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there are 4 KVD palettes added in sale section. Hurry up girls
Beauty Confessions
Not applying or playing, but just looking all the pretty colors and how you have them displayed?  This is a bit of a beauty confession but looking at my collection makes me happy and inspires me.
Ask The Experts
For quite a while I've had lines/wrinkles under my eyes and i can't understand why. I'm 18, what would you recommend to get rid of them?
What is the good, the bad and the ugly of this brand??
Beauty Confessions
What makeup is everyone wearing today?   Today I am wearing:   1. Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Champagne 2. Benefit Coralista blush 3. TheBalm Mary-Loumanizer 4. Dior Creme de Rose Lipbalm 5. Dior Addict Lipstick in 454 6. Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in RSVP   and under all this I am wearing Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid Sunblock SPF 50   So c'mon now...confess!
Need recommendations for brow pencil.  Thin brows; aging brows; light brown/blond hair
I have oily skin, but I am fond of the dewy glowing look! Not the oily shining look! I want to know exactly how I can create this look? I know I need to do strong oil control at skin care and base, so that I can use a dewy/glowy foundation.  But I see on Korean girls, even before makeup their skin is SUPER glowing.  How can I get that???   I was trying to attach a photo but somehow I can't I'll figure how to attach a photo. Pls advise me how oily skin can get glowing dewy skin without the oily shine!!!! thank you!!!!  
Ask The Experts
Looking for a retinol cream for sensitive skin, that doesn't have tons of other frills.
Beauty Insider
I just happened to stop by a SiJCP because I had to make a return and there was a display with 25% clearance items. A lot of items from the online clearance sale are also there. For eg: the Sephora tropics palette is for $15 online and I got it for $9 for my little cuz. Also the bareminerals ipad case set is $30 online and it was for $20 instore!
Ask The Experts
My sister loves this look and I have to re-create it for her for an event on Friday. I've tried it on myself a few times but just can't get that purple right. Any suggestions? Does anybody out there know which purple this is...brand? Thanks in advance!!
Hello BT! Today is August 1st and that means another month of hauls!   This month is the 2x/3x/4x the points for BI,VIB and ROUGE respectively. This is a great time to stock up on points lost throughout the year!   Please share your purchases! Remember, a haul is a haul no matter how big or small!
I'm fairly new to ebates compared to most ladies on BT. I've never seen the percentage so high? Have you?
Hi dolls, I'm obsessed with the what are you wearing thread on BT , but I find it hard to post a full faced selfie all the time! I noticed a lot of people are lip product junkies like myself on here and thought it would be a good thread to start. I also think it might make people more comfortable with posting a picture of their lips instead of their whole face (I know I don't want to see mines up close and personal all the time). I think a brows of the day , eyes of the day , etc. would be great too for people who aren't as comfortable posting a selfie. You can always post a selfie in this thread though (: Here's whats one my lips today!  1. Bite Beauty Rhubarb lip pencil 2. TF Perfect Lips Lip Liner in perfect spice
alexa lace 8.27 sst.jpg
Sephora Show & Tell
Happy Mani Friday! This week's mani is brought to you buy Nails Inc's Alexa Chung Fabric Collection, specially Alexa Lace and Cashmere . Since you know I always give you guys the *real* real, I will say that the "lace" polish is essentially a fine matte red glitter. However it is quite pretty from afar, and if you squint your eyes it does kind of have a lacey effect (just don't pile it on, you need your base color to show through). It's a cool "nail art" effect for folks who don't really *do* nail art (or folks who can't wear it to work, which...the horror...). What do you think?   What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show and Tell!    Lastly, a small announcement. Your favorite Community Manager (that'd be me) is getting married next Friday (!!), so I will be MIA for the next two weeks. But never fear! I have scheduled manis to post for your enjoyment; I just won't be around to chop it up with you guys in the comments. Wish me luck! 
UGH--so busy today and didn't get a chance to check out the sale section today There was a huge markdown on the Tarte cheek stain set and the MUFE set but it looks like its out of stock already!    Still--lots of other goodies at great prices there! Lots off OCC and the some Smashbox LE items
Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 12.50.25 PM.png
I have been getting a lot of great emails.  Hopefully, some of these deals can come in handy for the rest of you.  Have you seen any awesome ones you want to share?  Now, is a great time to haul.      
Ask The Experts
I'm a medium Beige in Bareminerals....what shade would I be in Nars Radient Creamy Concealer???  
Beauty Confessions
Okay so some of you know I went out to Mexico. Reason was for a dentist appointment, everything was done yesterday and today i'm in pain (not excruciating, but I don't want to touch my face much still).. I went to MAC and Sephora for two reasons.. Russian Red and some eyeshadows. Both sephoras have the same eyeshadows for the new artist shadow MUFE so I just started looking at other stuff. I ended up buying 'The real steal' which comes with the benefit they're real mascara and the they're real push up liner. YES, I wanted to try it and I'm not paying extra money for the liner Anyway, I was headed back to where I had parked and a makeup beauty stand in the middle of the mall stopped me, mind you i kept saying no but they pulled me in with their hurried insistance? that even a word? I'm pretty sure the brush they used to appy their mineral foundation was dirty, but I was wearing my glasses so when I took them off reluctantly I couldn't really see. He was so rough when applying that know my cheek where I had work done hurts. I just told them thanks and I'll buy something tomorrow when I get paid. They even told me I should return my sephora stuff to buy theirs.. what? .. Anyway, the foundation he put was like two shades darker than my skin. What was he thinking? Geez. One thing is other kiosks trying to lure you in, but when it's makeup ones.. ugh. 
Skincare Stories
How do I properly use AHA and BHA together? One in the morning and one at night? Every other day? Would using both AHA and BHA be too much exfoliation?
Ask The Experts
So I desperately need either a leave on conditioner treatment, mask or oil for my hair. I get split ends like crazy(i guess it doesn't help that I straighten out my hair often) also maybe if I could know of any hair product that also helps with frizzy and really wavy hair. Thank you I'd really appreciate it! 
Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 5.59.47 PM.png
Hi ladies!   In about a week and a half, I will be going on a trip to New Zealand for two weeks. I'm super excited Obviously I cannot carry all my skincare and liquid foundation etc. in their original containers, so I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for travel-size bottles and containers? The Sephora brand sets don't have such great reviews unfortunately      
I have my face under control I use dr. dennis gross extra strength peel regularly and then put my proactive step 3 on after that before bed and this keeps my face clear but i always end up with pimples in my hairline and farther back into my scalp!! It's extremely irritating and I have thin hair especially towards my face so sometimes they are noticeable...Does anyone have any suggestions for something that could help this? Shampoo/Conditioner combo or some skincare that wouldn't grease/ruin my hair??? 
Stores & Services
I was invited to attend the Square One Opening Party here in Toronto. When I showed up, SAs were shouting and dancing and the music was blasting! They stamped my hand ("with an everlasting Sephora tattoo!") and I entered heaven.   I'm not over-exaggerating, either. The whole store was brand spanking new, with never-before-swatched products galore! I even got to peel a few products open There were also products that haven't come out in other stores/online yet, so that was a neat surprise !   There were lots of servers walking around with glasses of strawberry champagne, sparkling lime water, and lots of yummy little snacks (cheesecake pops, fig tartlets, chocolate cupcakes, etc.). Oh, and there was a DJ.    The SAs were still of the genuinely happy to help variety, not yet battle scarred by months of terrible customers   It turned out to be a really amazing event! I walked around smiling and had a really great time! To me, this event was way better than the Rouge thing a few weeks ago. Anyway, here are some photos I managed to snap:   A YSL set I've never seen before:   UD Basics 2!!   Nars Audacious lippies:   At some point during the evening, the SAs all stopped what they were doing and did a full choreographed dance!     My Sephora 'tattoo' Opening up a fresh jar of Caudalie My swatches started getting out of control   And here's what I ended up getting! (I'm in my eyeliner phase, don't judge me.) We also all got a gift bag full of goodies - no purchase required - from a beautiful tall model when we left!   Inside the gift bag (it also included a $25 gift card!) Just had to take a photo of the cutest mini fragrance bottle!
Ask The Experts
I recently bought tarte liquid foundation-tan honey shade. At the store she put a blush on me (I didn't buy it then) copied down the shade and LOST the name. It was tarte and perfect for my skin tone. I have a reddened tone and the foundation was great but the blush that was a non-pink color helped my skin tone also. Any ideas what shade I should buy for the blush and not redden my skin color to help compliment the foundation? thanks!!
Anyone with similar issues can you share your regimen? Clinque has not been successful and FAB has not been moisturizing enough, Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
I am 35, need a foundation that is oil free, light weight, anti-aging (that doesn't fill in wrinkles and large pores), always can see my wrinkles more w/ makeup on, have tried both powder and liquid, I like the CC creams
Skincare Stories
I have a lot of blackheads/whiteheads and have small breakouts often, so I usually lay on a ton of makeup. I want to move towards improving my skin so its healthy and glowy and fresh so I can pare down to a really simple makeup routine. Should I switch to a BB or CC cream in lieu of foundation? Or try natural products? Or invest in one of those expensive skin cleanser brushes? I don't know where to start. 
Ask The Experts
Hellooo Beauty Talk!   I recently posted asking for the best all-in-one foundation so I can streamline the routine. I've been using a drugstore set (Maybelline Fit Me) out of habit and want to step up my game. Andy reccomended NARS and I'm pretty jazzed about its great reviews, but I guess I really can't do JUST foundation. Here's the lowdown:   I'm working on clearing up my acne (yay, being responsible and washing my face every day), so I'd like to keep as few products on my face as possible, while still hiding what blemishes I have until I have better skin. BB's and CC's just don't provide heavy enough coverage as much as I like their multitasking abilities. So, based on rudimentary research and what I know, I'd like to streamline the face to a primer and foundation, and powder if I MUST, though I'd like to avoid it. I'm considering using a Smashbox Primer, either the Photo Finish More Than Primer - Blemish Control, or Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer. Do I need to use a salicylic acid moisturizer if I use the Blemish Control primer? Can I use the Color Correcting primer all over or just red spots?   After this, foundation per earlier post.   Finally, I'm guessing powder is completely optional depending on if I like how my foundation finishes. Right?   If anyone is going through something similar, has multitasking product reccomendations, or advice in general, I could really use it!   XO RedFoxHeidi