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YSL Touche Eclat Reformula AKA Now What Do I Do?
...other than throw myself off a bridge. I mean seriously this was my holy grail foundation. There hasn't been anything else like it on the market. So, I need a little help here before I go back to the store.    What I need advice on is for a foundation that will give me the same type of coverage, hydration, and staying power. I have Rosacea and dry, sensitive skin. Clearly, price doesn't impact my decision here in any way.    Thanks for the advice! Signed, Foundationless in Oakland
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I'm in the shade NW10 in the MAC studio fix fluid and am looking to buy the Tarte 12 hr foundation but have no idea which shade would suit me best seeing as there are quite a few shades that fall under the light skinned category!!
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i just got kristen stewarts new short hair cut and now i need some advice on how to style it???
i just got kristen stewarts new short hair cut and now i need some advice on how to style it??? I can't find any info or videos on this cut anywhere?!
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Perfect formula powder pink
Will sephora be carrying any more of the full size colors in the salon perfect line. I bought the sampler set and feel in love with the powder pink shade. I would like to get it in the full size. 
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Lip liner for ABH Carina please!
Hi guys, this is my first time posting on beauty talk, and i really need some help! I just recieved my Anastasia Beverly hills liquid lipstick in carina today, and i really wanted to love it! But i find its too bright for me (I'm a neutral or medium in most foundations). I'm wondering if a lip liner would help in any way. Has anyone used a lip liner with it? And if so, which one? Thanks in advance!
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Am I the only person who does not like Clinique's Even Better foundation?
I loved this makeup when I tried it in the store, and I like how it looks when I put it on. But after a matter of minutes, it looks terrible! It doesn't stay on very well, so the initial coverage (which is great) fades or somehow makes me look like I am 10 years older and sickly. It emphasizes every patch of dry or flaky skin. I switched from Lancome's Teint Idole to this foundation - and was definitely encouraged to do so by the significant price difference between the two - and the reason I switched from Lancome is because they stopped making it in my skin color. I tried getting someone at Sephora to do a color-match or color ID test thingy for me, but the result was essentially inconclusive--like I was in between colors or something I don't know. I don't know what to do or try. I pick at my face terribly, so I tend to avoid powders bcs they only make any texture on my face look worse. I also tend to avoid oil-based makeup because they tend to clog my pores, giving me the sort of blemishes I then pick at relentlessly.  Any suggestions in terms of make-up foundations/concealers = much appreciated!   by the way, I have been using Clinique's Even Better foundation in "Linen" - I am naturally pale (and a red-head) but I go tanning every now and then to avoid looking like a corpse (yes, tanning is bad, but I definitely don't get enough sunlight, and I go once or twice every 2-3 months) anyway, I tend to find that makeup is either way too dark, or like, white. Helppp!
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Best lighted magnifying mirror?
I've burned through a number of lighted magnified mirrors that I loved, but now I'm on the hunt for something new. Any suggestions of what to try or completely avoid?   I use the lighted magnifier for tweezing on a very regular basis, I'm obsessed with finding every little tiny stray hair. I also carefully use an extractor for some stubborn blackheads. (I never use a blemish extractor with a lance on the end and caution others to avoid lances too, that should be left to a professional dermatologist.) Hence, the reason for burning through them so quickly, not cheap ones either.   I use a regular mirror for applying skincare and makeup. I do my tweezing and makeup application while sitting on my bed, never in the bathroom. I don't want something you attach to a wall and would like to keep it under $75.00. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. 😊 
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What are you favorite items from Memebox?
I'm looking to get a haul from Memebox... I was kindly given a 20% referral link from this board. I am going to get the Benton box for sure, as I like their essence, but does anyone else have any Asian products they can't live without?
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Sephora Show & Tell - What’s New Wednesday: Finishing Touches

What's new on the site that's caught your eye? Show and tell!


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clinique even better - the colour selection does not match what is on the actual bottle?
The clinique even better foundation colour selection does not match the colour that I have on the bottle, why is that?
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Hourglass finishing powder and veil advice
I am new to Hourglass. I currently use Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup in Nude. I am looking for the best color finishing powder without having to go in to a store...any suggestions? I am also trying to determine which is the best veil...I am 48 and the wrinkles and fine lines are killing me!
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Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic +Retinol products
Do I use the Recovery serum in addition to the recovery Peels or would that be considered dual treatment?? I bought the Peels today and forgot to ask!
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Stila 'Soul' palette packaging
Does anyone one know why the case for the Stila Eyes are the Window, Soul palette has been changed from the gorgeous yellow and rose gold compact, to a matte pale gold case/packaging with "Stila" on the front of it?? It is only the 'Soul' palette, the other three palettes in the collection have the original mirrored gold cases. I find this very strange and am hoping this is not a permanent change so I can get the palette in the original mirrored gold case.
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Sunday Riley Good Genes question
Hi all! Has anyone else experienced actual skin peeling when using Good Genes?? I had this problem with Luna as well, though so far, the peeling w/ Good Genes is more minimal (Luna gave me red skin AND peeling). Is this normal? If so, does it subside after my skin gets used to the product?   For reference, I've used Drunk Elephant's Glycolic Nightly Peel w/ no actual skin peeling issues. And have used Sunday Riley's Artemis, which is not a peel of course, with no issues.
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Are there any similar eyeshadows to Lancome Platinum?
Does anyone know of any eyeshadows similar in color to Lancome's Platinum? I loved that eyeshadow and it was discontinued a while back.
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Similar to Lancome L'Extreme
I was obsessed with my Lancome L'Extreme mascara, but I ran out and I think it has been discontinued. What's the closest thing I can get to it?
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Foundation for Oily Skin-Armani Lasting Silk vs. UD Naked Skin
Hi! I'm looking for a new foundation and these are the two I've narrowed it down to that I am interested in trying. Thoughts?   I've already tried MUFE Mat Velvet Plus, Givenchy Photo Perfexion, and Maybelline Matte and Poreless. I'm looking for something with a natural satin/matte finish and medium coverage.    Thanks!
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Atelier scents lasting power?
Ok guys I'm really in love with Atelier's description of their scents and the few I've been able to smell IRL.  Since my Sephora doesn't carry many of the scents, I was thinking of getting their sampler pack directly from their website (where they then give you credit for that amount towards a later purchase of a bigger fragrance), but before I committed to what would likely be an expensive addition to my minimal scent collection (I otherwise wear ginger or Bvglari's Black--I can't stand most floral scents and am more of ginger, tea, or other quirky scents) I wanted to know how well it lasted on.   Also, anyone have any other scent suggestions for someone who likes scents with things like: Bergamot, Leather, Rain (naturalish clean scents as opposed to ones that your dryer sheets might come in), Ginger and hates: floral (esp things like rose & lily, I can deal with violet); "hippy" scents (basically if you can find it in incense, I can't wear it or be close to it without dissolving in sneezes, so things like patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, etc.)
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Color code number
Any thoughts on Serge Lutens cosmetics?
I am thinking of a lipstick as a splurge for the Barneys event. Thoughts?
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Lip sheet masks
I keep seeing photos of sheet lip masks on Instagram and I really want to try one. Anyone have any recommendations? I recently saw a picture of a Sephora brand sheet lip mask on Instagram but they aren't available at the Canadian stores. Anyone know where they are available? I love their sheet face masks so I'd love to try their lip ones. 
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I am in a Mac Nw 40 and I would like to know what shade I will be in the Kat Von D Lock it tattoo foundation.
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Has anyone tried pressed serums?
I've recently discovered this new category and I was interested to see if anyone else has tried these as well.
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What color for Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation
Hi, I am a 1r05 for Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, Ecru 1N2. I was wondering what color I would be for the Marc Jacobs Beauty Full Cover Foundation. I was also wondering what color I would be for the Marc Jacobs Foundation if I am Light 48 1r06 for the KVD Lock it Foundation. Thank you! 
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How to get Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color to stay on?
My friend bought me the Sephora Collection Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color in Scarlet Luster for my birthday last year and I think the color is so beautiful! It looks amazing on...but I can NOT get it to stay. It transfers like crazy and will wipe off on anything it touches.    I've tried filling in my lip with a lip pencil before applying the product, applying a translucent powder over it to set it, and I've tried applying a lip stain underneath then this one over it. Nothing has worked so far.    Does anyone have tips for getting this product to stay on?  
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Marc Jacobs Poutliner Longwear Lip Liner
Does anyone know of some good dupe(s) for the MJ lipliner in Prim(rose). This shade is super pretty and I am wondering if anyone knows of a more affordable dupe or two =)   Thanks!! 
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MUFE Pro Finish match for MAC Studio Fix NC?
Currently use MAC Studio Fix in N5; what would be the match in MUFE Pro Finish?   Also, does Pro Finish have more coverage than Duo?   XOXO Thank You!
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