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I've been going nuts over the Marc Jacobs Beauty line lately, and I'm so so happy I'm finally able to take a look at what he's got planned for the holidays~ Eeeek!     La Coquette Collection ($55.00) (Limited Edition) Create a classic Parisienne look with this set of Marc’s most covetable items. With a Magic Marc’er liquid eyeliner in Blacquer, the perfect nude nail polish, and a shimmering lip gloss for pink pout, you’ll be ready for a night of magic. This set also contains a signature mirror contained in a Marc Jacobs-designed pochette. The perfect gift for someone special or for yourself. Blacquer  (Magic Mar’cer Precision Pen Eyeliner) Kissability  (Lust for Lacquer Sheer Lip Vinyl) Madame  (Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer) Mirror  (in a Pochette) The Sky Liner Petite Highliner Collection ($45.00) (Limited Edition) Line your eyes like never before with this dazzling assortment of 7 petite highliner gel eyeliners. Cased in a limited-edition collectible box, these perfect petites include 5 best-selling shades and 2 new limited-edition eyeliner shades. This set is centered around the signature shade of the season, “Midnight in Paris.” 7 x 0.01 oz Highliner gel crayons in O(vert) (forest green), Brown(out) (bronze with shimmer), Th(ink) (deep navy), (Plum)age (vivid purple), Blacquer (black), Sunset (golden bronze shimmer), Midnight in Paris (inky indigo blue). O(vert) Brown(out) Th(ink) (Plum)age Blacquer Sunset (Exclusive) Midnight in Paris (Exclusive)   Blacquer and Bleu Eye Essentials Collection ($79.00) (Limited Edition) Satisfy your love of dramatic eye looks with Marc’s must-haves in eyeliner and mascara, in shades of blacquer and bleu. This decadent collection inspired by the glamour of Paris and its midnight sky features 3 best-selling products contained in a makeup bag designed by Marc Jacobs. The ultimate gift for the girl who loves to shine. Blacquer  (Magic Mar’cer Precision Pen Eyeliner) Blacquer  (O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara) Th(ink)  (Highliner Gel Eyeliner Crayon) Makeup Bag  by Marc Jacobs   Style Eye-Con No. 7 ($59.00) Featuring the Limited Edition Holiday 2014 eyeshadow palette, The Parisienne. Become captivated with the super skinny, sleek design of these iconic, harmonized eyeshadows. Discover the mystery of the girl who believes in finding magic at all hours. The Parisienne  Inspired by the City of Lights (Limited Edition)   Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer ($18.00) Midnight in Paris  Inky indigo blue (Limited Edition)   LoveMarc Collection Lip Gel Set ($350.00) (Limited Edition) (Repromote) Experience true luxury when you open the stylishly sleek Lovemarc Lipstick Collection, a collector’s edition. Enclosed in a lacquered jewelry box, you’ll find 12 shiny-black Lovemarc lipsticks aligned like piano keys, and the center of attention, Marc’s realized vision of the perfect red—Showstopper. From the mysterious Moody Margot, to provocative Little Pretty, discover the variety of true glamour and fall in love with a new lipstick shade each day.   **via Temptalia**
I just bought the "they're real" benefit mascara. when i opened the box, it seemed fine. but when i opened the mascara itself, it was really easy to open. but maybe thats just how it is? i dont know if there's some sort of click or something to let me know that i've completely closed it, in which case, it should've clicked when i opened it for the first time? i don't know, somebody please help i dont want to go back to the store i've been there so much doing exchanges.
Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me...I'm looking for a long wear lipstick, I recently purchased the sephora brand for 13$ because it said it was long wear, I noticed the other day when i went out to eat and wiped my mouth the lipstick came off and by the end of the meal it was all off.. not long wear at all. I was wondering if anyone knew a good long wear lipstick that wont smear and stays put throughout the day during meals drinks etc...preferably looking for a red and a light pink. If anyone can shoot some suggestions for a reasonable price I would highly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
Hi I have been thinking about spoiling myself with a lip product from YSL, but I don't even know where to begin! I really want some recommendations on what you lovelies find yourselves wearing the most often! What lip product and color would you recommend!! All opinions, pictures and swatches are welcome!! 
Besides eBay I mean... Are there any online retailers that carry it? Does Nordstrom carry it? I want it sooo badly
Natural & Organic
So I've looked through threads that give great tips on how to use coconut oil for different needs. I feel pretty comfortable with the application, but I'm wondering what the clean up is like specifically for those that use coconut oil as a hair treatment? What's tub clean up like and how often do drains get clogged? Any comments, tips and/or best practices are appreciated. Thanks
Okay I've seen pics and I can't seem to find anything online. I live in Canada and we can't get lorac products here but I'm going shopping in the states mid October and I want to know if it will be out by then! Does anyone know? I'm slightly desperate haha
which are your favs from the perm collection? especially looking for purples... Thanks!
Ok so, I have a really hard time finding a foundation that looks natural on my face, I have really fair skin , but my cheeks and chin are always extremely red , while the rest of my face is pretty pale, I have yet to find a foundation that can cover the redness and basically make my face look natural and one color.  It usually looks slightly orangey or just way too light. Any suggestions on what I can use to fix this never ending issue of mine? 
  I have really bad eyebrows and I want to fix them! My eyebrows are really crooked and I was wondering if any of you guys have advice like should I tweez them to try to fix it or should i fill them in to make it match. I was also wondering if there is anything I can put on my eyebrows to make them grow faster.      
Hey guys! I am a 17 year old girl with very oily, acne prone skin. I find that my makeup usually looks great in the morning, but by the afternoon is extremely oily and splotchy. I need a great primer, foundation, and concealer option which will stay all day. I am a teenager, though, and don't want my skin to looked caked in makeup. I would like the foundation/ bb cream  to be natural looking. Thanks! 
BeautyTalk Feedback
Since the new category on the Sephora homepage is clearly a page that is hand updated (in the era of populating off a tag to aggregate, I have no idea why), what is your strategy to keep up with what is really new in Sephora?   I've taken to once a week popping open the brand page for my favorites (makes Firefox really mad) and pull all products, look for price drops and the new tag to show up there.   Just today found some stuff in BareMinerals (deluxe foundation pot), Urban Decay (setting sprays), and Lavanilla (deorderant trio and scent trio) that had not posted yet in the forums. It is unbelievable the lengths we're having to go to find items (sometimes limited edition stuff). Posting this in the feedback forum, even though it is website feedback instead of forum software.
Ask The Experts
what serums or moisturizer have copper in them?
what nail polish stays on the longest?
Ask The Experts
I did the color IQ in stores but it's a little off I'm looking for my shades in MUFE mat velvet + and tarte Amazonian clay foundation I am a mac nc20 in studio fix fluid and I also use the buxom show some skin in dim the light.
I am looking for a concealer for acne scars rather than an under eye concealer.    Bobbi brown foundation shade is beige. Dior shade is 020 light beige. 
Hello there!   I had acne for almost 8 years and now I do not get that many acne but I have deep dark acne and small acne holes. What should I do to lighten those scars? Something I can do at home other than visiting a skin doctor as I do go for regular peels. Please help! 
Ask The Experts
I use Trish McEvoy eyeliner (long wearing gel liner) on my top the middle of my lashes. For some reason, an hour later I have black circles under my eyes and have to carry Q-Tips around with me. I have tried a NARS pencil liner as well and it does the same thing. Could it be the oil content of my skin? It doesn't seem to make sense :-/    
Ask The Experts
Im wondering what are the best cheapest makup brushes and like a starter makeup kit. What will I need? Also I am a redhead with very porcalin skin do you have products fyor that, I also have problems with a little acne and dry skin , Help me please,   Sincerely,  AmberLocks
i have been lookinf to find the perfect nude lipstick for  brown skin african american women, and i cant seem to choose the right shade, any suggestions?
I currently use the Liquid Halo in number 4 by Smashbox, but I want to try the Studio Skin. What shade is equivalent to 4? The numbers are alittle different so I don't want to order the wrong one!
I need a 12 hour lipstick with an option in colors.  I love OCC, but by midday Jose color from dry lips ( I do exfoliate before apply).  I use a lipstick primer.  I have found certain shades of different brands. (US anarchy and Sephora long lasting in pink) can go 6-8 hours.  I want a fall lighter berry shade.  I was recommended Vat Von D , but am afraid of it being drying.  At night I use balm to help moisturizer.  Any suggestions?  I hate to buy different products and have to return stuff.
Face Q&A
Hi everyone! I've been using Benefit Boi-ing concealer for the past 2 years, but i've recently noticed it's starting to look a bit cakey. Good news though, I'm almost out of it! So I figured it's time for a new concealer to try. What are some good ones? I am on a college-student budget though, so something preferably under $30. I have a light complexion with pink undertones, green eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and a normal-dry face.