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What shade?
What shade should I purchase in Dual Finish Versatile Powder Makeup by Lancome if I wear medium beige in Bare Minerals?
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Dark Skin
I use Makeup Forever Foundation 185 what is a good concealer to use?   I feel like it doesn't evenly cover unless I should use a better primer or a bb cream  Or is there a better foundation that would provide full coverage?
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Calling all Tom Ford Lovers!
Lips and boys is LIVE on his website. The realize was supposed to be Friday at midnight but I was able to order this morning!    Thanks to Meaghobo for letting me know!    Happy thanksgiving! 
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International VIB
I'm pretty close to achieving VIB status but I wondering if it's even worth it for people who don't live in USA or Canada. What do you guys think? 
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Syncing Online Account with Beauty Insider Card
How do I sync my online account with my VIB card? Help please! I've made many purchases but there are no points showing up in my online account. It says I'm not even signed up for beauty insider.
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Beauty insider
My beauty insider points are not in my account. I've made purchases before however, i had not signed up online until now. I believe there might have been some sort of information mix up when i signed up at the store. Is there anyway to get my points into my account? 
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Which Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade To Choose?
Hello! I am wanting to invest in an Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, but I am unsure which shade to choose. I am naturally a brunette, but I currently have a deep purple (burgundy under certain lighting) hair color. Which shade would work best? Thank you!
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Could someone please recommend a dupe for sugar walls Too Faced??
Love this color in the Boudoir pallette, any recommendations would be great!!!          Thanks!! valerie
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Anti-Aging Suggestions for Sensitive/Combo Skin
I am 32 and have quite sensitive skin. Any allergies (food, environmental etc) show themselves on my skin. As I've gotten older, I find that there are things that are becoming issues and I would like advice from all you lovely women and men on brands/products to use.   * I have an olive complexion and my skin type is sensitive/combination. I tend to get an oily T-zone, with dry lower cheeks/mouth etc.   * I've noticed that my pores are much larger, especially on my cheeks and face by/on my nose.   * I have black circles under my eyes and have tried most everything but nothing seems to help!   * I don't get many break outs, but when I do, it's usually around my jawline and some whiteheads on my actual face which aren't visible, just uncomfortable.   I've been using Origins Plantscription cleanser, Night cream and Origins Mushroom "toner" which seems to help with the redness I get sometimes. The day cream is way too oily...I should've gotten the oil-free one. ** I don't have wrinkles...yet. What I would like is to:  Brighten my skin, have less visible pores, even out skin tone, decrease black circles and minimise break outs!   I prefer natural or close to natural products and ones that don't test on animals. But TBH, if I can find product(s) which works and doesn't irritate my skin, I'll make sacrifices!   Please help!  
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Urban Decay Vice Limited will be on the UD site Dec 4
Sorry if someone already posted this...   December 4, 1:00 Am pst on the Urban Decay website.   My video review if anyone is interested. I really like it…lots of light shades and more of the old style UD shimmer (so not all will agree).  Reminds me a little of the Nars Dual intensity shadows.  
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Stila - In the Garden look cards
I misplaced my look cards and am trying to prove something to a friend. I would really appreciate if someone could scan/ take a picture of the look cards for me. Anyone? Please? 
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Do you have products for cover-up that is Vegan, Hypo-allergenic, Non-comedogenic, Dye Free, Preservative Free, Oil Free, Paraben Free, Silicon Free. Latex Free, Egg/Animal Free, Avacado Fre, Papaya Free, Pomegranate Free, Banana Free, Tomato Free, of if you know other products that do apply please email to, Thanks Sincerely, Tara Douglas
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Live Hair Q&A with Drybar!
  This chat is closed. It will open at 12 pm on December 5th.   Ask Drybar founder Alli Webb a styling question exclusively on Beauty Talk! Visit this thread on December 5 from 12–1pm PST to get hair advice from the blow dry master and entrepreneur herself. Ask her anything, from which Drybar product is right for you to how to get Texas-sized hair for the holidays.   Be sure click "Follow this thread" on the right side of this post to be notified via email when one of your questions is answered.
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Dupe for Gerard Lip in Plum Crazy & Buttercup
Hi! Does anyone know a color dupe of Gerard Lipstick in Buttercup and Gerard Lipgloss in Plum Crazy? Something that's either a cheap drugstore dupe or a higher end brand that I can swatch would be much appreciated  
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bridal make up for over 40 skin
tips any one? I m getting married next June.  
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Sephora Harmony Trio? Replacement highlighter/luminizer?
Hi Everyone!   Sephora used to sell a highlighter/luminizer set called the 'Harmony Trio'.  I had bought the item a few times over the years and loved it.  I accidentally took the one I had on vacation with me over the weekend and it BROKE in my checked bag! You'd think baggage handlers would be more considerate of the fact that I had fragile makeup in my suitcase Anyways, I checked the website as soon as I got back so I could order another and they're no longer sold.  I'm heartbroken.  Does anyone else have a recommendation for a powder highlighter set?  The palette I used had three colors: a peachy tone, rose, and white which I used as both eye shadow and for highlighting.  They were really pigmented which was awesome.  Thanks!
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Newsflash Sephora: This is why you should give us free stuff
We've talked about this before, but I thought I'd give Sephora a friendly reminder as to why they, and makeup companies, should shower us with deluxe samples.   Never would I have allowed myself to even think about Dior quints, $60 for a small eyeshadow palette isn't something I could justify. Well that resolve lasted a whole 10 seconds after using the mini quint (came with the Dior mascara, but some of y'all got it as a promo).   And so with one mini baby version of a shadow quint you got me to spend $60x2, and that's just the start of this obsession.   Samples are also what got me to buy and love Better than Sex, Lights Camera Lashes, Nirvana White, C'est la Vie, Bright Crystal, UD Liar, Hourglass Child, Bite Musk, Porefessional, HG Veil primer, Nars eyeshadow primer, etc etc. I could go on and on and on. Reallly.    Unfortunately most of these samples I bought myself, now you're lucky I'm a mini lover and go out of my way to buy little things, which make me love the bigger versions, but for those non mini lovers, you really should consider just making it rain samples. At least for the products that are worth it like the GG masks, or things you know people will fall in love with.   Except Orgasm. The world has spoken and they're over it. Really. Stop
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Foreo Luna? Which One to Buy and What you think about it!
I have oily, acne prone skin, with moderate acne. I have pale skin that gets red really easily and its a little dull . I'm looking for a product that will completely change my skin. Hoping this product will do it. I've heard good things about it but I don't know if it will address my skin concerns. I have used the Clarisonic off and on for about 3 years, but I am only 14, so when I started using the clarisonic, my skin was naturally getting worse . I feel my skin is nice after I wash my face with the clarisonic but it doesn't do anything to it to help much. If i buy the Foreo Luna, which one should I get? My skin isn't super sensitive and I have a hard time telling if my skin is combination or oily, but i think its oily. It gets a little dry on the per meter of my cheeks and around my chin. Also in consideration, is the clinique Brush but I don't feel very strong about it. Any recommendations from people who have a similar skin type, have used this product, or have any other experience with a great cleansing brush! Thank You all! Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
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Missing YSL Touche Eclat Foundation Shade?? BD50
Sephora has been out of stock online and in the LA region for MONTHS, and now they have taken it off of the website.   But.... it's available from YSL, at Nordstrom (online and in-store in LA), and at Bloomingdale's (online and in-store in LA). I have heard rumors that Sephora is discontinuing this shade... but what gives? This is the equivalent to a MAC NC35-40, which is a very popular shade.    Can someone tell me what is going on?
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makeup forever artist shadow black rose
Anyone have swatches of this color? Is temptalia's swatch accurate?
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Skincare advice for newcomer
I would like to try some few products from Caudalie. My sister told me that it is a good brand. If you have used any of these products below, please give me your opinions. -Caudalie vinosource serum -Caudalie vinoperfect day fluid spt15 -Caudalie C15 detox oil My skin type is combination, and then to get dehydrated and congested. I also have uneven skintone.
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Cover FX Blemish Treatment Concealer
Has anyone tried this? It's fairly new, and my local SiJCP raves about it and they sell out whenever they get some in.   Tried to get one during the sale, but almost all the colors were sold out. Now N Medium is back in stock but trying to decide between N Medium and G Medium.   TIA! -P388701?keyword=COVER%20FX%20Blemish%20Treatment% ...
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Q. Airbuki Brush Dupe?
Hi, I just bought the tarte powder foundation. I didnt buy the airbuki brush with it because its quite expensive. Do you think my real techniques buffing will work well with the powder foundation? Thanks!!
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are the bite beauty lipsticks and lip crayons going to be discontinued from sephora?
are the bite beauty lipsticks and lip crayons going to be discontinued from sephora? That is what i heard from someone, and i just want to make sure that,that is not true! -Dalia
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Choose color of Concealer
My color IQ is 2Y02, I just wanna buy stila Perfecting Concealer. What color you think is most suitbale for me?
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What shade would I be in Lancôme dual finish versatile powder makeup?!?! Or other recommendations!?
Hi, I've been using make up for ever pro finish powder in shade 120 for almost 2 yrs! My local store doesn't have it in stock,  but also I'm ready to try something else! I love this powder, but I just wanna venture out into the world...   I was mac nc25 for a powder when I went there like four years ago too but I don't use their face powders anymore   also, if there's any other powder you'd recommend, I use it over my dr jart bb cream to give me more coverage and set it.    Thanks!!
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Lipcolor lip liner match
Hello, I have the AquaLip lip liner in 2C.  Do you think you can recommend me a lipcolor to go with it?  I forgot the lipcolor they recommended me at the Sephora store when I went.  Thank  you.
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What is the best face primer to wear with the Marc Jacobs liquid foundation?
What is the best face primer to wear with the Marc Jacobs liquid foundation? I have tried several and can't seem to find one that works well. After a few hours I can start to see the red in my cheeks show. Or if there is a great primer you love please let me know!! I have dry, sensitive skin.
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