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Is there a BB cream better than Guerlain's Beauty Booster?
Guerlain is my benchmark on BB creams and I've tried a lot. The big problem with it was that it only had 2 colors, One was too light and one was too dark for me. Now however they have introduced an in between color and I'm thinking of ordering it.   Before I do though, are there any others in the same league as Guerlain that I should consider?   BTW I've tried Too Faced, Stila, Clinique, Estee Lauder (was the closest in overall quality and a few of Dr. Jart (to ashen for my skin tone).    Thanks for your input. 
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Wedding Makeup Look
Hello Everyone!!!  I am going to a wedding soon, actually a week and a half to be exact, I"m not sure what kind of makeup look I should do (eyes, cheeks, lips). Let me know of any look suggestions that you have and any foundations you recommend that will last all night long!  I'm wearing a short red dress with gold and black heals and black and gold jewelry!   PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thanks loves!
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Urban decay
I love the urban decay24-7-glide-on-lip-pencil and would like for you to recommend me one in the brown tones with matching lipstick/lipgloss(lipstick/lipgloss does not have to be from urban decay?
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Dry skin
My skin is very dull and dry and open pore. Any recommendation
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Jo Malone GWP on Bloomingdales online
Receive a duo of Pomegranate Noir and Blackberry & Bay mini spray colognes with any $200 Jo Malone™ fragrance purchase. Please note: Excludes gift sets.   Shop the Jo Malone™ Boutique Receive Peony & Blush Suede and Blackberry & Bay Cologne miniatures in a faux-leather travel case with any $175 Jo Malone™ purchase. Tailor Your Scent. A gift from Jo Malone London to you. This duo of Cologne miniatures is perfect for Fragrance Combining.™ Layer Peony & Blush Suede with Blackberry & Bay to create an enticing fragrance, delicious with juicy depth. Shop the Jo Malone™ Boutique   This is a great deal if you spent about 200 on fragrance. Basically you get double gifts (or 4 mini sprays + a tiny tester). They don't tell about the size but I assume 9mL per spray. RUN!!!
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YSL Touche Eclat Pen
Maybe there is already an existing thread on this topic but I am torn as to which shade to choose. I know this won't "conceal" my dark circles. I want a product that will brighten my undereye but won't take too long for when I am in a hurry. I love my Bobbi Brown Corrector/Concealer and I live by them but when I am in a hurry, I need something quick.    For reference, my skin shades are:    - Nars Sheer Glow - Fiji - Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick 3.5 Warm Beige  
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Waxing Your Neck?
Does it hurt? I get my eye brows waxed occasionally but waxing your neck sounds really - REALLY - painful.   I have a lot of hairs on my neck and chin, and they're long, not like peach fuzz unfortunately (I could deal with that) and I think my only option is waxing. Does the hair grow back lighter after the first waxing or do you need several sessions for it to start growing slower? I don't know why I have facial hair like that, but if it's hormonal will waxing even work? Or will the hair grow back within a week?   Thank you!
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GlamGlow fans: FREE FULL SIZE BRIGHTMUD still available with POWERMUD purchase!
This is on GlamGlow's FB and twitter. Wouldn't let me post links here,   GLAMGLOW is running a promo to celebrate the founder's birthday! I thought is was a pretty amazing offer and grabbed it yesterday! For the first 400 US customers both promo codes are still available.   A FULL SIZE BRIGHTMUD with POWERMUD purchase! Promo is BRIGHTPOWER. Or $59 off POWERMUD PRO (extra large powermud only available through glamglow), thought I would let everyone know! Both promos are still available!
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Q. How to get rid of laugh lines at 23?
I'm looking for a cream (or other method) that will get rid of my laugh lines. I'm only 23, so I don't want anything too advanced. My face is pretty skinny, which I'm guessing is part of the reason why my laugh lines are more visible than most. I'd like more than just a filler. I'd like something with a more permanent fix. Any suggestions?
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Q. blush match for lipstick
which blush shade would be a good match for the mulberry bite color. I also have warm undertone.  ty                                                                        
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I am a number two secret concealer in the Laura Mercier products, I was wondering which one of the new Flawless Fluide colors I should get in order to get a perfect match?
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even out my uneven skin color. lots of dark spots all over my face?
Im 48 yrs. old looking for something to  help with uneven skin color?
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Alternatives to the Too Faced Secret to No Makeup Palette
I am totally obsessed with the Too Faced Secret to No Makeup Palette but I was curious as to what others use as an alternative to this kit. What has anyone found? Are you just buying separate bronzer, concealer, blush, luminizer and brighteners? Hope you are all having a great day!
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Advice needed: NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner sharpening
I seem to have a roughly 1:3 record of being able to sharpen this eyeliner without breaking off the tip. I love the formula,  and the way it wears, but can't seem to sharpen it regularly without breaking the soft tip. Any advice? 
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Urban Decay Concealer
I'm thinking about buying Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer but don't know what shade I would wear. I wear 3.5 in the Naked foundation.  
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Undereye concealer help!!
Hi! I normally use benefits "Erase Paste" in the shade fair, but I want to order NARS radiant creamy concealer, I don't really wear makeup so I don't know but would the first shade of the NARS "Chantilly" or the second shade "Vanilla" work better with me and be the one to most likely match my fair erase paste? Thanks in advance!
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Canadian [PSA] Email and Event Invites
So I recently noticed that while I do get pretty much every bit of Rouge promotional email, I seemed to be missing out on some store event emails especially those that are specific to Canadians.   It turns out that the system " thinks I'm Canadian but isn't quite sure" because I was signed up for the program at an American store that used half of that store's information (my fault, I hate giving out all of my information). While my orders have been going to a Canadian address and the system has recognized this and is sending Canadian-style promos (in both English and French) it also has some of this incorrect American Information on file.   So what is the take home? Double check your profile address matches the one listed in Sephora's database (or even listed at all).    I was able to do this in 10 seconds over the phone.   Cheers!    
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Omorovicza - worth it?
I've been using an Eminence face wash for quite some time, but my current bottle is almost empty - so I'm thinking about trying something else. Does anyone have any thoughts on Omorovicza's Cleansing Foam? I know the line gets rave reviews in some circles, but I'm wondering if the Cleansing Foam is worth the $75 (Canadian). I'd love to know your experiences! Thank you.
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haDiorSkin-Colors are now different???
Has anyone noticed that with the new DiorSkin Star foundations, the color names are the same but the shades are different?  I bought my usual color of Dark Beige that I get in Dior Flawless and it's darker in DiorSkin Star than normal.  Has anyone else noticed this?
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Need some help on picking a concealer shade.
I'd like to try Cover FX Creme Concealer, but I don't have time to swing into the store. Currently I'm using Cover FX Mineral Pressed Powder in shade N30. I'm leaning toward shade N Medium in the concealer. Seeking advice...thoughts, tips....should I go lighter with the concealer?
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hey guys i m really into maakeuppppp i love makeup from sephora.... i m using Kaat van d foundation which is really good i want to try HD forever makeup can someone tell me if it is a good foundation or no? also i want to get microdermabression done is it good fr skin or no?
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Best ways to wear Givenchy Extravaganza / Extravagancia for deep set eyes?
Hi, I just bought the absolutely gorgeous Palette Extravaganza / Extravagancia (to those across the pond) - and was wondering the best ways to wear this palette? I have deep set eyes, and dark colors can sometimes make it look like I have a black eye when wearing (even with under eye makeup - but maybe I'm doing it wrong). Of course - I'm especially with the darkest, plum glittery color. Any advice would be most appreciated!  
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Soap & Glory - Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL -So close to hitting 'place order'.
Hi - I was wondering if anyone has tried this yet. I did see a few reviews but didn't get enough info from them, plus it's always nice to chat 'personally' with bt girlfriends about things like this.   It says there's "fragrance' listed in the ingredients, but it didn't list anything that gave me a good idea of what the 'fragrance' is - didn't list menthol or peppermint oil or anything like that. Can anyone tell me more about the flavor/fragrance of this? Some of you know fragrance can be a real deal breaker for me (just a whiff can cause major headaches) Anyone have some inside info?   The colors look beautiful and I'm always on the look out for a new & better plumper - so any info you could share about any facet of this pretty plumper would be most appreciated. Thanks all.
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Clarisonic - Delicate or sensitive?
I started using my clarisonic a month ago with the sensitive brush head, once a night. I developed small pimples on my forehead and cheeks about two weeks into it. Now, I have weird bumps just about all over my face that are slightly itchy. They seem to be under the skin everywhere. It's very upsetting being that some people are getting improved texture from the clarisonic and mine is horrible. I switched to the delicate brush two days ago but it feels just as rough and I haven't noticed a difference? Do you think these bumps are from irritation? Has this happened to any of you? Do any of you use the delicate brush and has it made a difference? PLEASE HELP
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Bobbi Brown lipstick shade match
What Bobbi Brown lipstick shade is the match to the Mauve in BB's Mauve Face Palette?
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Sephora Lip Gloss Mystery
What Sephora lip gloss is used in the Color My Life palette in the Girls Night Out line?
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