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So I'm on the hunt for the perfect everyday mascara! I'm currently using Too Faced Better Than False Lashes and while I absolutely adore it, I'm finding it a bit too much for everyday use and think it's probably better suited for evening/weekend wear.   In the past I've used Benefit's BadGal and They're Real, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl, Lancome's Hypnose Drama and Definicils, Diorshow, and a multitude of drug store mascaras.   I got a sample of Bobbi Brown's Smoky Eye Mascara with my last order and so far I'm absolutely loving it, but was hoping ya'll could throw some other suggestions my way. I'd like something that is lengthening with maybe some volumizing powers as well.
I had Kate Somerville's Eradikate shipped and have applied it once. I read many reviews and know that you're supposed to take a Q-Tip and dip the cotton swab into the pink flecks on the bottom of the bottle and apply to your pimples. The bottle says "do not shake" but of course being shipped it was shaken, and the solution looked light pink and creamy. I gave it a day to settle before applying and the top of the mixture was clear but the bottom was still pink and creamy, I couldn't see any flakes. I applied it anyway (dipped Q-Tip into the pink creamy part and applied - pimples were dried up and less red when I woke up) Just wondering if the product will ever settle and is it just as effective in this consistency? I've had it nearly 3 days and it has stayed the same. Thank you!
I just recieved an order in which I had redeemed the Escada Joyful mini from the DELIGHT promo. Unfortunately the bottle opened during shipment, so all my stuff wreaks of the perfume and my cute mini is almost completely empty. Did this happen to anybody else? So bummed, I love collecting minis, and my other order that included the Carven mini was in perfect shape. Le sigh
I know those of us in the WAYWT keep track of our looks, so which is your favorite look you have done for 2014? Which one would you replicate right now if you could?    
I have read every article on how to treat, shampoo, condition, etc.. bleached platinum blonde hair and am now lost in a sea of products. I have processed my short hair twice in the last 4 or 5 months. While I am lucky that my hair is fairly healthy, it is obvious that the ends of my hair have weakened (I notice tiny white/blonde hairs on my shirt after I blow dry and style). So there is definite breakage going on. I really want Davines products but they have to be ordered online and so on.. Need something pronto before my cool beige hair loses its coolness before Christmas.
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So, I have lots and lots of deluxe samples and foils. Good ones, too (La Mer, Guerlain, Dior...), but my stash is becoming an unmanageable space-hog. I want them out of my house and into the hands of BTers who will use them. I also want to show all of you my gratitude for maintaining such a positive community!   So, I've decided to play BT-Claus, and offer them to all of you-- no strings attached. Not a TSB, not a trade, not even a pay it forward situation (unless you were so inclined, of course). I am giving them away, with postage to either the US or Canada paid by me (sorry, BTers living in the rest of the world).   Here's the deal: I'm going to assemble ten to fifteen boxes full of samples, and from this thread, I'm going to choose random* people to PM for an address. I'll be choosing anytime between now and Sunday (21 December 2014). You should expect to hear from me no later than Sunday evening (say, 7pm EST).  Note: you must be over 18 (sorry, younguns!). I'll ship boxes on Monday, and viola!-- you could be the proud recipient of an unexpected holiday gift!   To avoid confusion, please only post if you are interested in receiving a box, or specify your disinterest within your post. The discussion topic is: what is the best beauty/skincare tip you have been taught, or what beauty/skincare tip would you tell everyone about, if you could?   *As these are my personal items and my own money for postage, I hope it is okay with all of you that I choose how I will decide who receives a box, whether it be by random generator or just by my own whim.   Here are some pics of but a portion of what I'll be giving away!   Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read)
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Okay, we all know there's room for improvement in the features department of BT. So given that none of us actually have the power to change anything, how do you keep track of things? I used to think I was just too much of a newb to understand the ins and outs of BT, but now that I've been here for a while, I realize that nothing has really changed and it still feels like a bit of a clusterF to keep track of responses and comments/mentions intended for a specific user.     Do you subscribe to threads? Do you track responses to your own posts through your list of activity in your profile? Do you just rely on PMs?    What's your method to the madness? 
This beauty guru posted this picture but I dont know what products she used..? any idea?  
I was about to purchase Immaculate Liquid Powder by Hourglass, but decided to try to find something less spendy.  I saw that the two recommended foundations for oily/combination acne-prone skin are this Hourlgass and the Clinique Acne Solutions.  It's too close to Christmas for me to want to go anywhere near a brick-and-mortar store and I love free samples, so I've decided to purchase online.  However, Clinique's shade selection names are VERY far from helpful compared to Hourglass's offerings.  No undertone descriptions, very vague shade descriptions.   My skin is probably somewhere between fair and medium with yellow undertones.  I'm basically a WASP with some Filipina thrown in...I tan very well but I will burn if I'm out long enough, red hair looks great on me, and I gravitate towards silver colored jewelry.  I figured that Nude would work for the Hourglass foundation.  I once purchased Kat Von D's Lock It Foundation in L46 and it was way too pink, so I'm thinking that warm/pink undertones aren't for me.  And I have Almay Clear Complexion in Ivory 100, and that seems too light on me.  So...Does anyone have any experience with the actual undertones and shades that Clinique offers for Acne Solutions?  Especially helpful if you have medium/light skin with yellow undertones.   Sorry for the wordy response...first post here, and although I know things are returnable, it would be great to get it right on the first try.  Thanks!
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i made an in store purchase today the associate told me my current point status....but my purchases do not show in my beauty bag nor were any new points added...please help
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Hi so I'm finally marrying my best friend and father of my kids and I want to look beautiful but it feels like it's taking forever to see big results. I used to have adult acne but have finally gotten in under control over the past year. I have been getting microdermabrasions for the past three months at my dermatologists office and switched it up today to a luminizing chemical peel. The peel is still on (stays on for 6 hours)  but of course I am not seeing too much change my pores seem to be less noticeable but that's it. What other at home peels or treatment serums works well on PIH?
Hello, I got a Luxe Cashemere brush as a gift, but I'm suspecting it could be a fake, cause in the other Clarisonic brushes i own there are a clock icon and a number in the center on the back of the brush, while on this, I can't see any clock symbol and the number is on the outern circle and not in the center. Since this is the first Luxe brush I got, I can't compare it, so can you help me and check out yours?thanks so much
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Always at like 1 AM I get inspiration to do really cool makeup and I wonder if I'm the only one?? Like does anybody else do this too? We should totally get a thread of this going.   I used an old liquid eyeliner for this so the "stitches" on my neck like rubbed off and it's not half as good as some other things I've done but I still thought it was kinda cool idk??
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Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette or It Cosmetics Contour Palette? I can't decide which is better, help??   I am blonde, green hazel eyes, with a light to medium skin tone.  
I'm looking for a really good silicon FREE matte primer and a good liquid foundation for oily skin, with medium coverage (not heavy)  Please get back to me with any suggestions
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I am interested in trying a chemical exfoliant, but am not sure which would be best for me skin.  I have sensitive, acne-prone, combination skin.  Blackheads on my nose are a particular concern of mine.  I really want to find something that will clean out my pores and brighten my skin tone.  I am wary to try a chemical exfoliant because of my sensitivity, but think this is probably the best way to treat my skin outside of a dermatologist.  What would you suggest?  I'm not too concerned about price, as long as it works!
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Hi All, I have ruddy skin and while I can go ahead and use my own redness for blush... I do not want to do that! I use Fusion Ink -- awesome -- which rids me of most of the my ruddiness. I was wondering what color blush and brand would be a fun try for someone who has brown eyes, normally wears dark eyeshadow and liner. I have pinks.. but seriously for the most part...pretty BORING. 
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I just bought the Naked 3 Palette but I need some advice on how to use it?!!
Can anyone tell me where I can buy my husband a new nose? I've recently become interested in fragrance. And although I've picked up a few bottles, and a few samples, one scent stands out as my favorite. E and J's Nirvana White. Unfortunately, my husband isn't a big fan. So far, his favorites are Marc Jacob's Daisy Eau So Fresh and Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb. I have samples of both of those, but I told him he has to be responsible for buying them for me if he really wants me to wear them. I like them both, don't get me wrong. But White is still my favorite.  I also like Pharrell's Girl. And bought the travel size bottle of that. And he likes it okay, but not as much as the others.    *sigh* What am I going to do with this husband of mine?
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I must admit I have always been a lover of great packaging/product display.  Well yesterday at Sephora I happened about the display for the louboutin nail!  just so pretty.  I can't get past the price point at this moment but hey never say never but until then I can just ooohhh and ahhhh over the beauty of this product.  Just had to share the photos in case anyone else loves packaging :-)   Susan
What would be a match for this, if i wear mufe hd in 117 and UD in 2.0? I am wavering between a 1 & 2'   My coworker showed me her 1.0 and it seemed like a good match. I am looking to go and get samples later
Hey beauties, its been a while Ive missed you all so much!   I think im the youngest one one here, but you have all become my BT sisters. I started my first year of high school and its been hectic. I still remember becoming a hall of famer at just thirteen! Anyway, just wanted to show y'all a quick diy lip plumping method, with cinnamon!  All you need to do is apply a little vaseline and cinnamon, rub a dubdub and wait a few mins.  Then wipe off and apply more vaseline or your fave lip balm and there you go!
i'm male , 26, indian. i have short hairs. a little rough & curly. i'm using joseph argan hair oil & serum. i want to know should i change my hair oil or use any other particula hair product to make my hairs a bit sodt & extra shiny
I want to find a matte lipstick similar to kat von d "homegirl" I love the color, but I don't like the coverage. Dark burgundy or wine colors, thanks!
I am currently using clinique even better foundation shade 60. What is the shade that will match this with estee lauder double wear foundation? Thank you.
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I finally found the PERFECT " my lips only better " lip color.... Josie Maran's Limitless Pink (Infinity Lip & Cheek). Only prb, color only stays 30 min b5 reapp needed. What has the same/similar shade of Limitless Pink, but w/a bit of staying power?  I don't know how to describe it, or the undertone, so that info would be great too. I'm opened to whatever has that beautiful shade of pink I need.   Any help is appreciated 
Best skin regime for acne prone, teenage skin? I have combination and also any product recommendations?
Best natural makeup ideas?
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I've noticed over the last week or so, that I'm not receiving any forum notifications. Like when I get a new private message or when  someone posts to thread to which I've subscribed.    Does anyone have any ideas on how to remedy that?