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I love Philosophy's Amazing Grace line and it's my usual go-to on a daily basis. My last order from Sephora came with a sample of Marc Jacob's Daisy and I loved it! The only problem with both of these scents is the lasting power....there is none. Can someone please suggest a Spring/Summer scent that smells good AND lasts for longer than an hour or two?? I don't want a perfume that is too "young" as I'm 39 and don't want to smell like a teen. Any help would be great! Thanks so much!
Beauty Confessions
What makeup is everyone wearing today?   Today I am wearing:   1. Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Champagne 2. Benefit Coralista blush 3. TheBalm Mary-Loumanizer 4. Dior Creme de Rose Lipbalm 5. Dior Addict Lipstick in 454 6. Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in RSVP   and under all this I am wearing Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid Sunblock SPF 50   So c'mon now...confess!
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So I know there are many issues with Sephoras customer support lately, and so it wanted to share my positive story today. there is hope!   so I went to Sephora today, and had an amazing time. Everyone was helpful, kind, smiley, and totally willing to give samples without even requesting them. I even had one lady find me later on to give me a few more samples she thought I'd like!    I hit Rouge today (big spenda lol) and they even gave me the Rouge chic week gift and a few more samples. Got a free makeover and the girl was actually good at what she did, and even got me samples of what she used and wrote it all down for me.   on top of that, I emailed Sephora customer support yesterday to adjust my points since I'm Canadian, and they responded super fast and did all my adjustments on my online orders going all the way back to December.   gotta say, it looks like I've dealt with some pretty awesome Sephora staff this weekend!
The 15% off at Sephora is still going on, as well as great promos at a couple other places. I'm trying SO hard not to break my wallet so I'll live vivaciously through y'all's hauls until end of the month.  If you are an April baby, don't forget to take advantage of the numerous b-day offerings everywhere(sometimes it take a few days after signing up to get the offer): thday-Gifts-and-Promos-from-Cosmetic-Companies/m-p ...   And of course, before you place an order, don't forget to check the current perks and promo threads that will rob you of all your points and will power: odes-8-The-quot-I-hope-I-don-t-get-into-trouble/td ... -100-Point-Perks/td-p/869671 -250-500-and-Male-Point-Perks/td-p/869679   And ebates or whatever rebate website you are using. So what did you get this month?  
Have you seen today's article on Kim Kardashian in Paris wearing 'very little makeup'? I saw it and thought, I can name six products she's using right now, that is not very little makeup.
So I recently purchased Urban Decays Electric palette. The colors are so gorgeous and oh so pigmented! I've been playing a lot with it and end up looking pretty comical at times with some of the rainbow looks I've come up with.  I can't seem to accept wearing less than four shades at a time! Lol! Has anyone got any pictures of multiple color looks that aren't too over the top? Or do I have to accept using two or three shades? 
What are your favorite Sephora items that you add to qualify for free shipping? For simplicity's sake, we'll say items that are $12 or less.
Beauty Confessions
Does anybody else look at makeup not only as a hobby, but as a distraction? I find it as an escape sometimes. I'm in a long distance relationship, go to school, and work full time. Makeup is a way for me to numb and distract myself. Anyone else feel this way about makeup? 
Face Q&A
Okay, so I changed my mind!  I  need an Hourglass blush...  I am only allowing myself to purchase  one however, and I can't make up my mind!   I've narrowed it down to two colors... Diffused Heat and Radiant Magenta.  I originally had my heart set on Diffused Heat, but then I saw swatches of Radiant Magnta -- and it isn't as in-your-face bright pink as I thought!  And now I'm wondering if Diffused Heat would turn orangey on my warm skintone.   I have light-medium skin with yellow undertones (my current foundation of choice is 2Y06 in Sephora's Color IQ).  Which of these two shades would be more suitable for my skintone?
I have some questions about them and I read the reviews and they say  they don't last long enough. Matte or Metallic? Do I have to use the primer? Which colors look best on pale skin? SHOULD I GET THESE?
Ask The Experts
I just discovered that greige eyeshadows compliment my green eyes and auburn hair light skin !  DESPERATELY seeking help in putting combos together, please include brands and shade names because i absolutely suck at putting looks together !  Ty to all who reply !
I've seen women who can wear a full face of make up while working out - foundation, eyeliner, everything! I wouldn't wear any myself, because I frankly sweat like a pig and looking pretty/decent/presentable/human is probably the last thing on my mind, but I do marvel the ladies who can look so put together even when they're running or doing reps.   I'm really curious how their makeup stays put. I can barely get my eyeliner to stay even when I'm not exercising and not end up with raccoon eyes! :/ (I'm a totally new makeup noob, btw....)   Any workout goddesses want to share their secrets?
Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 12.08.44 PM.png
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  Just got this email from Sephora. I have a feeling that supplies will go fast. CODE: PEARLS    Enjoy!
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Who is with me?! The rules are as follows …   Must post a screenshot weekly showing you haven’t made any purchased ;-) (this will serve to keep me honest) Will not be swayed by cute little promos, perks or samples. Will not click the ‘Just Arrived’ link. Will not perform search for ‘sephora favorites’ Will not post any promo codes in thread. Will NOT allow outside ‘enables’ entice you to purchase! Even though a product that is on your ‘love’ list but has been sold out, comes back in stock you WILL NOT buy!!! Set a NO-BUY time frame (THIS IS NOT FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR, you pick what would work best for you!).  
Ask The Experts
Hey girls,   So I am running low on the foil packet samples of the Amore Pacific Natural Protector sunscreen. I had got them as part of my skincare routine and I have found that they don't carry it in Canada. I don't honestly want to purchase it online and would like to consider a sunscreen option that is a dupe of this ?. The price is also a bit much as well but it's not the biggest deal. What I love the most about it is that it helps control oil/sweat although I do hear it can oxidize foundation/tinted moisturizer.   So if anyone knows of a dupe option for this product that can be found in Canadian stores please let me know. 
Ask The Experts
I'm 31 and looking for recommendation for a skin care line/regimen. I have fine lines in my forehead and enlarged pores in my nose and chin areas.
KGD samples.jpg
I have heard many great things about the KGD foundations.  The only drawback is that none of the Sephora locations near me (Canada) carry this brand.  I didn't want to purchase without testing for compatibility, shade, etc.  So I wrote to KGD and they were nice enough to mail some samples of their Moisture Foundation, Aqua Foundation, (in 5 shades) and some skin care samples to address my dry, acne prone skin.  They delivered beyond my expectations.  I was only looking to find my foundation shade.  But ended up receiving a bunch of samples to help with my skin issues as well.  I'm truly happy with all the skin care samples I get to try out tonight.   I may have to break my no-buy commitment          
I have a red dress in the shade of red in the picture. I have a red lipstick, but I'm open to other good looking colors. Also, any tips on my eyes and cheeks, or overall face would be appreciated. BTW, I'm going for a Valentine's day look.
Beauty Insider
I'm just curious is anyone knows how many oz the OLE HENRIKSEN Lemon Strip Flash Peel deluxe sample is? Thanks
OMG I just saw on Beautezine's IG account a picture of this beauty! It's soooo pretty, like too pretty to use. It's available April 14th   (Pics are from ommorphiabeautybar)              
I have been using Clinique's Brush on Cream Liner and I love it, it is so easy to use, but sometimes it can be hit or miss on the staying power. What do you guys recommend for one that is long wearing and easy to use?
Has anyone bought something on Sephora's online website and opened it and it actually looked like someone had touched it? I recently bought the Chocolate Bar palette online because it has been sold out in the stores near me, and when I got it I opened it and it looked, to me, like someone may have already touched a few of the shades? Is that possible? Or am I just going crazy? Thank you!
New HSN customers can get the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette w/ a full-sized Shadow Insurance Primer for $29 with coupon code 20NEWSPRING (and free shipping!). Just bought mine (although I really only wanted the palette) might be worth it to have a friend sign up and order it on your behalf since it's a smokin' deal. That's almost 30% off. (Shout out to the Nouveau Cheap blog for posting this!)
Ask The Experts
Im looking for any easy application that won't irritate my eyes. I currently use Mac and the base primer irritates my eyes. I need something natural but can make my eyes pop as well for someone in their 40's.   Please advise......
New sets are now LIVE!    Summer Stash : $45 608991   The Leading Man Fragrance Sampler : $55 ampler-for-him-P385796?skuId=1605278   Lashstash To Go : $25 Id=1608983   Now if only they would release the sun safety kit... Hint Hint! 
Ask The Experts
Do you recommend to use components ( cleanser, toner, day and night cream) from the same line in skin care regimen for better synergy of the active ingredients, or do you find more typical to mix it up to better customize and tailor to specific needs? Thank you!
I've used UD naked foundation for over a year now, but I feel it is very hard to take off. I have to wipe my face off before my shower, then I wash my face in the shower and wipe my face off again. I feel like it will lever come off! Is there any short cuts? 
All Other Concerns
Ok, so I may or may not be panicking a little but I was putting on PTR retinol PM serum today and discovered red dots on the dropper. I tried wiping it with a kleenex (sprayed with alcohol to sanitize) and the red dots are INSIDE the dropper and I only use it right after I wash my hand, so I don't think it's from my skin contact? I could be wrong, it could be harmless, but it's pretty noticeable and I'm creeped out. Any ladies using PTR retinol PM? or have any idea what it is? does it have anything to do with retinol??? I just noticed it after I put the serum on. Not happy T.T