I'm used to a thicker texture for full coverage. Can I have him use my normal long-wearing foundation (pür liquid) underneath a layer of the airbrush? Will this give me a more full coverage look with an airbrush finish?
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ccl77 / NEWCOMER / replied
Thanks! I used that years ago and remember liking it a lot.    I do feel silly getting a foundation like that when I've already hired a MUA with a full airbrush set!  see post
GlamGlow Supercleanse
So I've been using glamglow Supercleanse which I love but I want to try something new. My skin gets used to a product very fast. I have sensitive acne prone skin. Any suggestions?
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Hey itisha, I love, love, love Supercleanse! I have the exact same skin concerns that you do, as well as eczema prone and sensitivity to sulfates and to harsh artificia... see post
ISO a long-lasting pressed powder
I have trouble with acne scars and cant seem to find a pressed powder that stays. Does anyone have any suggestions for a powder that stays all day?
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Medium Coverage Foundation Similar to LM Tinted Moisturizer?
I recently tried Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer and loved the radiance, but found the coverage a little too light. Is there a liquid foundation (or BB/CC cream) that gives the radiance and lightweight feel of LM's tinted moisturizer, but with a little more coverage?   (For reference, I use Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation in Light, and used LM's tinted moisturizer in Cameo)
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conceal... don't feel...
Okay, so I've had a nice breakout along my chin, and I'm really struggling to hide it. I've never mastered concealing pimples, so I'd really appreciate some help. Any tips would be appreciated, and also some product recommendations. I'm 1Y01 for color purposes, and I use KVD's foundation in Light 42, so finding a concealer that's light enough has also been a bit of a struggle.    I have a green concealer stick, and I've tried using it, but I apparently have no idea what I'm doing because it doesn't work. My breakout is pretty inflamed though, so any tips on how to counteract that is also appreciated. Thanks!
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That's how I did it this morning, and it didn't do much. It may be the concealer itself though. It's something I randomly picked up at Walgreens because I saw it and tho... see post
Desperately Seeking Night Cream!
Hey All!!  Hope everyone who's into football is excited about  kick off, in this exciting Super Bowl 50!!     So, I'm just over 40 with normal/dry skin. I've been blessed with intermittent hormonal acne in the past few years, which was kind enough to leave behind some bumps and scars.In the past several months I have  begun obsessing about my laugh lines and the creases  on my forehead.   I've now spent so much $$ on anti aging skin care products it's scary. I'd love help with anything anti aging and/or scar healing, but what I  desperately NEED to find is a really good night cream. I need something hydrating that I can put over my acne cream. I already use SR Luna and l'occitane's Divine Youth oils, and I love them,but I need a cream that I can wear over them once the oils have absorbed.      Any suggestions and/or advice is much appreciated!!
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Thanks so much, Janean. I've actually been looking at the Murad one. There's just soooo many night creams out there, it's almost impossible to decide on just one. I swea... see post
Q. NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint
I was interested in trying the new NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint, but am not sure which shade would match as the product doesn't even come up on my Color IQ.  In the YSL Radiance Awakening Foundation I'm a BR20.  What shade would you recommend??
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A. Your best bet is probably Groenland, like Kate says. It's a light-but-not-pale shade with pinker undertones. NARS leans very yellow though, and there's a big jump in dar... see post
YSL Touche Eclat Reformula AKA Now What Do I Do?
...other than throw myself off a bridge. I mean seriously this was my holy grail foundation. There hasn't been anything else like it on the market. So, I need a little help here before I go back to the store.    What I need advice on is for a foundation that will give me the same type of coverage, hydration, and staying power. I have Rosacea and dry, sensitive skin. Clearly, price doesn't impact my decision here in any way.    Thanks for the advice! Signed, Foundationless in Oakland
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Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick Shades
I got one of the two sided Bite Beauty lipsticks from Sephora a couple of years ago.  I got the shades Fig and Date and LOVE Date.  I noticed that Bite isn't making that shade anymore but I'm running low on it and am looking for something to replace it. What shade do you recommend that is similar enough to replace it? I'd prefer to replace it with another Bite lipstick, but if anyone has recommendations that are similar in shade and texture, I'm open to anything!
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There's a new line coming out at the end of this month. Bite Amuse Bouche. I swatched a couple of the colors against Date. Top: Meringue Middle: Honeycomb Bottom:... see post
Q. Shade equivalent of MUFE aquabrow in Anastasia dipbrow
Whats the shade equivalent of Makeup forever aquabrow in #15 blonde and #25 ash in Anastasia dipbrow pomade???
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A. I use #10 in MUFE and Taupe in Anastasia.  I used the #10 before the Taupe was available.  Either one is still a good color for me (pasty white, neutral undertones, blon... see post
Cakey Foundation; need help!
Hi All- So I've been blessed with both combination skin, usually oily and sometimes dry... I have acne, though with maintenance it's gotten a lot better.    For the life of me, however, I can't apply foundation in a non-cakey way. It all sort of gets that slightly-congealed above the skin look. The only time it doesn't is sometimes with BB cream. Here's what I have used/tried/etc: Used various primers, used no primer. Different amounts of primers. (i.e. lighter and heavier uses) Moisturized before primer/not moisturized before Tried 4 different foundations: Revlon, Cover FX, ELF, Smashbox Used different application methods: fingers, kabuki brush, "foundation" brush, stipple brush, beauty blender (both wet and dry) Put foundation on back of my hand to warm up, even heated it with blow dryer, put it on straight from tube Only applied very small amounts over problem areas/applied over entire face for coverage I always wait for everything to set. As far as I can tell, I have tried all the things correctly... But before I even get to setting it, it's slightly cakey.    I'm not overapplying, I know a little goes a long way... I just can't understand why it isn't working.   Help, please!?  
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I'll try this! Would you recommend any particular moisturizers, and are you suggesting I use primer beforehand or no? Also, wet or dry beauty blender?   Thanks, and s... see post
Kat Von D liquid foundation...need a pressed powder!
Hi there, I just bought the Kat von d liquid foundation...what pressed powder would be a good choice?:-)
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I always wear the MUFE HD Pressed Powder over it :) see post
Highlighter for fair skin
i am looking to buy a highlighter for my future sister in laws birthday- currently I love becca opal but her skin is more fair so I think it may be too dark.... I was eyeing up the travel size liquid moonstone for her instead, any other ideas?!? Thanks! 
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srgntfox / RISING STAR / replied
I'm fair as well and Champagne Pop from Becca is my absolute fave! Makes me glow! see post
Hi, I was wondering if anyone in Canada has ordered any products from Dose of colors and knows if they charge you extra fees at your front door, I had a bad experience with unpronounced door fees with ABH before and don't want to go through it again(its ridiculous that if u buy from ABH in Canada the shipping is already like $30 cad and then they charged me $25 at my door😡😡). I'd really like to  get my paws on some of Dose of Colors products And would really like to know your experiences  purchasing from them, plsss I'm dying over herrrer 😰😰😰😰   
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chopsu / NEWCOMER / replied
I know its not the company, I just would prefer to not have to pay any extra fees except shipling. HA home girl over here ain't got that kinda moneyyyyy, ya know what I ... see post
Having trouble finding the right foundation
Hi,   I have oily, acne-prone skin, with an olive/neutral undertone (i think). I also have acne scars on my cheeks and a little bit on my forehead as well. I have tried a few foundations but none of them seem to be the "one." I am currently using the Becca primer and I use the MakeUp Forever HD powder to set.   I previously had Clinique Stay-matte oil free foundation in 20: Deep natural....It seemed to work fine but I recently noticed the foundation oxidizing, or it could have been that the shade was too dark for me, it looked too orange. So i decided to try out a new foundation (although I may go back to this one if I don't find a better one).   In between I tried Born this Way (Honey-color was good), Make-up forever cream stick, Becca ever-matte...but my skin looked too oily with all of these.   I also tried NARS all day luminous weightless foundation in Barcelona. I loved how this foundation looked; the shade was perfect, felt great on my skin. However, I noticed dry patches and the foundation sat on top of my skin after a couple hours (oxidizing as well-seems to be a big problem for me). I really wish this foundation worked for me but sadly it didn't.   So I am now looking for another one. Any suggestions?  
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Hi ls07,   First of all, if you found that Barcelona was the perfect shade for you, then Deep Natural definitely would have been too dark, it's about 4 shades darker... see post
I'm in the shade NW10 in the MAC studio fix fluid and am looking to buy the Tarte 12 hr foundation but have no idea which shade would suit me best seeing as there are quite a few shades that fall under the light skinned category!!
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BEAUTY GURU xmychanelscalpel / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / replied
If you're that fair, I don't think any of the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundations will work for you. The lightest in store was too dark to me and I'm an NC 15 see post
cake face tragety..
I have been having the worst of luck with my face you guys. I CANNOT figure out why my foundation AND concealer cake up on my RIGHT AWAY. I moisturize, exfoliate, prime, I use a damp beauty blender to apply both my foundation and blend out my concealer, and set with Kat Von D shade light palette. I have used a wide variety of foundations for both dry skin and for oily skin (I am dry to normal) and just cant figure it out. Some one please help!!
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Could it be the primer you use? For instance: my sister loves the smashbox primer, but whenever I use it my foundation starts to ball up and look cakey. So it could be a... see post
My foundation always looks cakey.
I have very dry, sensitive and flaky skin. Every time I put on foundation it looks cakey, sticks to my dry skin or doesn't blend into my skin. I wash my face, use moisturizer and a primer but still does it. Anyone recommend maybe a good moisturizer, foundation and primer? Or maybe I'm not apply it right?
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Nicole,   Since you have said that your skin is dry and flaky, dehydration might be a big part of the foundation looking cakey.  You need to get rid of the dry skin, a... see post
What is the best foundation for very fair skintone with light pink undertones? Need medium coverage and have dry skin.
Depending on how dry your skin is, I've been really have with Chanel's Perfrction Luminere in 012 which is the lightest shade with a slight pink undertone. I also have l... see post
What is a similar fragrance to Marc Jacobs Decadence?
Decadence is my new HG perfume, unfortunately I don't think I've smelt anything like it. see post
Makeup Forever HD cream blush most similar to Josie Maran Berry Bliss coconut glee
I'm currently using Josie Moran coconut gelee blush for daywear, but want to but Makeup Forever HD cream blush to wear to a wedding because of its staying power.  Can anyone recommend the Makeup Forever color that is closest to Josie Maran's "Berry Bliss"?   Have narrowed it to number 310 (Rosewood) and 510 (Raspberry).  
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No problem!  I hope the color match works out.  Ooo, 410 is on my list of things to buy (as if I needed another blush) - I had a sample of it once and really enjoyed it.... see post
Morphe Brushes Monthly Brush Club!??
Hi All!     I was looking at getting some new brushes and was looking between Morphe and Sigma for a new foundation brush and I came across that liveglam is starting a Morphe Brush subscription box service that is just for brushes. What do you guys think about it? I don't know if it's really worth it as I don't know too much about Morphe (I was leaning toward Sigma) and if it's worth $20 a month. But I need a overhaul on my brushes as they are getting a little ...shabby and I "want" some new pretties     (any rec. for brushes though for dry skin, using MUFE HD in 120, YSL touche eclat primer, Diorsnow fresh creme global transparency and Besame brightening (for reddness that seems to always peek through)    Cheers      
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I was thinking about signing up but then I was reading several people posting that their brushes arrived broken or that the brushes shed very badly during washing and us... see post