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I don't know why, but the colors just aren't calling to me. I am wishing I picked up last year's Off the Cuff palette.
Ask The Experts
I use the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in the shade Natural Tan and was wondering what shade in the Makeup Forever HD Foundation would be closest to my Bobbi Brown shade and best fit me?
I want this colour from Julep (May 2014) so badly, but it always shows up as out of stock. It is described as a "g olden pink taffeta shimmer ". I have tried Nars's nail polish in Orgasm, but it was too peachy/orange vs pink.    Does anyone know of a dupe, or suggest colours to be layered for a similar effect?  
Ask The Experts
I wear Chanel 20 and Burberry #5 foundation color. Does anyone know what my color match would be for KGD?
Hi! I normally use benefits "Erase Paste" in the shade fair, but I want to order NARS radiant creamy concealer, I don't really wear makeup so I don't know but would the first shade of the NARS "Chantilly" or the second shade "Vanilla" work better with me and be the one to most likely match my fair erase paste? Thanks in advance!
Beauty Insider
So I recently noticed that while I do get pretty much every bit of Rouge promotional email, I seemed to be missing out on some store event emails especially those that are specific to Canadians.   It turns out that the system " thinks I'm Canadian but isn't quite sure" because I was signed up for the program at an American store that used half of that store's information (my fault, I hate giving out all of my information). While my orders have been going to a Canadian address and the system has recognized this and is sending Canadian-style promos (in both English and French) it also has some of this incorrect American Information on file.   So what is the take home? Double check your profile address matches the one listed in Sephora's database (or even listed at all).    I was able to do this in 10 seconds over the phone.   Cheers!    
Combo / Normal
I've been using an Eminence face wash for quite some time, but my current bottle is almost empty - so I'm thinking about trying something else. Does anyone have any thoughts on Omorovicza's Cleansing Foam? I know the line gets rave reviews in some circles, but I'm wondering if the Cleansing Foam is worth the $75 (Canadian). I'd love to know your experiences! Thank you.
Has anyone noticed that with the new DiorSkin Star foundations, the color names are the same but the shades are different?  I bought my usual color of Dark Beige that I get in Dior Flawless and it's darker in DiorSkin Star than normal.  Has anyone else noticed this?
I'm looking for matte colors that good for everyday wear, special occasions, or nights out.
I'd like to try Cover FX Creme Concealer, but I don't have time to swing into the store. Currently I'm using Cover FX Mineral Pressed Powder in shade N30. I'm leaning toward shade N Medium in the concealer. Seeking advice...thoughts, tips....should I go lighter with the concealer?
hey guys i m really into maakeuppppp i love makeup from sephora.... i m using Kaat van d foundation which is really good i want to try HD forever makeup can someone tell me if it is a good foundation or no? also i want to get microdermabression done is it good fr skin or no?
Hi, I just bought the absolutely gorgeous Palette Extravaganza / Extravagancia (to those across the pond) - and was wondering the best ways to wear this palette? I have deep set eyes, and dark colors can sometimes make it look like I have a black eye when wearing (even with under eye makeup - but maybe I'm doing it wrong). Of course - I'm especially with the darkest, plum glittery color. Any advice would be most appreciated!  
BeautyTalk Feedback
Hi - I was wondering if anyone has tried this yet. I did see a few reviews but didn't get enough info from them, plus it's always nice to chat 'personally' with bt girlfriends about things like this.   It says there's "fragrance' listed in the ingredients, but it didn't list anything that gave me a good idea of what the 'fragrance' is - didn't list menthol or peppermint oil or anything like that. Can anyone tell me more about the flavor/fragrance of this? Some of you know fragrance can be a real deal breaker for me (just a whiff can cause major headaches) Anyone have some inside info?   The colors look beautiful and I'm always on the look out for a new & better plumper - so any info you could share about any facet of this pretty plumper would be most appreciated. Thanks all.
I started using my clarisonic a month ago with the sensitive brush head, once a night. I developed small pimples on my forehead and cheeks about two weeks into it. Now, I have weird bumps just about all over my face that are slightly itchy. They seem to be under the skin everywhere. It's very upsetting being that some people are getting improved texture from the clarisonic and mine is horrible. I switched to the delicate brush two days ago but it feels just as rough and I haven't noticed a difference? Do you think these bumps are from irritation? Has this happened to any of you? Do any of you use the delicate brush and has it made a difference? PLEASE HELP
What Bobbi Brown lipstick shade is the match to the Mauve in BB's Mauve Face Palette?
What Sephora lip gloss is used in the Color My Life palette in the Girls Night Out line?
I was wondering when will ALL the shades be available for the new bareminerals blemish remedy foundation in stores?
Hello lovely people! I currently live overseas and I need help with a foundation colour match before I purchase an item online. I've super curious about Too Face's Cocoa powder foundation. I have never bought foundation from any brand that Sephora carries so I cant use their foundation database but I'm an NC20 for MAC's studio fix foundation. Can anyone make a suggestion? Or if you are also an NC20 and have the cocoa foundation what colour do you have? Thanks!! Happy shopping!
I currently use all BE products.  I use the original veil, BUT noticed the Illuminating veil.  I did a quick swatch, and though it looked glittery, when swipped on my hand, it didn't.  I already have the Becca Moonstone, which I just purchased about 2 months ago and for $38 isn't exactly cheap.  But I am still drawn to this illuminating veil.  I know the illuminating veil is all over, and my becca I just highlight with.  So my question is, has anyone tried these 2 and which do you prefer.
I got 2Y07 but that was before the YSL Fusion Ink foundation came out so what shade would I be? It's not under my results for matches   I am light-medium honey in the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour foundation Number 5 for the UD Naked Foundation & shade Punjab for the NARS sheer glow foundation   Your help would be greatly appreciated! Even if you are a few shades lighter/darker it would help narrow my results
Skincare Stories
Has anyone used the promo code for the Nude Skincare set?  What's in it, exactly?  I love the oil, but hated the serum when I tried it, so I'm hesitant to add it to my basket.  Any help?  Thanks all!
I know Sephora doesn't carry this brand, but has anyone used the Mally Beauty Face Defender?  If yes, what were the results?  I'm interested in buying use over either a BB cream or a powder foundtion.  I need to know if it works for both coverage types.
The Swatch Board
Hi, every one, I need some help. I want to buy another YSL glossy stain. However, I am visually impaired and have no way of getting to a store to look at the colors. I bought two colors based on online swatches, but only the first 20 and #29 of the regular line and all of the Rebel Nudes shades have good swatches.   However, these colors do NOT have swatches.   Also Sephora does not have the shades I am about to list. I know that Nordstroms has them, so does Saks and Bloomingdales, however I know that Nordstrom has way more stores than the other two.   If some one could swatch colors # 28, 31, 44, and 45; I would very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance ladies!
i went into sephora to get color matched for foundation. according to the iq my number is 1y07. i want to try the dior star foundation but not sure which shade to try since its not yet on the iq. i was thinking shade 21 linen
Hi All!   I noticed the Too Faced Holiday Collection is out at Macy's already. Does anyone know when it will be available at Sephora?   Thanks
I hate how much room that bulky box takes up.  I'd like to be able to put it in my z palette, but I'm intimidated by the box.  Any tips? 
Hi all. At one time I purchased a Phyto shampoo from Sephora that smelled like Coca-Cola. It was a dark, clear liquid and worked great. I didn't save the bottle so I only know the manufacturer. Can anyone help?
The other day I went to my local sephora and they had new things on the To Go section, they had a Wen Hair kit for $22. If you live by one, and you love this line or want to gift it or try it out for yourself, I'd recommend swinging by and checking to see if they have any or if they'll have any. Or you can also call and ask. Thought I'd mention it since I don't see it online.