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I can't figure out how to link my account to get my points
I signed up with beauty insider earlier this year. However when I signed up online I can't figure out how to link them. Help! I want to make a purchase.
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Dupe for Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick - Fig
Hi Beauties! I love the color Fig in the Smashbox lispstick line, however, I absolutely hate the formula. I have it on today and my lips feel super dry and are actually shredding (gross). Anyone know a good dupe for the color? Thanks! 
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sephora airbrush foundation mist
hi... i want to try out the sephora airbrush foundation...but im not so sure about my an asian n currently using NC41...any suggestions?
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Can't find beauty board display look
I have looked through tons of posts of the inspire me board, but never have been able to find the gorgeous purple eye look that they use for the main photo when you hover over the inspire me tab on the main site. Anyone know?!
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Dupes for NW10
MAC's studio fix fluid in NW10 is so far the only foundation I've found that matches me. Although I like the foundation I don't want to be glued to it with no other options if I ever want/need to change things up. Does anyone know any good dupes? Preferably shades a tinsy bit lighter as NW10 is a touch too dark, not enough to bug me, but something I did notice (but I'm probably the only one picky enough about my appearance to notice). I'm interested in all finishes and coverage amounts, as part of my goal in asking is finding different foundations for different occasions. 
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Special pricing for purchases of multiple Make Up For Ever eyeshadows?
Do we have any solid information as to whether there will be special pricing when buying bundles of the new MUFE Artist Shadows?   This is from Temptalia's recent post:   "If you buy two or more shades, plus the duo compact, it’s $34 ($17/each), and if you purchase three shades with the trio palette, it’s $44 ($14.67/each). The boutique said they were charging $14.33/each after 3."   This is no currently showing up, but she mentions in a reply to a comment that she was informed by MUFE that:    " When I asked MUFE about the discount not showing, they followed up and said it would be effective August 1st."   Is this accurate? 
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Sephora Ad in the September 2014 issue of 'InStyle' magazine
I just saw the Sephora Ad in the latest 'InStyle' Magazine that features a dark haired model with icy green eyes.  The Ad states 'eyes by sephora', ' cheeks by sephora' and 'lips by sephora'.  The makeup is gorgeous as the eye makeup appears to be shades of purple and then the lips is a great pinky nude color.  What are all the shades used by Sephora in this ad (eyes and lip)?
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Estée Lauder new foundation
Has anyone tried it? And are the colors the same as double wear?
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Do you send to Brasil?
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Margiela Fragrances
Is anyone else having problems with the pump on the Maison Martin Margiela scents?  I only bought mine in May, but the pump, well, doesn't.  I get a measly little dribble, not a good spray like when I first got it.  Don't know if it's a design flaw or I just got a bad one.  Hoping I can find some sort of replacement, because I adore the scent.
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Hairdryers with high wattage
Hello all,    Just moved to Toronto and I'm looking for a hairdryer with a wattage of 2000 or over. Cannot seem to find one anywhere and my UK blaster won't work either.  Please save me from having hair that looks like a badly made hat!! any suggestions??   Thank you 
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Foundation Shade
I am using Mac Studio fix in  NC30. I want to buy Cover FX cream foundation. which is my corresponding shade in this. Thanks.
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Who tried the new estee lauder foundation ??
Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infused Makeup   you thoughts about it, and if you did try it what is your skin like? 
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Has anyone tried the mat velvet plus new colors?
If anyone has tried the new colors from mat velvet plus please let me know how the colors are. I have been wanting to wear this foundation, but  could never find a good shade. Im interested In shades 51 and 53. I think those are some of the new shades lol 
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Becca Ombre Nudes Eye Palette
Has anyone tried this eye palette yet? I know it is fairly new, but I am liking the range of shades it offers. Im looking for a matte palette (not TOO satin), with warm undertones and hoping this will be what I'm looking for! Does anyone have swatches or thoughts on the palette?    I've never tried any shadows from Becca and I'm hoping they're amazing. Any helpful comments or thoughts on this palette would be appreciated!    Thanks!!
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Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Shade?
I am looking for an under eye concealer as well as a lighter highlighter and wanted to see what Touche Eclat shade I might be? For foundation my colour is Bare Minerals Bareskin #12 (Bare Sand) and Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick #4.5 (Warm Natural).  Currently using for under the eyes Bobbi Brown corrector in Peach, Bobbi Brown concealer in Honey, and Bare Minerals Stroke of Light in Luminous 3.  
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Q. Ink fusion
I wear ysl touché éclat foundation in b30.  What color should I purchase for ysl ink fusion?     For reference, I an nc20 in mac, light with yellow undertone. 
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Complex, or Old-Lady-ish?
So, on a whim I decided to give Estee Lauder Bath Oil a try last night.  Let's just say, the fiance wasn't a massive fan, but I was pleasantly surprised!  It is the scent that my grandmother does use, and at a whiff, I do get his point that it smells old lady-ish, but it is also very complex.  If you don't stick around to deconstruct the notes it isn't nearly as enjoyable!  I was getting hints of rose, woods, and incense with a hint of tuberose.  I am quite happy, maybe not an everyday scent, but I like it!   The only problem with these complex scents is it's also very easy to overdo it, you know, the "drop a drop a drop of glue, any more is too much glue" poem definitely goes hand in hand with perfume.  Admittedly, I did overdo it a smidge last night lol!
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lush flush lip stain replacement?
My tube of Sephora's Lush Flush lip stain in Merlot is about tapped. Can anyone recommend a replacement that is the same shade and has good lasting power?
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Does anyone have any suggestions for fragrances that are similar to these? I live overseas & was looking forward to getting them during my upcoming trip to the States, but cannot find . I'm originally from NYC where there is a Sephora on every block, practically, but currently living in Wellington, NZ - a reasonable price beauty products wasteland - $30 for Maybelline mascaras & +$100 for knock-off fragrances! Really. 
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Stila's lip pots
My sister in Japan asked me to purchase Stila's lip pots (citron and pecan) for her, but I can't find them anywhere!  I'd appreciate it so much if anyone can suggest other alternatives.  Thank you!
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what is a good every day lipstick for medium skin
what are some  good every day lipstick for medium skin?
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How do i make stronger and longer?
I just recently cut my hair short as it was very long, and i just want to get the length back but also to strengthen it while its growing out. I just really would like my long hair back. It was very brittle before and i cut it so it would get rid of the damage on it because i was curling and straightening it, but it has almost been a year since i put heat on it before i cut it so it was getting a little better with not applying heat. Since i have cut it i have used heat once or twice. But also i've mostly been having a french braid in or a high loose bun. So is that good to be doing or just keep it down in hopes of growing it longer. I normally wash my hair 3 to 4 times a week. The shampoo i use is tresemme keratin smooth and also that conditioner, and after i sometimes will put a moroccan oil in it. Also my hair is very dark brown almost black in color, semi thick. Please help me! It would be greatly appreciated!
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FYI--Great deals!
Happy Friday! I just saw on QVC that they have a set of 3 Clarisonic replacement brush heads for 44.00!  (Look under "Friday Night Beauty") Also, the Todays' Special Value is a nice Clarisonic Plus kit with body brush attachment and a 3-piece Bliss Skincare set. I don't remember the exact price, but worth checking out.  
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Is Tria laser hair removal system worth it?
I hate facial, and hairs on my arms and legs. but its extra time and energy waxing and shaving them every now and then especially in the winter.    I've been eyeing the Tria hair removal system for a while, but I didn't know if they would work for sure or create uneven patches or hair growth.  plus the cost of it being $500ish, I was waiting until they upgraded further so its like all the flaws are corrected.  I also thought the "window" or the screen where laser lights come out was way to small and would take forever to do the entire leg..    Also I have a lot of peach fuzz on the sides of my cheeks. Can it work for those as well?   
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