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BeautyTalk Feedback
Just like comparing cars or computers, I wish there was a side by side comparison tool for products on Sephora.  I want to line up and compare, rating, size, price and ingredients.  So often, I find myself bouncing around between products when trying to filter through choices and I get my options tangled.  At the moment, I've decided I need a toner in my life (a first).  So many options! 
I use BareMinerals READY Foundation R250 - What formula would I use if I have a tan as a shade darker?
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Hello,   I have puffy eyes and tiny white spots under the eye and it looks strange, I am very conscious about it. I am 26 and I have used so many products yet no luck! Any suggestions would be really appreciated.   Thanks
I bought recently the Bite lip duo that has the two colors Lychee and Musk and I am in love! Now Musk I see you buy in full size but I did not see the color Lychee in full size. Does anyone know if this color is available in full size or a shade that is similar? That color is my perfect nude for my fair skin. Thanks for the help  
Just stumbled on this gem on the Sasa website. It bears a striking resemblance to something else we're familiar with.....   I guess the plus is that it comes with batteries! ;D
I'd like to rebuild my makeup bag, and recently came into some extra income. What products do you recommend to use in a daily routine?
I was recently gifted a $25 gift card, which I am very excited to use, but I have no idea what to get. I figured I would need a little more cash to cover the cost of what I may want, so I decided to budget myself at $40 so I wouldn't have to spend too much money. As excited as I am to go shopping, I have no idea what to get. I was thinking I would try Josie Maran's makeup because I have been loving their skincare, but then I started looking into other brands and their products so I am no longer sure what I want to get. So I was wondering what makeup products you guys would recommend that are under $40. I am pretty much open to any type of makeup because I always love trying new items and new brands. 
So school is soon approaching and I am going to be starting my masters degree in Epidemiology (excited yet scared)!    Anyways, I am certain that I am going to be very busy and will only be able to go to the gym between class breaks or before class starts. Other than that, I will be researching, with clients, or TAing.   My question is, do you or should you go to the gym with makeup on? If you do, what do you do with your face afterwards? Obviously I do not want to reapply my makeup on a sweaty face and if I shower, I would have to start my whole skincare regime again followed by makeup (which takes quite a long time). In addition, I would be in a male locker room and could you imagine what those "gym jocks" would think if they saw me doing my routine ... oh please (I hate when people judge).   Any tips, advice or suggestion would be great to hear!   Definitely let me know, thank you so much in advance!   Michael, xo
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Hi there. I still havent found a foundation i like anywhere as much as the discontinued Diorshow Pure Light foundation 100. Can anyone suggest a foundation that is very close?  Thanks 
Sephora Dr Gross Haul 2.jpg
My love for Sephora continues. I was sent a comped, brand new, full sized Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Medi-Spa Peel (launching 08-26-14) to review. I will use it for the first time tonight, so check back to this post if the product interests you.    
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Hi! I am looking for a full coverage foundation that'll last, works with my Lora mercier primer, photograph's well. I have normal/combo skin type. I want a very glam look
So i wear Lancome's dual finish foundation powder in matte honey III and the color is literally perfect, but... i really wanted to try the makeup forever duo mat powder because ive heard its long wearing and great for oily skin! What color should i be wearing by the color IQ if the lancome powder matches perfectly? Anyone have and great long wearing powder foundations as well? Thanks guys; Im also a guy so the more natural the better too!
eye massage.jpg
Please share your Personal Tips/Products/Tricks to Minimize Under Eye Concealer from Creasing.   Also, what under eye products...Moisturizer/Primer/Concealer/Tool(s) do you use?   I'm especially interested in your suggestions for Dry, Crepey or Mature Under Eye Skin Texture trouble shooting.    P.S. I've had a sudden weight loss which makes my under eye area look like a deflated balloon. I'm unable to use HA's due to sensitivity having to ditch everything with high amounts of HA's. 
Why do I keep seeing the Boscia mask duo only to have it tell me it's sold out? My friend wrote to Sephora asking if it was still in stock about two weeks ago and was told they no longer carried it and she should look at dif masks. If this is the case why is Sephora still putting up the products in the sale section? I've been stalking it for weeks! Has anyone had luck in purchasing this recently?
Natural & Organic
Hi guys! My mom loves natural/organic products wether it be face cleanser, face cream. She doesn't wear makeup. Do you guys have any recommendations??  While searching online she found three products that she wanted me to get her for her birthday. I'll only get one right now though. Her picks are: 1. Ole Henriksen African red tea foaming cleanser 2. Ole Henriksen truth serum vitamin C collagen booster  3. Orgins A perfect world    Which one is the best to get her? Also if you have any suggestions lemme know!  Thanks!!
I have fine just past my shoulders straight hair and am looking for a mousse to volumize. I'm torn between Alterna and bumble and bumble thickening mousse. Which will work best for my hair type?  
What is the best neutral and pink lipstick for olive skin tone? I have tried NARS Honolulu Honey and it was very shimmery and not flattering. A lipstick that has no shimmer to it please!
I love the YSL Touche Eclat foundation but I can't find the right color. I've tried Beige 10 (its to light) and Beige Dore 10 (slightly to dark that its noticeable even when well blended). Any suggestions? My best match is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in 1.0. A lot of paler are people are wearing B30? Is it lighter than the ones I mentioned? 
I tried to achieve a matte lips look with loose powder (LM translucent powder) over a tissu (and half a tissu) and when I removed tissu, the result is matte but all color seem to stay on the tissu instead of my lips. So, I'd like to get some trick to get this look without buying (again) other lipsticks. Thanks!!!
The Swatch Board
We swatched the new Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude palette to see how the colors looked on different skintones. Have you swatched this palette? Post a pic in the thread below!     Shop Nude on Nude>
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I have very oily acne prone skin and I have been breaking out pretty bad recently on my cheeks, chin, and along my jawline. I'm not sure if it's just 1 product that's breaking me out or my whole routine.  I'm currently using in the morning: first aid beauty facial cleanser, clean&clear essentials deep cleaning toner for sensitive skin, and the murad oil control mattifier. In the evening: same cleanser and toner, loreal revitalift serum, josie maran argan oil light, and twice a week I use the dr. jart pore medic @ home peel, and benzoyl peroxide as a spot treatment when needed The breakouts are pretty large and not just 1 or 2 at a time but several, I haven't had a breakout like this in a long frustrating! Anyway are there other products I should try instead? I want to use gentle products and products that won't cause my oily skin to overreact. I would also like to incorporate as much drugstore products as possible! Thank you all!
Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 10.53.37 AM.png
Just thought I'd let you all know! I know I'm stoked, because I missed out on grabbing this last Christmas! Enjoy  
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Hello! I'm looking to redo my regimen to use gentler products. I have acne prone skin with a significant amount of discoloration from my hormonal breakouts. I've been using Kate Somerville for years but it doesn't seem to be working for me anymore, so I want to switch to another line that is gentler. I am looking for a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen
cava c.jpg
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Does Sephora have a Dupe for Mac's Exclusive Event Matte Lipstick?
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if im a perfect match for guarlain lingerie foundation what color match would i be for the YSL fusion ink foundation and Marc Jacob Genius Gel?