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Concealer Question
Does anybody know a good concealer that covers dark under-eye circles and doesnt crease? I am fair skin toned and currently use cliniques line smoothing concealer, but it still creases under my eyes even when I use a setting powder on top.
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Help with my skin!
Helloo there. I've got some problems with my skin. I've got redness from my nose and down the sides. And some color difference around my mouth. I've tried all sorts of bb-creams and much more. I just can't find anything that fits my skin color. When I cover up my face completely hit feels quite heavy, even though it is bb-creams I use. I want something simple, so I don't need to cover up my face. Hope you can help me, thank you.
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MAC SplashProof Lash Mascara
Hi Everyone!  I used to LOVE MAC's SplashProof Lash Mascara and i LOVE IT!  It stays on, and looks amazing but they discontinued it.  I've tried their Waterproof Zoom Lash and the other one they have but both seem dry and just like theres not enough going on and i try to put on quite a few coats, any suggestions on something comparable to SplashProof?
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Moisturizer for acne prone/oily/dry patches
I need a recommendation for a moisturizer or moisturizer regimen for someone that is acne prone. I have oily skin but with pretty dry patches.
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tria v. me smooth
Hi, I am trying to decide between the Tria and the Me Smooth. The most important thing for me is to use it on my face, but I would also like to use whatever I get on my legs. So even if the Me is quicker and easier for legs, if it doesn't work well for the face due to being larger I don't think it would be right for me. Has anyone used the Me for the face? Thanks for your input.
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Another Serum Foundation
I was browsing around and saw this new serum foundation from estee lauder Has anyone tried it yet and is Sephora going to carry it????
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Smashbox Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquers
Has anyone seen swatches of the new Smashbox Lip Lacquers? I'm super curious about them, but I'm not sure if I want to make the drive to check them out in person at a stand-alone Sephora. wear-lip-lacquer-P387176
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Chat Live with Laura Mercier!
  This thread is closed. It will open at 12 pm PDT on 7/24.   Unlock your full beauty potential with a makeup expert. Visit this thread July 24 from 12–1pm PDT to get beauty advice from industry icon Laura Mercier. Ask her a beauty question and find out how to get her trademark flawless face with her new foundation at home.   Be sure to click “Follow this thread” on the right side of this post to be notified via email when one of your questions is answered.   Learn more about the brand>
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Has anyone ever heard of or tried : Bioelements (Stress Solution) ?
Hello Everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this brand , specifically the  Bioelements Stress Solution?  Just wondering b/c I have never heard of it. I bought a serum type lotion from FAB (FAB Anti-Redness) a/b a month + or so (haven't tried it), & have since read some new reviews and so on  that make me think it's not gonna work out. So, I'm looking for a replacement here (maybe the 3 Little Wonders Set or the PTR Set, idk which would be best) & this just caught my eye while checking my E-mails.  Any thoughts or experience w/ Bioelements? Thanks in advance!
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Did you know that your Clarisonic can be engraved??
Yup! Apparently all models, except the Pro model, have a free engraving offer if you purchase through Clarisonic! Just saw it on their website.    It made me wonder what people have asked to have engraved on their   What name would you have engraved on your Clarisonic? I think this could be a lot of fun.   I'm undecided, but "U Can't Touch This" and "Please **kssweetheart** Don't Hurt Em!' are both contenders (both MC Hammer references)   How about you guys and gals?    
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Dr. Jart Blackhead master patch
Does this work well for anyone? I know it's new and there aren't any reviews.......but I am interested in this and was wondering if anyone has purchased this and has a thought about this product.
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Q. Match for Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - sephora color match 4y07
Hi all!   I'm considering buying the girgio armani luminous silk foundation - but I haven't completely understood how the color shades are organized for the foundation? What foundation shades do you suggest for someone who is a color match of 4y07 from sephora?   Other foundations I have matched in: Laura Mercier Silk Creme: Bamboo Beige Makeup forever HD Foundation: 127 Dark Sand (though not as yellow as my actual undertone - it was the closest I could get though) Lancome Teint Miracle: Bisque 4W  
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Looking for the brown color in Sultry: SEPHORA COLLECTION MicroSmooth Baked Sculpting Contour Trio
I absolutely love the brown color in this pallet for contouring(sultry)  The only problem is that I used it up so quickly(just the one color).....does anyone know what product I can buy that would be just the brown color similar to the one in this pallet?  I've searched quite a bit but just am not sure what to buy!   I am using the Sultry pallet -contour-trio-P378685?skuId=1483619&icid2=Contouri ...
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Bronzers 2
Is the Benefit Hoola Bronzer comparable to the NYC Bronzer in Sunny?
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Foundation and concealer for indian fair skin tone
i have a fair indian skin tone with warm undertone. Could you please help me in finding a foundation and concealer for my skin tone.
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Macadamia Flawless
Just curious to see if anyone's used Macadamia Natural Oil's Flawless? It's supposedly like Wen. Wen didn't work for my oily scalp and dry ends, but I'm still drawn to trying this with the promise of bouncy hair (just did some bad damage to my hair this week from coloring). Anyone have experience with it or heard good things?
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I just bought aura hourglass lip stain, in flush.
Has aura changed their aura lip stain colors? The flush I bought by mail is lighter than the last two tubes I bought.
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Q. Curling Iron for Shoulder Length Hair?
Hi Everyone,    I've decided to invest in a quality curling iron, and I've narrowed it down to the Drybar 3-DayBender Curling Iron. I have medium thickness, shoulder-length hair, and I need ceramic tools to actually get it to hold it's shape. The problem is, I don't know whether I should get the 1" or the 1.25" iron.    I also plan to grow my hair out, but I'm curious which one would be preferred with my hair the length it is now? Which one offers more versatility in styling (curl shape, changes when used with products, etc)?   Thanks in advance for the help! <3 
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Need Lip Color Assistance ASAP! lol LIP-Color-CRISIS!
I bought 1 of the Lancome Lip Lover Glosses in - 313 Rose Ballet - Light Rose Pink ( it looked like it would have been brighter & light my face up ). It's a very pretty shade but I thought it would be brighter! I was wanting something that wasn't such a natural'ish match to my lip's (know what I mean). I was thinking it would be brighter kinda like the Lancome lipsticks are . I want a bright but wearable orange/coral/bright rose w/ orange/coral type deal ( u know the Orange Lip w/ out it blowing my face off! lol ) I almost bought 334- Corail Cabriole - Bright Pink-Coral ( but don't want it to be too close in color to my Bobbi- Brown Lipstick - 11 Pink Apricot Shimmer ), 316 Rose Attrape-Coeur - Bright Rose Pink, and 336- Orange Manege - Orange (It kinda looks scary but could be beautiful!) SO, I was gonna send the 313 back 2morr (I have this color kinda close in the Buxom gloss already & dig it) & purchase (replace) w/ my new & amazing (life changing, hehe) color tonight! But I desperately need some advice on the colors & would just be tickled pink if anyone on here who has any (or all) of these colors I'm diggin to maybe swatch them for me (on the hand OR lip's would be awesome & OH SO helpful)! Does anyone have any of these are seen/ played w/ them in person? I would SO, SO, SO be appreciative! I got's to snag my goodies before my hubby beats me to the punch w/ one of his perty town spending party's! lol Any insight...or swatches (lol)?! Thanks in advance! I will linger around for awhile & hope to see what's up! * oh yeah, 1 more thing, I am in LOVE w/ the YSL Rebel Nudes too. I haven't bought 1 yet but have been planning on 106 Beige Anarchist - nude pink (but have heard they are a bit different when it comes to application than the samples {that I did stock on} but still think I would LOVE), BUT I do see at least 1 or 2 that may be what I am looking for color wise (but love long-wear that's comfortable w/ moisture). These colors are 102 Corail Mutin - peachy coral , and (maybe?) 105 Corail Hold Up - pink coral. I haven't got to see any of these colors in person & would love to see them swatched or preferably on someone's lip's! Anyone?! I LOVE both formula's but think maybe the Lancome would be better for this color but what do I know! Thanks Again in advance & please help a sister out ! xo
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Sephora Show & Tell - TODAY! Live Skincare Chat

Chat live with A-list skincare experts Ole Henriksen and Kate Somerville, exclusively on BeautyTalk!




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Just got an email from NARS...
The Kabuki Ita Brush is back!!!
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Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer Shade Match
Hey everyone. Im new here and I would love to invest in the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer before I go on vacation. I will be ordering online and I have NO idea what shade to get. I also would like to get some information on the product from people who use it. Do you think it is worth the price tag? For my skin background; I have VERRRY oily skin with a few like dryish liney places like especially around my nose forehead and chin. Makeup tends to settle in those little lines and looks cakey. So I want to know if this will make me cakey. I also have acne prone skin and sensitive skin. Is this a good product for it? Will it make me break out? Also, will it cover dark spots? I want to be able to have a shade that works well under my eyes as well as on other areas of my face. I will list some shades I am in other brands of makeup (I have never been color matched in MAC) Also in most brands specifically drugstore Im in a shade that has the word IVORY in it: Estee Lauder Double Wear: 2N1 Desert Beige 12 Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Liquid Foundation: Ivory Kat von D Lock Tattoo Foundation: Light 44 Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer: 02 Light Medium Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Powder Foundation: Fair-Light Neutral Clinique Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder Oil-Free: 02 stay neutral (MF) Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Powder Foundation: 1C1 Cool Bone   FYI: I do have a nasty brake out right now and Im hoping this will cover up redness as I have naturally very uneven skin and hyper pigmentation especially around the nose. I have also been looking into the colors and thinking possibly vanilla might be an option?? Thanks so much for your time and if you fellow beauty experts have any information on any of my questions please get back to me as soon as possible as I hope to have this for my trip (going to a beach, hoping to have waterproof makeup)    Xoxo
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Some mac moody blooms items up at nordstrom already
I knew it was supposed to come out this week but not monday. The whole collection isnt up though, and its not even up on the mac website. Dont know whats  going on but i went ahead and got the two things i was going to get anyways lol just thougt you would all like to know!
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Deborah Lippmann Rock this Town Nail Lacquer Trio set on Sale at NM
NM's  Sale Beauty section has a set of 3 Deborah Lippmann nail polishes for $25 down from $42. NM also offers free shipping. Use promo code KDGIFT for free gift wrapping--they have the best gift wrapping ever! I love having things I order for myself wrapped just so I can open it! LOL   Rock this Town holiday nail lacquer trio by Deborah Lippmann. The set includes three stunning shades with a sophisticated shimmer that will turn heads as you make your way through the holiday party circuit. There's a hue to suit every occasion and complement any outfit throughout the season. Shades:Moon Dance, Chain Reaction and Phoenix Rising        
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Nickel Free Make-up, particularly eye make-up
Im interesting in nickel-free makeup due to an allergy.  I saw some posts about this, but they looked a couple of years old.  Can you please advise?     Thanks!   Karen J
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My friend just ordered hers!! get  it before it's gone!
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Korres Makeup 50%+ on Hautelook!
For many of you who were disappointed with Sephora no longer carrying Korres makeup line, they have their foundation, concealer, blushes, Volcanic mascara, etc. on sale for 50% or more off through Hautelook!  
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I am interested in trying a bronzer.
I am interested in trying a bronzer. My favorite brands are Nars and Makeup Forever.. My foundation color is Golden in Bobbi Brown Skin and Caramel in Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer. What bronzer would you recommend based on this information?
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Lancome on sale on Ruelala
Hi all- Ruelala has a sale today on Lancome skincare- looks mighty tempting, products look to be nearly 20% off!
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