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Hello,  I'm trying to find a lotion or cream that will work for me. I have weird combination skin. It is oily, flaky dry and acne prone all over, all at the same time. I am 23 years old, with very fair skin and I live in Colorado at high altitude. I have the Clarisonic Mia 2,  and I am currently using the Clinique 3-step with the Moisture Surge for additional help, but it isn't working. My chief concern is the dry/flaking skin that just won't go away.  I've visited dermatologists and they've told me to try Cera Ve...which didn't help me either. Any help/product recommendations are appreciated. Thank you!
Is there a perfume that smells like the moriccanoil hair and body product line (original fragrance).
My local Sephora doesn't have an Estee Lauder section and I am wanting to order the DoubleWear foundation. Only problem is I am clueless on what shade to get.   I tried to use info from the color IQ but it is useless, because my face doesn't tan or get colour really, but my body and neck does, so the suggested shade was 3-4x to light. Next issue.. When I do enter the shade I was given, it doesn't give a colour match for the Estee Lauder.    For reference I wear NC30 @ MAC and wear Light 49 in the Kat Von D foundation
Hi there,   I'm looking for recommendations to hide pitted acne scars? I've used a variety primers + the Laura Mercier powder foundation and it is usually great for the first few hours, but soon everything settles into my acne scars .    Any advice for a good foundation or primer that helps with this problem would be great! Thank you in advance!
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Hi ladies (and gents?),   I'm 32 and apparently have resting b*tch face because I'm getting deep wrinkles between my eyebrows - google tells me they're called my 'elevens'.  The rest of  my face is relatively wrinkle free (thanks, moisturizer!), so I suppose I'm looking for a something to use as sort of a spot treatment.  This will be my first foray into the wrinkle cream world, so I'd love some advice.  My skin type is normal to dry and fair (the nice word for pale).     Thanks y'all
anybody here own the MAC warm eye palette from Nordstrom? I just want to ask if they are pigmented as UD shadows   I live so faraway from bigger stores so I can't really swatch or play with them thanks
Can someone recommend a matching lipstick and lipgloss for urban decay  24/7 lip liner in the color rush which is pink? Thank you
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Hey guys. So within the past month I've noticed some blackheads on my nose- and they could've been there for months and I just noticed them- but then again I'm not sure.. I've never had trouble with acne in my entire life.  But thankfully I have a deluxe samples size of the Boscia Detoxifying Black cleanser, and I also exfoliate every other morning. That seems to be helping but my questions are, what causes blackheads? I've heard its a pretty common issue, so I'm not that worried about it, but I still want to get rid of them. And I also wanted to ask if you can thoroughly get rid of blackheads? (meaning they wont come back?) And this might sound like a dumb question- but can be any chance exercising and sweating cause blackheads? I recently started exercising and soon after started noticing the them. Thanks so much for anyone who can answer!
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Hi all! I've noticed recently that eyelash extensions are becoming more and more common. And I've been doing a lot of research on them! I really want to try this out, but there are SO many mixed views on it both good and bad. I really want to try them out because I do love the look of them! Searching it on here, I found a lot of old information, and I was curious if it had changed since then!   I just wanted to ask some opinions everyone had on them! Are they really worth it? Have you had any issues with them?   Me specifically, I have sensitive eyes and I was wondering if this would be an issue to getting them done? Is the “adhesive” that they use safe? Or does that depend on the location that you go to?   I appreciate any responses or opinions !! xox
Does anyone know when Bow and Arrow is going to be back in stock? I've been trying to get it for the longest time!!!!
My hair is on the thin side, and it gets oily, limp, and heavy easily (if I don't wash my hair every two days it is a disaster!). I tried an oil in my damp hair before the hairdresser did her blow dry and style, and my hair was so shiny, smooth, and lightweight after. Can anyone recommend an oil that works for my hair type and promote shine, bounce, and smoothing? My hair is just under shoulder length. Thank you!
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I got a sample of Lancome's Dual Finish in Bisque (c).  While it seemed to blend well with my slightly tan complexion, I know I have yellow undertones.  To order, should I choose the Ivory (w)?
What brush to use for Laura Mercier Flawless Finish liquid foundation?
i want to connect my black card points with my sephora account  as quick as you can please !!
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Anyone having the same problem as I am? I can't reply to anything. It keeps saying an unexpected error occurred every time. hmmmm
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For some reason, it's not letting me post this in the main Empties thread, so I'm posting it here. And since I had attempted a dozen times to post and don't want to type out everything again, feel free to ask about anything in the pic. Also, post your own empties.   
I've been trying out NARS Santa Fe All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. What other foudnations would be good for long wear with medium to full coverage? I have oily skin, so I need something that will last without coming off before lunch time.   Thank you!
I need a foundation that is light but hides some wrinkles!
I'm dying for this lipstick and can't find it anywhere except the sample in a few department stores (which don't actually have it in stock). The color is gorgeous! Any chance Sephora will be getting it any time soon? Any mods have any info?
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I use Lancome Teint Miracle in Buff 4C, which Lancome Le Corrector Pro Concealer color should I use?
Customer Support
I placed my order but it didn't go through because my address wasn't right, so I tried a second time and it didn't work again. I still got charged for both times I tried to place my order??? How do I get my money back???
Im a very light tan (maybe to be more specific I'm a medium 30 with sephoras foundation) and I have a hard time with figuring out what compliments my face with the right colors. So if anyone could just suggest tones the suits my skin color that would be great!!
Sephora Show & Tell
Live chat day is here and today we are chatting with our very own Sephora PRO Artist, Jeffrey English! He is fresh out of New York Fashion Week and ready to answer all of your pressing beauty question! He will be logged in from 12-1 pm PT so be sure to join the live chat.   Here's the link, ask away!   Please follow the link above to ask a question in the live chat thread. If you post it here, Jeffrey won't see it. 
What products that have horrible reviews/ rankings do you love? For me, it's marc jacobs lash lifter mascara. It has less than three stars and gets bashed in most of the reviews, but it's my favorite mascara! I find it to be so lengthening, shiny, and easy to remove. Do you have any beloved products that everyone else seems to hate?
Will you have the day lotion in the new Lift Line? 
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Hi, I really love the coverage and texture of Clinique superbalanced, it sits nicely and has a dewy finish, I  was wondering if you can recommend a similar alternative to Clinique, as although i like this foundation, clinique formulas have caused me breakouts before so I want to probably find something like Superbalanced but in another brand. Thank you.
HI, I want to try the Sephora brand spray foundation, i was previously color matched to 2Y07 and im a little lighter so i would be 2Y06, but i dont know what color that i would be in the spray foundation so if anybody knows please help! Thanks.