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And with that - it's actually October! It's finally starting to feel like Fall, and I'm excited to start using all of those Hiliday items that have been out since, pretty much summer .    Also - Happy Birthday to any fellow October babies! This year is Dirty 30 for me, and after a sinful September for me, I may have to spend most of this month admiring your hauls rather than sharing my own :x     ETA: I'm having a bit of insomnia and was surprised not to see an October Hauls thread already. If I missed it in my bleary eyed state - please let me know
I look for Lip matte that can stay on my mouth all day! Can u guide me the best or your favorite lip matte.
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i have really bad dry skin and large pores and when i put foundation it looks bad . what primer or moisturizers can i use . or anything that will help my skin
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Do you find yourself hoarding samples, never getting round to using those foils or deluxe sizes... Join our group and share your reviews and progress     here
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Hello, could someone please help me with linking my VIB card to my online account? The online account is not linked to my old beauty insider card either.
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This thread is closed. It will open on October 10 at 12 pm PDT.   When a celebrity needs a touch-up, they call the star of our next BeautyTalk Live Chat! Justin Anderson, colorist to the stars and dpHUE’s Creative Director, will be taking your questions on Monday, October 10. If the answer above has you dying to know more, visit this thread between noon and 1pm PDT to ask your very own hair question.     Be sure click "Follow this thread" on the right side of this post to be notified via email when one of your questions is answered.
Hello,   I am 23 and I have developed fine lines under my eyes due to my contact dermatitis (eye eczema) and I want to know the best way to keep eyes hydrated and make up staying without creasing.   Does anyone have any tips/tricks to prevent under eyes from creasing ...   My under eye area is very dry at times and I would like to know if anyone has tried a really great moisturizer for under eye and a good foundation/concealer for the under eye area?        
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I am in a foundation slump! i recently got the Marc Jacobs Remarcable foundation and i regret it SO much. My face looks awful no matter how I prime, set, or apply . It clings to texture I didn't even think my skin had! I just can't find a staple foundation that I can always fall back on. I'm a normal skin type, but I have noticeable pores and it's not even that I have dry skin it's just.. texture! My nose texture looks awful no matter what I try, help! In desperate need of a foundation that I can rely on to make my skin appear smooth without emphasizing the pores or texture of my skin, while still giving me the medium coverage I'm looking for! 
I have really oily skin and I am struggling to find a good foundation. Any suggestions?
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Small free samples are great ways to experience new brands and extend my views over the items that I didn't use to pay attention before...  But I wonder why I never receive any samples in offline stores..  I once asked if there were any, and I was given weird looks for it... I guess I should stick with the online stores or buy from other stores giving free samples without treating me like a weirdo.... Am I the only one having such experience?
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Ok so I've been battling with this issue for a while. I can't seem to figure out my skin type. i thought I was combo but I'm still iffy on that. So my forehead flakes especially around my brows Every now and then it flakes on my cheeks but not usually. My nose is awful after applying foundation to it , it looks super flaky, super cakey so I usually avoid putting product on my nose or I use a little bit of left over from my b.b. (I do have blackheads) But here's the thing, I get oily and shiny a couple hours after I apply my makeup , and I get super cakey, everywhere. I also have big pores on my nose, cheek area. And I have acne. What is wrong with my skin? It seems dry and flaky but at the same time I get super oily and shiny hours after my makeup , even when applying matte primers..
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What is the best contouring shades for a fair blonde with light tan at times?
Here's a suggestion to the BT mods to cut down on the spam threads: suppress the ability to put links in the title of the post. I can't think of one thread on BT that someone has started that had a link in a title that wasn't spam. Most of the regulars on BT use the body of the post to add a link, and even then, most people try to follow Sephora community guidelines regarding links. Just a suggestion...
Hi, so I own the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit: Light to Medium; and I need help figuring out what color/color mix fits my skin for contouring!   My skin color: 3Y06
Do oval brushes work better than the bare mineral brushes? Are they worth buying?
Will Sephora sell the ABH Makeup by Mario palette? If so, when is the release date?
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I've had these purplish veins on my cheeks. I've had them all my life. What product(s) should I use to cover them??
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Okay- just ran out of my eye cream (darn it- love that it has a pump- but can't tell when it is going to run out) and am looking for an amazing eye cream that will depuff- in the mornings and illuminate dark circles.  I have to admit that I am eyeing the La Mer Concentrate Eye Cream with its special ball wand but at $200.00- I just think I will be disappointed because I always am when I spend too much on beauty products.  You put A LOT of expectations into $$$ stuff.   If it is worth it, I will buy it.  Anyhow- any suggestions would be amazing!     Thank you,.
Whenever I use black eyeshadow, it always ends up looking green on my eyes. I don't know why, or does this ever happen to anyone else? I use blackout by Urban Decay. OH, and I use concealer for a "primer" on my lids.
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EDIT: This is the email I just received: Dear Valued Beauty Insider,   We recently sent you a package directly from Kat Von D, which includes a Vegan Makeup Bag, a Tattoo Liner in Trooper and an Ink Liner in Trooper. This was sent as an apology for the experience you may have had with the 750 point Kat Von D coffin reward you recently redeemed, which many clients found to be disappointing in quality. We hope you enjoy this set of full sized products!   Regards, Sephora Community Support Team   ******   Yesterday evening UPS dropped off a black t-shirt style box at my door. I had no idea who it was from and I was not expecting any deliveries.    This is my version of unboxing:   1. Just the tissue paper/before the reveal   2. The reveal/ It is a KVD looking clutch of sorts   3. Inside are two full size Eyeliners!   Color me both surprised and impressed. I was definitely not expecting this gratis token/gift and I am pleasantly surprised! Hopefully other BTers will report that they have received one as well.    Yeah Kat Von D for hitting a home run with this one. I am one happy client right now!
Hi Ladies,    I am looking for a new eye shadow palette that works for my green eyes. I have had both Lorac PP 3  and Tartelette in Bloom recommended. Which one is better? And or any other recommendations?   Thanks!   Morgan 
I have developed some white bumps under my eye that makes me believe it is milia. Is there any under eye cream that will make it go away? Also under my eye looks like "chicken skin" not sure if this is milia too! Any advice or products I should use? Thanks!