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Beauty Confessions
Hey guys ! It's a new month so you know what that means!! New haul thread time whoop whoop!! With the sale coming up soon at Sephora I know you ladies will be hauling so show me what you're getting!! I'll add in my additions soon !
Beauty Confessions
What makeup is everyone wearing today?   Today I am wearing:   1. Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Champagne 2. Benefit Coralista blush 3. TheBalm Mary-Loumanizer 4. Dior Creme de Rose Lipbalm 5. Dior Addict Lipstick in 454 6. Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in RSVP   and under all this I am wearing Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid Sunblock SPF 50   So c'mon now...confess!
Beauty Confessions
Lately I have been going over my purchases and I noticed a tiny trend - I am obsessed with some things more than others.   So what are your 5 things/products that you are obsessed with lately (it could be anything - from food to clothing to makeup, etc)?   Mine are: - Skin care (Algenist, face masks, and serums) - Purses (bought 4 purses in one year, and continuing to look .. smh) - Starbucks (holiday drinks) - NARS creamy concealer - Bite Beauty
Beauty Insider
SEPHORA IS BEING SUED FOR RACIAL DISCRIMINATION Sephora has gotten itself into hot water in the wake of a  20 percent off sale  in early November that wound up crashing its site. Four women of Chinese descent have filed a class action suit against the beauty retailer and LVMH, its parent company, for discriminating against minority customers — in this case, deactivating and blocking accounts of shoppers "of perceived Chinese/Asian descent based on the ill-founded and discriminatory belief that all Chinese/Asian customers abuse discount sales to enagage in bulk purchase for re-sale." Yep. That does not sound good.  According to the court filing, the Sephora site crashed on Nov. 6, preventing any customers from accessing their accounts or making purchases, but later that evening the site was back up and running. As the retailer explained things on its Facebook site e , the malfunctioning owed to "high levels of bulk buys for reselling purposes in North America and other countries" and a number of accounts it believed to be associated with that activity remained suspended.  You can see where this is going: According to the plaintiffs, the blocked accounts belonged to "email addresses with names that appeared to signify Chinese/Asian race/ethnicity/national origin/descent" or web domains originating in China or Asia. Hence the suit, which the four women — Xiao Xiao, Man Xu, Jiali Chen and Tiantian Zou — filed in the Southern District of New York U.S. District Court on Tuesday. Sephora has a slightly different take on things. Here's a statement sent to  Fashionista  by a rep for the company:     The sale is going strong 
Beauty Confessions
with all the limited edition items that are released and the shark frenzies that follow, I'm interested in seeing what items my fellow BTers have snagged over the years that are now those coveted hard to find unicorns.  Those beautiful things we wanted but missed out on.   Basically, I want to see pictures of those Beauties I cannot have, just like I wznna see pictures of those hunky men in harlequin romance novels I can never have.   Running to grab a box of tissues and some popcorn!   Oh and as a sneak preview, here's my first self-deemed unicorn.  This picture is from the Omotesando cosmetic boutique.  The blusher in the middle is the real unicorn.  It was only available at this one store location to celebrate its opening.  I went in to snag one for someone else and they were sold out.  See the sold out sticker?   They sold out in a week and STILL had the darn set on display one month later!!!  Why????  
Beauty Confessions
For those of us that love lipsticks and have several of them, do you rotate or reach for the same few? I wear some more than others. And some have been neglected a lot (although they are very pretty). I thought of holding myself to wearing a new lipstick everyday for 30 days. Lets see how long this will last. If I last 30 days, maybe I will go longer.  Ha...lets see if I last 2 weeks.   Anybody else?  I am quite excited about it....   Day 1, 11/10/14 - Maybelline Vivids in Vivid Rose. Day 2, 11/11/14 - NARS Funny Face Day 3, 11/12/14 - NARS Satin Lip Pencil - Yu Day 4, 11/13/14 - NARS Audacious in Annabelle Day 5, 11/14/14 - NARS Audacious in Charlotte Day 6, 11/15/14 - CK One Pure Color in 610-Bite Me (almost wore Chanel....another day) Day 7, 11/16/14 - Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Electric Violet Day 8, 11/17/14 - YSL Rouge Volupte #34 Rose Asarine Day 9, 11/18/14 - BITE Beauty High Pigment pencil - Winterberry Day 10,11/19/14 - CHANEL Rouge Allure in Palpitante Day 11,11/20/14 - YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #40 Rouge Eros Day 12,11/21/14 - BITE Matte Lip Crayon in Framboise Day 13,11/22/14 - NARS Red Lizard Day 14,11/23/14 - Bobbi Brown Art in Stick Bright Raspberry
Ok BT, what did you find today? Edit: Sticky plug to a FABULOUS thread. Found a  Deal? Post it here - od-to-pass-Up/td-p/1513386  Edit 10-2, feel free to post if you find something from your favorite brand. Link to the item, price, and brief description so that folks can at a glance decide if they want to clickie to Love or Buy. ^-^   As an FYI, here are the 26 pages I'm trolling for what was newly added today . Usually pretty easy to do because the newest items have 20 loves or less and no reviews.  In general I will check in the morning and late afternoon and post what I find.   Acqua di Parma, Ardency Inn, Antasasia, Atelier Cologne, BareMinerals, Bite Beauty, Chloe, Elizabeth and James, Josie Maran, Jurlique, L'Occitane, Lavanilla, Marc Jacobs Makeup, Marc Jacobs Perfume, Marula, NEST, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Sephora Collection, Sephora Favorites, Smashbox, Tarte, Tata Harper, Thierry Mugler, Tocca, TokyoMilk Dark, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Victor & Rolf
Beauty Confessions
So, one of the things I like best about BT is our capacity for kindness and positivity.  I know that whenever I have a question someone is going to take time out of their busy day to answer it and that is great.   I thought maybe it would be nice to start a thread where people post appreciations for other.  Like if someone recommended a product that became an HG product for you or if a thread made you smile you could post here to appreciate them.  I think it would be a great way to celebrate our community.  One note: I know that sometimes things like this feel like popularity contests, and if people are anxious about that happening here I will definitely take the thread down because that is not my intention at all.  If this becomes a popularity drama festival it will not stay up.   But back to positive!  I vow to post once a day about something someone did that I appreciate and I challenge everyone to participate at least once. Appreciating people feels good!  I'm gonna post my first appreciations as a comment rather than in this post.  Yay appreciating people!
Beauty Insider
Just noticed this page: mplateNoNav.jsp?mediaId=17200052&_requestid=23570   BLACK FRIDAY Be the first to see our once-a-year specials. Follow SephoraSnaps on Snapchat from November 23 - 25 to see what’s coming up on Black Friday. Not on Snapchat? You can still view the deals early on Instagram beginning November 26. Until then, visit our Weekly Specials to shop current offers.   Downloading Snapchat now...
Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 12.50.25 PM.png
I have been getting a lot of great emails.  Hopefully, some of these deals can come in handy for the rest of you.  Have you seen any awesome ones you want to share?  Now, is a great time to haul.      
Feeling under the weather, lucky to still be able to go to my mom and get pampered. As I was laying on her bed I could hear her doing her nightime skin routine. The products she bought on the 20 percent  sale. The fab skincare set and claudiale beauty elixir. It made me smile and felt happy for her. She is really liking this set. I asked her if she noticed a change in skin and she said it looks like she has.    I just wanted to share a little moment that one not might think too much about but sometimes you realize its little moments that often have a big impact in your life. Memories although small will last a lifetime,
Beauty Insider
Edit- I received my packages yesterday, 2 days prior and my point are added, i hope the same with every one. Thank u so much Sephora CS.     I just received email from sephora customer care, stating that " Due to an overwhelming response to our 20% off event, our Distribution Centers are experiencing processing delays. Your order will be delivered by Wednesday, November 19th . We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,  to  express our apology, we will add 500 points to your Beauty Bank. These points never expire and can be redeemed online or in-store. Your Beauty Bank balance will reflect the additional points within 2-3 business days".    Did any one received this email? I'm happy that Sephora recognizing our inconvenience. Thank you.
Beauty Insider
I'm wondering if this happened to anyone else.. At last night's event the girl at the register next to me was trying to buy multiples of several items. The cashier told her that there was a limit of 3 per item, per customer. The girl's English was almost nonexistent because she just kept giving a blank stare and asking "how much?" so the cashier finally told her that she would just do multiple separate transactions so she could buy all of the items. I don't know what she was buying, and she very well might have been purchasing the same item for her nine sisters back home, but it made me wonder -- why even put these policies in place if no one is sticking to them?   Every time I check the sephorahaul tag on Instagram it's flooded with people selling Sephora and Ulta exclusives overseas through their accounts. I don't begrudge anyone for trying to make a living however they can but it is annoying to see tons of the Too Faced melted lipstick sets for sale on there when they're sold out online and in stores.   I also saw massive amounts of girls writing to Sephora's FB page about their accounts being locked and accused of being resellers -- an inordinate amount, it seems. Just wondering if anyone else has seen any of this stuff going on?
Beauty Confessions
I saw a lot of people posting in the "Found in the wild New" post about Lime Crime now being sold at Sephora.     It seems like there are a lot of strong opinions because of the controversy surrounding this brand so I thought it would be fun if it had its own topic.   So what are your thoughts on Lime Crime now being sold at Sephora?    edit: I want to apologize for creating another thread on this.  I didn't realize it had already been talked about!  I should of looked it up first, so again, I'm sorry.
Beauty Insider
our darling syd has reached 5000 hearts!!! she's an amazing bt contributor - from the trades threads, to recognizing makeup as art, to always having a recommendation!  syd is the woman who sees the beauty in everything!  but even more she's an amazing friend!!!    syd i love you and i'm honoured to be able to call you a friend!!!         let's hear it for our sydbristow!!!!
Hey ladies and gents!   I'm always on the hunt for new brands to explore.   I love supporting smaller companies that are female and/or minority owned. (the ones you share don't have to be)   What are your favorite indie brands?  Makeup, beauty, body care, clothes etc?     I've loved oyin handmade for YEARS since they started in 1999/2000 or so.  They have really grown and are now available in target stores in some areas.   I also love bake shop butters (the owner is so sweet) she just got married so her shop is closed for now, but her body butters are WONDERFUL and smell so good.   Toni Daley makes some AMAZING jewelry!  I have some of her earrings and any time I wear them someone always asks me where I got them.   Rachel Stewart also make some incredible pins and earrings.
List of Sephora Black Friday deals, courtesy of shapeshifter. These are the ones she is aware of for SIJCP. She and I communicated about her post of this information getting lost within this thread and making it easy for all of you to know what the deals are. So a zillion hearts for her.  I'll put the original thread information in a spoiler.    - 12oz Philosophy Purity made simple - Buxom set: Sulpted Lash Mascara and Hold the Line waterproof liner (black) - Too Faced set: Deluxe mini BTS mascara and original shadow insurance - Too Faced set: Deluxe mini Original Shadow Insurance and Champagne Shadow Insurance - Josie Maran set: mini Bare naked nail wipes and mini apricot hand cream - Bocia set: Deluxe size Black Mask and full size charcoal blotting papers - Bare Minerals set: Eyeshadow duo (not certain of colors, but looked like a plum and a goldish) with MMoxie lip gloss in Rebel - Smashbox set: travel size original face primer, full exposure mascara, high def concealer (sorry, don't know the color, but most likely whatever the midrange one is…) - First Aid Beauty set: 2oz cleanser and 2oz ultra repair cream - Make Up Forever set: 2 shimmery lip glosses, one pink, unsure of the colors, sorry. - Tarte set: mini lipgloss and mini blush in Magic, travel size Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara - CLEAN set of 4 mini roller balls - Sephora collection: set of two precision makeup sponges - Sephora collection: eyeshadow passport (not sure on colors, looked like nudes) - Pink Sugar: roller ball (I think full size) - Juicy Couture: double ended roller ball (not totally sure what scents) - Perricone MD: travel sized Face Finishing Moisturizer .5oz - Ole Henriksen set: travel size african red tea foam cleanser and travel size brightening cleansing cloths - Kat Von D set: mini lip duo with a studded kiss in Lolita and an everlasting liquid lipstick in Berlin - Peter Thomas Roth: FirmX peeling gel exfoliant. It looked like 1oz size. - Bite Beauty set: 3 mini lush fruit lip glosses in Rambutan, Strawberry and Currant in a zip bag.   From Snapchat/Sephorasnaps: Apparently, there will be more previews coming....           Determination of when the online sales will go live: - This is still a great mystery. 12 am EST according to someone who made a mental note of it last year but so far, no official word for this year. Would love for a mod to help us out on this one.   Determination of store hours for Black Friday: -From what I've gathered, and folks, please chime in - Black Friday hours are location specific and dependent on a number of factors. If your free-standing Sephora is inside a mall, they will likely match the opening hours for that mall. At my local mall, stores opened at midnight, and so then, did Sephora. At my SIJCP, hours were based on when Penny's opened. For Sephora's that are not in a mall, or Penny's, they will like go with whatever time that "plaza" is going to open. I called my two favorite Sephora's in Arizona. I don't live there, but when I'm there, they are the ones I go to. The one on 15169 N Scottsdale Rd is going to open at 8 am. The one in Fashion Square mall is going to open at 6 am. But here is the BEST news. For the free standing Sephora's, it looks like Black Friday hours are posted for most stores, on the locations page of For fun, I pulled up the stores with a 90210 zip code:          
Beauty Confessions
trying new products can be...overwhelming. do you love a product because it works ? can you tell right away if it's performing the way you want it to ? sometimes i'm so happy to finally try something and let my enthusiasm blind my  actual  impression of it (at least at first )   it takes time to come to proper conclusions ! particularly when it comes to skincare, but makeup too.   so here's a thread where we can discuss our experiences while trying a product  for a first time. it can also be a place that people can reference if they're considering a new product.   right now i'm trying a sample of the REN v-cense night cream. i've only used it for 2 nights so far, but i LOVE IT. i love it so much i'm tempted to go ahead and grab it up, but i need to make sure it doesn't break me out over time (it contains shea butter which *can* be a breakout trigger for me, but not necessarily). it smells of frankincense which i adore, but i know for some people would be a turn off.   i'm also checking out the VICHY aqualia thermal serum. i really love the CAUDALIE vinosource s.o.s. thirst quenching serum, and prefer the texture of it to the VICHY, but think the caudalie may break me out slightly (i also was probably overusing it...i was very enthusiastic). so i'm just trying to figure out which i prefer.   how about you ?
SO EXCITED!!    11/28/14, they are coming out with 50 LE miniature lipsticks, selling at $32 each. I need them all.   A snippet from an article about them:   " In the Lips & Boys lineup, there are 10 shade ranges, encompassing nude browns, violets and plums, metallics, reds and light pinks. The high-pigment shades are done in a base of soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomile flower oil. Thirty-six offerings are new shades; 10 are from Velvet Suede, Ford’s current seasonal color story, and four are from previous seasons. Ford predicted bestsellers will include Tomas, a coral hue; Matthew, a coral pink; Flynn, a light pink; Giacomo, a deep rose, and Patrick, a muted coral pink. Each clutch-size lipstick will retail for $32. The lipsticks can also be packaged in sets of any three hues in the collection."  
I'm travelling to Vancouver in a couple of weeks. One of the things I found on my last visit was the brand, Cake. I bought one of their dry shampoo powders. I'm curious to know what brands/products that will be new to me I should take a serious look at? Perhaps some holiday gift sets as well?
While I patiently wait for my four VIBR sale orders to arrive I have decided to man up (lady up?) and ban myself from purchasing anything not gift related until Black Friday. I do most of my Sephora shopping during these last few months of the year but even this time I went a little crazy.   Anyone else putting off buying cosmetics/skincare/stuff in general until Black Friday or beyond? Cause if I don't I'm headed for this (minus the atrocious spelling error):     (Ha, not really.. but maybe..)    
I'm totally obsessed with lipstick right now.  I'm normally a gloss kind of girl, but I bought the Bite lip set and UD Revolution in Rush now all I want to do is buy lipstick.    What are your favorite wine colored lipsticks for fall?  I have fair skin, with hazel eyes, and dark drown hair.      Thanks for helping me feed my addiction
My daughter and I spent some time at Sephora today (have to train them young) and she was all over the polishes.  She paints her own nails and is trying to learn designs and such.     She was gaga over the Marc Jacob colors, but at almost 20 a pop I can't see buying a bunch of those.   I don't wear polish on my nails due to my career.   Any advice on what to invest in for her?   She was looking at the ciate' advent calendar, but the reviews on that aren't great and it's 60 bucks.
Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 10.03.20 AM.png
Beauty Insider
Do you ever log on to Beauty Talk after mini hiatus and see a spike in your hearts and wonder, I haven't said anything in a while, what's got everybody loving me recently?   Or for the more active community, do you ever see a jump of 10 hearts over a couple minutes and think.. did I say something funny? What just happened..   Wednesday night thoughts...
Beauty Confessions
--closed-- Box of awesome high end items and unicorns, show me yours and I'll show you mine, lol. While I’m not “ancient”, I’ve been on BeautyTalk WAY longer than I ever expected and have made some very good friends….as well as been enabled into getting WAY more makeup, lol. It is getting a bit overwhelming and as much as I like pretty things, my style is more minimalist, so I don’t reaaally need 6 or 7 jars of Guerlain meteorites etc. To help revamp/reorganize my stash as well as having some fun with the awesome friends I’ve made, I’m doing the LUV TB.    It contains lots of makeup that I love but never use, altho I couldn’t bear to part with any perfumes or majority of the skincare, so you ladies will have to make up for it along the way. Keep it classy, with high end and preferably new or lightly used things. No drugstores. Since it’s got tons of expensive items, I asked people I trust who are interested, so the box is closed. If it goes well, I may do another one next year when I've accumulated enough treasures. =P   Expand below to see the rules, taken from the awesome roxystar4 and slightly simplified:   Spoiler (Highlight to read) * Please make sure every item is in a plastic ziplock bag to prevent spills. Donts’s ■ DON'T keep the box for more than two days. Keep it moving! If you are traveling or a special circumstance comes up, we can work to rearrange things ■ DON'T put unsanitary items of any sort into the TSB. New or lightly used only ■ DON'T put any drugstore items into the TSB. ■ DON'T swatch items from the box.  ■ DON'T take more than what you put in. Please trade at or above each item’s retail value. Do’s ♥ High-end and unicorn items only. Keep it classy ♥ Unused, swatched or lightly used products are perfectly acceptable. Well-loved items are not. ♥ Send your address to the person above you in a PM. ♥ Package things carefully!  ♥ Post pictures of what you are taking out and putting in.   Allowed: ☆High-end, clean makeup/skincare items ☆Fragrance (be sure to package bottles properly!) ☆Nail polish (again, be careful!) Not allowed: ☆Pre-made samples ☆ NO used/swatched lip wands  ☆Heavily used items ☆ Drugstore items ☆Used items that haven’t been cleaned/sanitized ☆Questionable items (always ask if you have doubts!) If you cannot take photos, Do Not Sign Up, please *******PUT BETTER OR EQUAL PRICED ITEMS IN FOR WHAT YOU TAKE OUT TO KEEP UP THE INTEGRITY OF THE BOX*********   Also, please pick up a large priority box at the post office prior to receiving the box. This is so we can streamline things (get the box to everyone faster in case the box breaks or there's a spill). -send your address to the person above you -post a picture and text what you are taking and what you put in BEFORE you send the box on. * Please make sure every item is in a plastic ziplock bag to prevent spills.Donts’s■ DON'T keep the box for more than two days. Keep it moving! If you are traveling or a special circumstance comes up, we can work to rearrange things■ DON'T put unsanitary items of any sort into the TSB. New or lightly used only■ DON'T put any drugstore items into the TSB.■ DON'T swatch items from the box. ■ DON'T take more than what you put in. Please trade at or above each item’s retail value.Do’s♥ High-end and unicorn items only. Keep it classy♥ Unused, swatched or lightly used products are perfectly acceptable. Well-loved items are not.♥ Send your address to the person above you in a PM.♥ Package things carefully! ♥ Post pictures of what you are taking out and putting in. Allowed:☆High-end, clean makeup/skincare items☆Fragrance (be sure to package bottles properly!)☆Nail polish (again, be careful!)Not allowed:☆Pre-made samples☆ NO used/swatched lip wands ☆Heavily used items☆ Drugstore items☆Used items that haven’t been cleaned/sanitized☆Questionable items (always ask if you have doubts!)If you cannot take photos, Do Not Sign Up, please *******PUT BETTER OR EQUAL PRICED ITEMS IN FOR WHAT YOU TAKE OUT TO KEEP UP THE INTEGRITY OF THE BOX********* Also, please pick up a large priority box at the post office prior to receiving the box. This is so we can streamline things (get the box to everyone faster in case the box breaks or there's a spill).-send your address to the person above you-post a picture and text what you are taking and what you put in BEFORE you send the box on.   Positions are flexible as long as you let me know a couple days beforehand. Right now here's the list: ChicDabbler ghkim katief241981 rikkie AznAngelLiz Missie772 beethousand WendyOMGWar DesertRose0706 Britlee303 anb0906 jellybean917 wingatprsct BeautyJunkie325 mlmac LindenAnn kalex thesupergirl RJAMLT KITKAT2383 It's my first box, so I'm capping it at 20. Wait list: - Sparklekai - myxducky - Oklady2013   That's all, have fun ladies! XD
Stores & Services
So, I received the email saying that orders were delayed because of the sale, but it said my order will be here by Thursday November 20th (tomorrow) but I still have yet to receive a tracking number or an email that my order has shipped.... Has his happened to anyone else????  
Ask The Experts
I like that it comes in a light olive shade but I just don't like the price! Are there any other foundations that are better and come in a light olive tone?
Skincare Stories
After a month-ish of using the new Smart Profile, that was generously gifted to me through Clarisonic and Sephora’s Beauty Talk, I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that the Smart Profile is subpar compared to my Aria in most ways.   Speeds: I don’t use the 3rd speed on my the Aria very much so I didn’t care much for the 4th speed or the Turbo blast, the turbo is nice for feet though, if you use it for that purpose.   Smart Brush Head: Do not prefer this brush head. It is similar to the normal brush. I honestly dig the new Radiance brush head.  I don’t understand the perk of an RFID brush. The website indicates that its a " individually programmed with protocols that automatically engage when the device is powered on.” I take that as, it changes speeds so you don’t have to push the button, even if you don’t want it to change speeds. So the whole point of this device was rendered useless to me. You cannot program it, only with continual use it programs itself.  I am doubtful of its accuracy because I use my device differently depending how my skin feels that day/season.   Stand: I definitely prefer the Aria stand. The stand it comes with feels very cheap, weighs less and is a drastically different design than the Aria’s. Its also harder to place in the holder when your hands are wet. I had to lay it down on a towel, dry my face and hands, then put it up. May not seem like a big deal, but it was kind of annoying.   Charger: same.   Other cons: Is not compatible with the extension handle. This was a huge reason that I wanted this device, so I could use it on my back in the shower. I bought a kit off the Clarisonic website and viola! doesn’t fit. I didn’t like the Refreshing face gel cleanser.   Pro : I enjoyed trying out the body brush despite above mentioned. I also enjoyed the body scrub that accompanied the device. The charge on this device lasts forever.   I hated writing this because I felt so lucky and grateful to have received it. If you need more manual exfoliation than the 3 speeds on the ARIA and PLUS, then this may be the device for you. Everyone experiences things differently, hope my experience can help someone!
I was just charged twice and considering I only ordered once id like my money back..... $115.01 charged twice is kind of a lot and I need that money for various reasons. So I hope this gets resolved and hopefully shortly. Like when exactly would I get my money back? Because I sure didn't ask to be charged twice...
Beauty Confessions
In a market flooded with options, what has lasted the test of time? Bonus points if it's still your favorite/go-to/HG product.    For me, I think it's Aveda Hand Relief. Either that or their Lip Saver. Still my favorite colorless, hydrating, nourishing balm. Both are going strong in the 15 year range.