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When the day X comes, I always have one or two deep zits on my face, and it's super annoying, I think you all know how   I use origins gel for spot treatment, but I feel it's not doing a very good job. I'm sitting with my Origins "out of trouble" mask at the moment, hoping it might help , and I decided to ask you, guys, what are your favorite ointments/products for this problem? I'm looking for something that doesn't require a doctor's prescription.  
I have oily skin along with some acne. I've been using the Clinique 3 Step Introductory Kit For Oilier Skins for a couple of months now. It hasn't cleared up my skin but has seem to control my oil just a tad. I'm considering trying Clinique's Acne Solutions line, probably the Clear Skin System Starter Kit. My main problem is chin acne along with uneven skin tone and a few stray pimples. Does anyone know if the Acne Solutions Line will help or if there is a different brand I should try. 
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Sephora Show & Tell
Easter weekend calls for seriously cute nails, but as my art skills are limited (I can't draw a bunny to save my life), I used Butter London Poole and Keen to create a simple pastel dotticure. I'm loving the color combination though, what do you think?      What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend (and what are your Easter plans)? Show and Tell! 
Recently I started enjoying lightning up candles at home. Why didn't I realize how great they smell before? I purchased a couple of them from BBW, a couple from Pier 1, and a few from Ross. I really liked the peach smell from BBW So I started looking up candles more, and I was really surprised when I saw a $80 ones. I think I'd never justify a such price for a candle. Who likes candles here? What are your favorite smells, brands, places to buy them?  Please enable me  
I am going to Hawaii in a little bit and since I will definitely be going to the beach, I am trying to decide on a waterproof concealer to get. I am currently deciding between:    LANCÔME EFFACERNES Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer   or   MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Concealer   I would use it to cover redness, acne/acne scars, and dark circles. I want at least a medium coverage since I would not be wearing any other face product. Which one would you recommend/like better?   Thanks!  
Is the Tarte Maracuja Oil worth the hype?
First off, I have NEVER used foundation in my life. And I have 6 different types from different brands in my loves list. I NEED some help at finding out which is the best for starters. The brands and types are: BUXOM Show Some Skin Foundation, BENEFIT Hello Flawless Foundation, MUFE HD Invisible Foundation, UD NAKED Foundation, KVD Lock-it Foundation, and BOBBI BROWN Stick Foundation. I already have the correct colors for each one. WHICH ONE IS THE BEST FOR BEGINNER FOUNDATION USERS?
They carry the Hourglass blushes (backordered, but most of them are OOS on Sephora right now)... need I say more?   The code is DISCOVER20, and it's valid until next Tuesday, April 22.   I picked up a 4-pack of Clarisonic brush heads (I'm stocked up for the next 2.5 years now ), the Hourglass blush in Radient Magenta (thanks to everyone who helped me decide ), and the Hourglass Illume Creme-to-Powder Bronzer Duo in Bronze Light.  I split the items up into two orders and got a $40 discount!   These are the Sephora product pages for the items I picked up: -pack-P377534?skuId=1494368 4963?skuId=1581339 zer-duo-P210576?skuId=1074459   I should be on a no-buy, but I felt this deal was too good to pass up!   Happy shopping, everyone!
New sets are now LIVE!    Summer Stash : $45 608991   The Leading Man Fragrance Sampler : $55 ampler-for-him-P385796?skuId=1605278   Lashstash To Go : $25 Id=1608983   Now if only they would release the sun safety kit... Hint Hint! 
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  My Local Sephora is usually fantastic, never had a complaint about them... until today. I returned 5 products in-store today.. from 4 separate purchases I made during spring fling. 2 unused and unopened... and 3 products I really disliked. So the teller calls over the manager because it is a larger return, which I totally understand.. The manager looks at me and says.. You want to return all of these, you used them all.. and are returning them? Don't you know you can get samples so you don't waste so much product." and gives me an eye roll and a condescending look. So I tell her that 2 are unused and the other 3 products were all skin care and did not work for my skin.. I thought used products that didn't work were able to be returned.. Is this not the case? Or does everyone, get a lecture when they return a product used? Curious if you guys make returns of used products? I personally am really turned off getting samples from jars and such because people are constantly putting their dirty hands in to the product and them I am supposed to put that on my face. Just a gross thought for me. Am I wrong in returning used Skincare?
Beauty Insider
Hello, I need to sync my beauty insider account that I started in store with my online account. Can someone help?
Ask The Experts
  In a few months I'm going to be doing a very long haul (14 hour) flight. One of the things I'm really looking forward to is settling down in my seat, having a glass of champagne,  giving myself a mini-facial and trying stuff from my recent chic week haul to keep my skin nicely hydrated throughout the flight.  I've also got a few simple makeup things so I'll look reasonably decent when I disembark. I think I've got it  all sussed - it's pretty much all foils and samples so I'm traveling pretty light even though I've got lots of stuff.  I'd love to hear any other suggestions though - TSA approved please!   So, in order of usage, I've got: Ole Henriksen Vit C Cleansing Wipes When Whenever You Travel gel fiber mask Shiseido Benefiance Eye Mask Dior One Essential Serum (foil) Tarte Maracuja Oil Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream L'Occitane hand cream and lip balm Single use moisturizing eye drops Then, for freshening up and getting ready to disembark: Lavanila deodorant  Amele freshening up wipes Dry shampoo Teeth and mouthwash stuff (not pictured) Ole Henriksen Vit C Brightening Serum (foil) Murad day cream (foil) Smashbox primer Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Couple basic eye shadows (not pictured) Lancome black eye pencil Chanel mascara YSL Rebel Nudes glossy stains (foil)
I have severe acne and scarring, which leaves almost "craters'' when I put on foundation. I've always used BareMinerals "Fairly Light" in Matte but I found that it doesn't provide the full coverage I need and comes off very easily. I'm looking for a good foundation that provides full coverage. Regardless of price, what would be the best foundation for severe acne, scarring, oil and redness? I've tried tarte's new clay foundation and liked its coverage but the color isn't my favorite and leaves my skin looking a bit oily. Recommendations? Thanks!
Has anyone come across make-up removing wipes that don't have a smell to them? I've tried nearly every Neutrogena wipe out there (as well as Olay, etc.) and all of them seem to have perfumes in them.  It's not a huge problem for me as my skin doesn't break out because of this, but I just personally would prefer to not have my skin smell like pink buttfruit every time I try and clean my face. Any recommendations? 
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Of course Sephora announces a twitter giveaway on BT, but hides it under the Customer Service board.  Anyone remember the last twitter giveaway announcement? They did the same thing & said they would put it on the main thread next time. It's nice to know they listen :/ at-Von-D-24-Hour-SephoraGiveaway-On-Twitter/td-p/1 ...
I'm trying to figure out what to spend my Sephora gift card on.. There's nothing I want now, but I still feel like I need to spend it I Googled but didn't find much of anything, so I'm wondering if there's anything new coming out soon that I may not have caught?
Skincare Stories
So I was looking on the Foreo website about their products, and stumbled upon their Luxe and Platinum versions...for $6,500 and $8,800, respectively!!! I couldn't believe it! What is the most ridiculous beauty product you have seen?     EDIT:  should say FOREO..maybe I'm in a golfing mood! lol
Combo / Normal
I want a good foundation, but I dont want a heavy look. I still am in school and am tired of the drugstore makeup. Any suggestions?
Beauty Confessions
I have a $75 Sephora gift card and I am so torn what to spend it on! Obviously I don't need to spend it all at once but, I lean towards setting and highlighting powders but then I can't ever decide on which one. Then I was thinking about waiting until the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contouring Kit came back in stock but then i thought, do I really need all those colors. I mean after all only one or two of them will match my skin tone right? Please help me decide what to do! 
Has anyone seen this yet? 92518     Its crazy! Has anyone tried them? Do they actually work? What madness is this?
I was wondering when the new contour kit by Anastasia was going to hit Sephora stores and if I could get on a waiting list in store now?
Has anyone ever done it?
I've seen women who can wear a full face of make up while working out - foundation, eyeliner, everything! I wouldn't wear any myself, because I frankly sweat like a pig and looking pretty/decent/presentable/human is probably the last thing on my mind, but I do marvel the ladies who can look so put together even when they're running or doing reps.   I'm really curious how their makeup stays put. I can barely get my eyeliner to stay even when I'm not exercising and not end up with raccoon eyes! :/ (I'm a totally new makeup noob, btw....)   Any workout goddesses want to share their secrets?
I was so good during the Spring 15% off event but fragrances are my weakness! And now that REPLICA Jazz Club is available I cannot resist the siren call!   Planning to get any new perfumes 4/24 thru 5/11?
Beauty Insider
Who is with me?! The rules are as follows …   Must post a screenshot weekly showing you haven’t made any purchased ;-) (this will serve to keep me honest) Will not be swayed by cute little promos, perks or samples. Will not click the ‘Just Arrived’ link. Will not perform search for ‘sephora favorites’ Will not post any promo codes in thread. Will NOT allow outside ‘enables’ entice you to purchase! Even though a product that is on your ‘love’ list but has been sold out, comes back in stock you WILL NOT buy!!! Set a NO-BUY time frame (THIS IS NOT FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR, you pick what would work best for you!).  
The 15% off at Sephora is still going on, as well as great promos at a couple other places. I'm trying SO hard not to break my wallet so I'll live vivaciously through y'all's hauls until end of the month.  If you are an April baby, don't forget to take advantage of the numerous b-day offerings everywhere(sometimes it take a few days after signing up to get the offer): thday-Gifts-and-Promos-from-Cosmetic-Companies/m-p ...   And of course, before you place an order, don't forget to check the current perks and promo threads that will rob you of all your points and will power: odes-8-The-quot-I-hope-I-don-t-get-into-trouble/td ... -100-Point-Perks/td-p/869671 -250-500-and-Male-Point-Perks/td-p/869679   And ebates or whatever rebate website you are using. So what did you get this month?  
What are your favorite Sephora items that you add to qualify for free shipping? For simplicity's sake, we'll say items that are $12 or less.
Ask The Experts
I just discovered that greige eyeshadows compliment my green eyes and auburn hair light skin !  DESPERATELY seeking help in putting combos together, please include brands and shade names because i absolutely suck at putting looks together !  Ty to all who reply !
I entered a TooFaced contest on Twitter and actually won! It's a Better Than Sex mascara, nothing crazy but I am so excited to have won anything, and I've been eyeing this mascara.    Do you enter giveaways or have ever won something exciting?    The picture I used that "won" is my profile picture, me holding Glamour to Go II