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r Hi, Couple days ago I forgot the Kat Von d Studded lipstick in Lolita II in the washer and dryer machine, then y'all know what happened I have tried to look for it to rebuy since it is my most favorite lipstick, but I can't find it everywhere and even some info when will it restock? Does anyone know some info about that? I really want to buy it again 😭😭
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i am having trouble with my foundations lately. I would get either samples/ full bottle of foundation that either matches me or is a shade or two darker than me. Whenever I would set my foundation with setting powders like laura mercies, kat von d, or airspun it makes my foundation look way lighter than it seems. I have tried so many things to fix it but it keeps becoming too light. please help
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Hi, I am 20 years old and I don't wear makeup. However, I am starting to take care of my skin! I noticed that my pores - around my nose and my chin - have been really big and visible. I use pore strips every week but it doesn't seem to minimize my pores. Any cheap  & afforable product or ways to help minimize pores?   Thanks!
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So i am having a hard time figureing out my makeup. I cant seem to get my foundation to not look cakey. I am not sure if i am doing somthing wrong or if i am using the wrong foundation. Maybe the wrong color foundation. I dont know if i need a matte foundation or what i need.
what primer goes well with this? I have oily/combo skin.. getting oily in t-zone and then having some dry patches on acne, in the cracks of my nose, etc.
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I am looking for a foundation for my 61-year-old aunt. She has dry skin and is looking for something that won't settle in line and gives her some glow. Thank you! 
I am looking for a eye shadow palette that can give me a vampy dark smokey eye, i use the Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick in shade vampira if that helps. I would also like my lips and eyes to match if that makes sense. Hopefully one of you can help me, thank you have a good day.
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I use Origins charcoal mask, and I love it.  I can see that it's working because the stuff is sticking out of my pores after I wash it off.  My question is - how do I remove all those whiteheads that are trying to get out after using this awesome mask?  I don't want to just put product on top of it...any suggestions?  Thanks!
I have been stuggling with super greasy eye lids and noticing my mascara and eye shadow make this horrible crease? any help would be great.
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Hello, I have sensitive skin and dry to normal combination.   I am looking for something that I won't break out with and I'm finding a hard time doing that. I am also looking for something to hydrate my skin and remove the imperfections and brighten it up a bit. So far I've tried Ren and Olehendrikson and none seem to do the job, I end up getting a few red spots and pimples   Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I have really dry skin so when I put my makeup on you can see how dry my skin is and my makeup doesn't look blended in at all, what can I do?
Hi,   I bought a new Urban Decay 714 Mega Matte and when it came, it had some dots on it. I googled online and saw pics of the 714 with similar dots on it. Is this normal? Below is a pic I found online.
I have a few questions today. Today I was planning to go to sephora. I was wondering if we are able to get a 15-20 minute free makeover. Is the makeover free? What will they do in the makeover? Do we have to purchases something after the makeover? Is the iQ foundation test free? Who do we tell if we want a makeover and a iQ test done and how long is the wait usually ? Can you please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you?
I'm just starting Accutane. Mid 30s, have suffered since teens with mild/moderate very persistent hormonal acne.  Already after four days I'm getting very dry. I've heard that the bare minerals Complexion Rescue is a great option. Problem is that I don't have a store where I live so I'm concerned about choosing the right shade. up to now I've been using pur minerals 4in1 liquid foundation in light, but would that translate over to Vanilla(02) or buttercream(03). Makeup isn't my forte, I've always been very basic about it despite the skin imperfections, so any thoughts from those with more knowledge would be appreciated!
Spoiler (Highlight to read)     Hey all - I need some help! I start work at 8 and by about 1-2, all of my makeup has faded and started to break up on my face. I have acne as well so it unfortunately starts to peek through. Even if I touch up with concealer, it will only give me like another two hours or so and it still looks far from how I started the day off. My skin is pretty oily, but I also have dry patches that my makeup start to cling to by that time.  I've always had issues with this even with using different products, but I currently use: Caudalie SOS Serum Smashbox Photo Finish Primer water L'oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation or Physicians Formula Organic Wear BB Cream Nars Creamy Concealer and/or Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer Physicians Formula Bronzer Tarte Blush Smashbox Photo Finish Primer water I've tried a couple of primers and powders with the above, but they didn't seem to make a ton of difference or they made my face super dry and cakey.   Thanks!
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I'm very fair and burn easily, so I'm looking for a good face sunscreen. Most of the ones I've tried break me out or make my skin way too greasy. I need something that's SPF 30+ and can wear well with makeup.   Happy to hear recommendations from any brands or stores (high-end or drugstore), but I'd prefer products under $30.     Thank you!
My skin is EXTREMELY picky about SPF. I have found a physical SPF my skin can tolerate that I apply daily, but I guess I never noticed that SPF in foundations truly breaks me out until I recently started looking for more fuller coverage and longer lasting formulas. My go to's have always been Koh Gen Do Aqua and Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk - two formulas without SPF that provide a beautiful finish, but are not very long lasting. My skin is on the normal to slightly dry side. I have recently tried both the Dior Forever foundation (SPF 35) and the Lancome Teint Idole Foundation (SPF 15) and both seem to be giving me an irritated looking rash on my cheeks. Any suggestions for a good long wearing foundation WITHOUT SPF that won't completely dry my skin out?
I am looking for a good heat protectant to apply to my air dried hair before straightening or curling.  I have long, wavy, thick hair.  It is color treated.  I am currently using Living Proof spray but am not a super fan of the spray. 
I was thinking about maybe buying one  when they have their big semi annual sale  in the summer what are your favorite ones ??? I know someone told me they have a really good one there but I dont know what the name of it is I dont remember what it was called.
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april showers (and old) favorites ! (an aside: i love just about everything i got in the sale this month; some stuff needs more time before i want to talk about it, but some stuff--after having for about 2 weeks now--are solidly favorites !). no skincare for me this month, just stickin' to my tried and true.   not pictured: KVD lip liner and CIRQUE nail polish (see below)   NARS dual intensity eyeshadow -- sycorax . i've been using it both as sheer smoke around the eyes, and as diffused liner. it's brilliant as both. i haven't used it wet on the lid, yet, so i can't speak for that, but used dry it is sheer but buildable, and not patchy (something i find quite hard to find in black shadows) i basically think this is a perfect product, and i can't believe it took me this long.  (" Sycorax is an unseen character in William Shakespeare's play The Tempest. She is a vicious and powerful witch and the mother of Caliban, one of the few native inhabitants of the island on which Prospero, the hero of the play, is stranded.") REAL TECHNIQUES eye shade + blend brush set. this set is the base shadow brush and the deluxe crease brush. i lovvvvve them. as a lot of y'all know, i'm not too fancy--i typically never use more than 2 colors on my eyes, and a fluffy blending brush does me just fine. the base shadow brush is just perfect--it picks up product with easy, and blends it with such ease. i haven't been using the deluxe crease brush much--but it's a perfect 'diffuser' brush, and i've used it some, too, for face powder on concentrated areas. NARS light reflecting loose powder . i've had this for a long time and use it regularly, if not sometimes rather sparsely. this month i found myself using it everyday and reminding myself just how gorgeous this stuff is. sets makeup, light perfectly diffuses pores and texture and gives a properly luminous--not shimmery or glittery--glow. LIP COMBO: MAC spice lipliner with NYX liquid suede 'soft spoken' . this dominated my look the first half of the month. darkened nude but totally wearable. some people don't like the liquid suede formula, but i adore it.  KAT VON D everlasting lip liner, lovecraft . this dominated the second half of the month for me. lovecraft is only slightly darker than the 'lovesick' everlasting liquid lip in 'lovesick' which is one of my very favorite nudey pinks. the formula is creamy but not slippy (i hate slippery lip pencils !), opaque and lasts ALL DAY. i wore this almost everyday since getting it, only to have it fall out of a pocket last night. i've already repurchased, because i don't want to be without it. my only qualm with this product is that i think it will not last longer than 6 weeks, as the softness of the formula leads to a lot of product being used at once. that $18 price tag will add up quickly if that's the case. NARS sun wash diffusing bronzer, 'laguna' . what can i say, i've worn this every single day since i got it. it's rather sheer but buildable, so foolproof (which i need as a bronzer newb) as well as suitable for fair skin. if you followed my experience of buying it in the NARS thread, i ended up getting laguna over the fair-skin intended 'seaside' which i was afraid would look too orange, and while i'm not sure how 'seaside' would've worked out, i can attest that laguna is not too dark for fair skin--aided, of course, by the lovely, sheer and MODERN formula. CIRQUE nail lacquer - 'fast fashion'.  i don't own this, i sell it in my shop and used the tester for an instagram post.  and i was instantly in love ! i'll likely be buying some for myself, and this is surprising for a few reasons: i'm not a nail person, i can't be bothered, as well's a pink ! a nude, warm (rather than the more ubiquitous cool) mauve, and i'm just feelin' it. i've painted my nails 4 times with it ! i never do that !  Spoiler (Highlight to read) BURBERRY eye contour shadow stick -- almond . perfect everyday shade for a bit of definition but otherwise natural look. if you're a fan of maybelline color tattoo in 'creamy beige' or mac paint pot 'groundwork', 'almond' is very similar, but in a stick (which i know some people prefer). it goes on very creamy, but dries down very quickly (blend fast !) and then doesn't budge. this one won't be leaving my makeup bag  
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I am looking for Make Up Forever's shade number 11 in their Rouge Artist Intense lipstick.  I saw it called Pink Sith on a blog I read, but cannot find it on your site.  Can you help?
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Finally, oily skin meets its matte! We are so excited for you to try our bestselling Counter Balance™ Oil Control Hydrator and share your skincare journey with us. This lightweight daily moisturizer controls oil, minimizes the look of pores and is clinically proven to improve foundation wear for up to 8 hours.   It’s powered by Green Fusion Complex™, a proprietary blend of potent active botanicals—green tea, eucalyptus, algae (kelp) and Irish moss extracts—with natural antiseptic properties. With neem seed oil and AHAs, Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator minimizes the look of pores and helps skin maintain a healthy balance.   This open forum is for you to share your experience and hear from others. We’ll be checking this thread frequently, so if you have questions, ask away!   Remember, a happy face is a beautiful face!
Every time I use Drunk Elephant C-Firma, it makes me break out like crazy.  What are some similar products that won't cause this?
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What is the Color IQ for Make Up For Ever's Water Blend Face & Body Foundation in R250? This foundation seems the closest of the four I tried; however, it's slightly light pink and doesn't cover much. I tried the following: BareMinerals Original Foundation in Fair (2R05): - looks like a bronzer if I apply more then one layer. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation in R230 (1R04): - covers perfectly, but slightly light pink. - the yellow equivalent was FAR too yellow. - very oily and tacky unless blotted/powder applied. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream in Fair (1Y02): - close, but doesn't cover, slightly streaky, and light yellow. My face is literally a mosaic of colours: redness (Rosacea in the family), freckles, dark eye circles, sensitive skin, and alternating between red and yellow undertones.