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I was told you discontinued the Sephora Skin Perfect CC Cream...Delicat Fair (P) what should I substitute it with that won't be greasy?
yesterday i spent over 400 dollars at my local sephora store, but i tried to register my account online and none of my points or even my VIB status is not on here. help please!!
Eyes Q&A
I'm going on vacation to a tropical place renowned for beaches, but notorious for rain. I'm also going with my boyfriend, who always manages to smudge off my eyeliner one way or another. In other words, my makeup doesn't stand a chance.    Has anyone tried a genuinely smudge-proof, waterproof liner that they could recommend? My current go-to is Tarte's clay liner, but I hear they reformulated it--and even then, the old formula could never withstand even light beach time anyway.   I'd prefer some kind of pot liner, but I'd be totally fine with a liquid too--I just can't really do pencil liners because I'm not skilled enough to create crisp lines with them. Thanks!
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Is Bumble and Bumble Surf range ok on color treated hair?
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Hello - I purchased some items at Sephora today and the clerk could not located my account on the system. I have an account and can access it myself from the Sephora website. Is there a way I can add my recent purchases to my account?  Thanks!
Hi there, could you let me know when/if I will be able to purchase Dr. Jart premium BB with SPF online in Canada? Thank you so much! ~Kelly
I was wondering, if I am darker in skin tone. Would a highlighter with peach undertones look good on my skin tone or ashy. I am interested in the champagne pop new becca highlighter. Thanks in advance.
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  It's just so beautiful and I know nothing about it but I want it> Does any one have this brush or can shareare their thoughts? -powder-brush-P396822?skuId=1702729&icid2=brand%20 ...  
I really want to try some new foundation. I sadly live 100 miles from the nearest Sephora so going in and testing foundation is hard to do. I currently wear Urban Decay Naked foundation in 4.0. Any suggestions on good matte foundation?  
I use Laura mercier silk creme foundation and just had to buy a new bottle but i do NOT like her new updated oil free silk creme, I even tried the moisturizing too . Its not the Same coverage as the original. I feel the original was a little thicker and had better coverage. Is there another foundation brand that has similar coverage as the original silk creme foundation? I also have acne scars and I like something med to full. Nothing too full coverage as kate Von d , and that is why I use to love Laura mercier silk creme. So sad it changed. . Any suggestions would be great!!!
Hello, Does anyone know if Sephora stores in Paris stock the Sephora favorites kits? Thank you xx
Hi! I'm 25 years old, Asian American (Vietnamese specifically). History of my skin: I had to get on Accutane by 6th grade.... anyways, skin was mostly clear throughout until college when I went off of BC at ~19 years old.   Skin went crazy, now it is still crazy at 25. Here are products I've been using:   PURPOSE Gentle Cleanser First Aid Beauty Facial Moisturizer NARS Sheer Glow in Santa Fe Occasionally NARS translucent powder   SO, now being summer I need something darker than Santa Fe..and something better at controlling oil. Because 2-3 hours after putting on my makeup, my face is a grease ball.   I tried the NARS LUMINOUS (also in Santa Fe) which was absolutely 110% gorgeous. Coverage was amazing. Didn't need concealer like with Sheer Glow.   EXCEPT the staying power for Luminous was terrible. Ok here's the thing...when I jumped in the pool it stayed relatively well. But when my greasy face got greasy... the foundation just turned into pools. See attached photo...can you see the foundation slipping off? It was especially gross if I itched my face and all the foundation ended up underneath my nails...   Anyways, staying power sucked AND on top of that, it would make me break out!! Just what I need to add to my problems!     So now I need some help and suggestions! I have lots of acne scarring/pigmentation, redness, and a few breakouts all over (mostly chin/jaw... now spreading to my cheeks but I thikn that's because of the Luminous).     HELP!!!!!!!!!!        
I'm looking for a hydrating moisturizer to mix with my foundation. I have a few dry spots that make my foundation look a little patchy. My t-zone is a little oily but everything else is normal to dry.   Any suggestions?
Combo / Normal Skin
I'm in my late teens with really oily skin. Recently my face BROKEOUT. I've always had my acne under control but these past two weeks slapped me in the face with painful cystic acne. I freaked and did the only thing I knew. Spot treated. day and night. with Harsh prescription and otc topicals. I totally dried my face out and now my aveeno moisturizer just doesn't cut it. it burns and still leaves my face dry. im looking for a moderately priced yet amazing moisturizer. but don't know where to start. thanks!
If I have fair skin with pink undertones should I buy a golden or brown bronzer?
What is a good daily moisturizer for oily skin? Need something that will be good under a primer and foundation and wont clog my pores or make my face feel oily or greasy.
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What a lovely way to start a day!  
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Hi, I just bought the MUFE Pro Bronze in 20M. The MUFE artist at Sephora tried it on my face with a kabuki brush, and I was surprised at how many times she had to apply it to show some color (something like 7 times). I bought it and tried it home and it literally has no pigmentation. The formula is half powder half cream, and you really have to apply it to your face like 6 times to be able to notice some color. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Why are people raving about this product if its so hard to apply? Any recommendations on bronzers that are more pigmented than this one? Thanks a lot!
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  This thread is closed. It will open on July 9th at 12 pm PDT.   Summer. Two hair industry experts are here to guide you—exclusively on BeautyTalk! Visit this thread on July 9 from 12 to 2pm PDT to get beauty advice from Drybar founder Alli Webb and Bumble and bumble stylist Mischa G. Ask them anything about hair, like how to create perfect beachy waves or instant volume.   Drybar founder Alli Webb: 12–1pm PDT Bumble and bumble stylist Mischa G.: 1–2pm PDT   Be sure click "Follow this thread" on the right side of this post to be notified via email when one of your questions is answered.
Has anyone purchased or tried any of the Ciate Skinny Shadow Sticks?     I was really surprised to see a Ciate section in the Powell Street store since it reopened. I went looking for their blush but noticed these as well. They have a spongy tip that seems like it could apply almost like a spongy version of a Sharpie. The shade range reminded me of the GA Eye Tints.    If you like products like the LM Caviar Sticks, these might be interesting to you. I might have bought one but it seemed like out of the 10 or so shades, about 6 of them had wandered off.
I want to order Dolce Gabbana Matt Foundation but the color 100 is slightly dark for me, what would be the next lighter color, I am Asian and so have yellow undertone. Also, what DG powder color I might be.    Thank you.
Face Q&A
Has anyone tried the Cover FX Custom Color Drops? I have a few red spots on my face from scaring that have not gone away yet.  I do not like to keep building foundation on my face but I recently heard about the custom color drops and wondered if they would add more coverage to my foundation and prevent me from having to use as much foundation. 
Hello,   I'm in between 3Y01 and 2Y02 and I cannot figure out which shade to please?
I purchased this and LOVE the color. It's perfect for me. However, like others, I'm not sure I love the formula, I can't seem to pick up enough on my brush. Do you have any recommendations for another blush in that color? Would the peach toned Hourglass blush be an option? Thanks in advance.